New 2009 Airstream Bambi 20' for sale

Uploaded by silverbulletseller on 02.04.2009

his videos mori you gals anna nine twenty-fourth
flying cloud
the flying cloud
is the same unit as last year's f_t_ model
with the change in name
walk around the outside john that there's no danger dent nothing to be
surprised about the to the new
bootable two-year warning
poor located sixty miles from the factory
we do have one distinct advantage over all other dealers
and that is that we do not pay shipping
played michael evident by personally pick 'em up myself i love seven miles
from the factory
and i can attest that they're made of the period on who picked him up so uh...
we would like i said we do have an advantage
aboard ship in a place is close to nine hundred dollars per unit
which we directly pass along to the customer
near straight restricts us from pricing our units on the internet
but when you go to most of our site you will see and hear about figure for
which will encourage people to call
it we won't eat we give you our best deal
but with that being said
we won't be anybody's field there's not a dealer they can uh... candice better
than what we can
uh... were definitely aggressive
and again we're sixty miles from the factory so uh... i can have very fresh
units units that have been sitting out for quite a long time to get differently
in terms of many set out for
three and four months and they don't half a dozen children five people five
thousand people walked in and out of their coaches and uh...
we're able to have though have very fresh and instead of a fresh inventory
all the time
coming over to the features on the issue that
units now
and rear
fantastic fans
it also has the audio package
for the tentatively changer
dvd player
over here it has a nineteen inch
yet it does have a convection
three burner stove
i think about the tornadoes have you know norris about room in the kitchen
gives you a lot of space
sleeps four
as opposed to a nineteen there's definitely a lot more storage inside the
the front wrap-around window on the side wonders here you quite a bit like inside
the unit
this year it does have a thirteen five b_t_u_
appear to be sure with the heat pump
so you'll have a furnace eric people
will pay through here
it's quite a few other storage years
i'm sure if you have any questions about this unit any other unit that we have a
just send me a a email dot mike
may or v dot com
or disconnect calm i've direct phone number
eight eight
forty one zero
seven seven four four
and please remember
that allot of dealers claim perhaps the best deal guaranteed but they can't
i can prove it we do not pay
destination fee for our units
all other dealers do
just like the sheer right here
has that emma syrupy at fifty two thousand seven hundred twenty nine
our destination charge zero if you get call on any other dealers
that destination charge is going to be eight hundred ninety dollars
four fax we can beat any buddies deal and will
so make sure that you give us a call airstream against
requires a sit on the internet that we cannot advertise
anything but a m a syrupy
but i can assure you can save you need more western on a month
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