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Uploaded by AdventuresOnTheGorge on 09.06.2011

Hey Steve Bishop and Jenny Murray from V100 in Charleston here at Adventures On The Gorge this weekend.
And we're here with our families and I can hardly wait to take in some of these awesome adventures.
We just did rafting on the Lower New River. Fantastic. Now you did the Upper the first time you ever came here, right?
Yeah, and I surprised my daughter. We did the duckies. We did separate duckies, and I think at first she was a little "Ehh."
But once I fell out of my own boat, she was pretty cool with it after that. We had a wonderful time.
Now the first time I ever brought my family here, we did the Upper New River and that was a lot of fun. The scenery was beautiful.
But I tell you what, the next time I brought them back it was the Lower New. The rapids are a little bit stronger - III's and VI's.
And it was fantastic. Just fantastic. And on day two we did TreeTops Canopy Tour.
We've done TreeTops Canopy Tour at least two times. It's so awesome. You literally go from tree to tree.
And it is so much fun being above the forest canopy. Anyone can do it. And we just had a blast and we're going to do it a lot more.
Well three times for me now and you know what it gets better every time. No fooling. It really does. A lot more fun.
But I tell you what, it's an educational experience too. You learn a lot, but you have a lot of fun too.
Okay now Gravity: this is the, what would you call it? The coup de grĂ¢ce. Yes. This is it.
If you're looking for thrills, this is the way you got to go. I couldn't wait to do it, and I'm ready to go back and do it again. And again, and again, and again.
This is my second time doing Gravity. The first time they hadn't added that 3,000 plus foot long line. The Adrena-Line.
And it just made it all that much better. Just really, your heart pumps just awesome, flying from mountain top to mountain top.
And in fact, I created a new word today, specifically for Gravity, and that word is: Zipalicious.
You got to try it. It's wonderful.
That is a hell of a ride. Let me tell you. Gosh almighty. I want to do it again.
After you finish up on the river or on the zip lines, you got to try the food here. I think Smokey's is excellent.
Let me tell you something. I think it's worth driving up here, even if you don't do anything else.
That's right. it's Smokey's on the Gorge. You have a spectacular setting to have some fabulous food. You're right on the rim of the New River Gorge.
And in fact, we had a storm blow through, and that was so much fun to watch that come in.
You could hear it before you could see it. And the food was absolutely spectacular as always.
Also they have so many choices. The buffet is fantastic at Smokey's.
Yeah, what's nice is, you got you choice of where you want to eat. Buffler's has awesome smoked pork and just kind of barbeque food and you can sit outside and eat that.
Oh don't for get the ribs. The ribs are excellent. He's a rib guy. Yeah I love them.
And it's nice you have choices here and Buffler's is a great choice for casual dining and great food.
Okay, let's tell them about the deluxe cabins where we stayed.
Guys, if your wife is like mine and her idea of roughing it is a four star hotel, you got to ask about the deluxe cabins.
Hot tub, complete kitchen, satelite television; you'll love it. And if Momma's happy, everyone's happy.
One really nice thing about Adventures On The Gorge is the all-inclusive package. It means you get your lodging, your adventure, your choice of where you want to eat.
And you choose what you want to do. The all-inclusive is like a cruise ship concept. You pay a flat fee and you just pick and choose what you want to do.
It's alll taken care of. If you want an adventure that's close tot home, let's just give you the facts.
An hour from Charleston. Mmhm, That's it. You're here. You've got everything you need: a great place to stay, great adventures for the whole family.
Not just a few that want to do this or that or the other. For everybody. Everybody's happy. The food's great and your only about an hour away from home.
We talked about whitewater rafting. We talked about the zip lines. We talked about the great food here at Adventures On The Gorge.
You're on the website right now. Just take a little tour around and check out all the different adventures that you can take. You and your family here at Adventures On The Gorge.
You'll love the place.