Major Overhaul to Australian Skilled Migration Visa programme

Uploaded by BVAustralia on 09.02.2010

Business Visas Australia
Hi there, I'm Mege Dalton of Business Visas Australia
and I wanted to make this quick video about the major changes that have
happened to the australian skilled visa system which were
introduced by the Australian government on
the 8th of February 2010.
So first up, the points test system.
Now this has been one of the basic foundations of the
skilled migration program; The Skilled Points system.
And anyone that has lodged an application for a skilled visa or thinking
of lodging a skilled visa application, you would be familiar with this.
Now the points test system is now under review and
come mid 2010 is going to be changed completely.
The point of this being that the Australian government is
trying to target very highly skilled migrants.
Coinciding with the points test review is
the revocation of the migration and occupations list.
The MODL has been revoked, it’s totally gone, no longer exist,
so, again, if you are someone that was going to rely on the bonus points
that came with having a MODL occupation, you’re going have to
revisit your options, you’re going to have to look at whether you’re
still eligible or whether there are other skilled visa options for you now.
The third change is the skilled occupations list is under review,
again, this is an initiative by the Australian government
to target and look at targeting
highly skilled applicants for skilled migration. So the skilled occupations
list is being reviewed and in mid 2010 the new list will be introduced.
And finally the critical skills list, it’s still around hasn’t been changed,
hasn’t been revoked, still exist but it’s going to be gone by mid 2010 as well
so when the new skilled list comes out, the critical skills
list won’t exist anymore.
Now we all know that the critical skills list influences
priority processing by the department of immigration of skilled visa applications,
so if you’re someone with an occupation on the critical skills list,
it is worth your while to get moving on your application,
get it in there, get it in before mid 2010, so that you can benefit
from the priority processing rules policy while it’s still around.
So, thanks for watching and best of luck with your move to Australia.