MyCare: Dr. Lillis in Fredericksburg, VA

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Christopher Lillis, M.D.: The Affordable Care Act absolutely
is making a difference for my patients.
My name is Christopher Lillis.
I’m an internal medicine physician.
I practice primary care medicine
in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Fredericksburg is a small community.
It’s got a city that’s about 50,000 strong
with surrounding counties
that are a little more rural
make up a larger area probably of about 250,000 people.
Hey, Marcie.
How are you?
Dr.Lillis: The neat part about primary care medicine
is you really get to know your patients.
You get to know their whole life story.
I’m seeing a number of my patients take advantage of the
free, preventive screenings
that are provided for in the Affordable Care Act.
You’re able to get that Mammogram without out of pocket costs,
so it should be free to you.
I have a number of patients who are Medicare beneficiaries
who saved a great deal of money thanks to the provision
of the Affordable Care Act that reduces their out of pocket costs
for medicines when they fall in the coverage gap for Medicare Part D.
It makes a big difference and I’m eager to see that "donut hole" close by 2020.
I had a number of patients under the age of 26 who were able to stay on their
parents’ health insurance plans
and that was a real life line for folks who were otherwise going without insurance.
Sound: blood pressure being taken
Dr.Lillis: I’m sensing as time goes on more and more individuals are realizing how
much the Affordable Care Act is going to benefit all of us.
Patient: I'll be extremely shaky
Dr. Lillis: A lot of what we do in medicine \
is very piece meal
very fragmented
but the Affordable Care Act tries
to help us incentivize better coordinated care,
that just makes sense.
Patient: AAH
Dr. Lillis: I want my patients to get the health care I think they need
and the Affordable Care Act does that.
It’s knocking down barriers to care.
The health care law is about people like me.
It’s Dr. Chris care.