How to Punt a Football : When to Punt the Football

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hi, I'm John Millar here with Expert Village to teach you how to punt a football. You punt
the football when your offense has been stopped, it's fourth down, fourth and long, you're
deep in your own territory or you're outside of field goal range. That's when you have
to turn the ball over to the opposing team and give it to their offense and let your
defense go out and make a stop. So when that happens, special teams comes up, your punt
unit goes out there. The punter tries to kick the ball as far and high as possible. So punting
is really a game of field position. You want to pin the other offense as deep as possible,
and make them have a long field to work towards to score. The probability of an offense scoring,
if they start on their own ten, is very small. The probability of an offense scoring if they
start on your ten, ten yards from the goal line is very high. It's all a game of field
position. Every time a punter steps on the field, they have an opportunity to have a
drastic impact on the field position. You're standing somewhere around fifteen yards behind
the line of scrimmage. And you are kicking the ball anywhere from forty or fifty yards
past the line of scrimmage, or it could be a shanked punt, it could be a pooch punt.
Maybe only kick it ten or fifteen yards, and that is where the punter can have a dramatic
impact on the game. They might only come out for two plays a game on the average it might
be six, eight, ten plays a game. They are having a dramatic impact on what happens in
that game.