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Uploaded by csibiur on 18.10.2012

Yeah, thanksgiving!
turkey, family, more turkey, friends, Mary fucking Poppins, THANKSGIVING!!!
So what is thanksgiving?
Recently I've experienced it because it already happened.
Yeah so far the only think I thought I knew about thanksgiving is that it's at the beginning of november.
That's why I always thought there was a connection between our "all souls' day" and thanksgiving.
It turned out the two has nothing to do with each other,
there's no all souls' day here also thanksgiving is at the beginning of october.
The canadian one!
Cause of course the american and canadian is totally different.
So it happened, it was nice and mostly delicious.
The idea is that basically you're thankful for the good things in your life..
..family, friends, cat etc.
Is my head okay? Doesn't it look too..weird?
And the best part..
religion free!
So it's whatever if you're christian, hindu, islam, or all in one,
-- speaking of, dare you to read the Life of Pi, one of my favourite books.
There's gonna be a movie of it this christmas so my heart is already crying, even though the trailer has quite a potencial --
thanksgiving is just there and you can be thankful for anyone.
Some people came from Europe and made peace with the natives
beside a huge dinner party.
Why the turkey?
Coz its fucking delicous!
Now that we've straightened up things, let's follow with some
thanksgiving muffin competition.
Why am i not wearing this?
Crack a bag of pistachio into a bowl, try not to eat it!
Crumble! Add the muffin-mix and additional chockolate balls.
Crack in 2 eggs and add 2 cups of water.
Mix it together, strictly with hands cause it's more fun.
Put it in the owen for 25 mins in 400 fahrenheit.
Magical chocolate pistachio muffin of nature