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Downtown Mexico City Part II (December 1, 2012)
Mexico's new president just took office today
After the “Battle of San Lazaro”,
the mobilization arrived to Bellas Artes (downtown). The encounter was direct.
Join us, join us, join us!!
The people together, will never be defeated!
Peña leave! Peña leave!
The mobilization withdrew…
it started with improvised barricades and then everything started to get out of control
This is only the beginning!
He will go down, he will go down, Peña Nieto will go down!
They are taking one!!!! They are taking one!
Policemen and protesters…
actions and roles difficult to distinguish... - Assasins! Assasins!
both leading a battle without quarters
Take pictures of him!
Help, help!
- Pulsa agency from Buenos Aires, Argentina National and International press is assaulted by the police, us included
- What happened?
The police, they like to attack the reporters - I understand, me too
I know you don’t (to policeman), but for one all pay the price - But that one back there does
It’s the press! Stop pushing!
What’s the problem with him?
Easy, easy, take it easy…
They take us for someone else because of the way we look, but we are press - Keep going, keep going
First I was going to take a picture, I was there and one of the policemen and he hits my flash and broke it down.
Yes, I saw it
I kept walking and they start pulling me and I told them, who is paying for my flash?
They called me fucker and pum! first hit. They grouped, cornered me and kicked me, they hit me on the face, look at me
It’s the press, the press!
After attacking a member of press, the policeman is so pissed that his mates have to calm him down.
We want peace!
Leave her! - Come with me
Tell me why is she arrested? Tell the camera! This is International press! You’re not taking her!
What’s your problem? I’m documenting, I’m press. It’s my right, my public right. My civil and professional right.
This is the second time. Who is the boss? Second time that your officers, on tape, attack the press.
Why are you arresting the lady? - Tell me why you are arresting her?
Why are you taking the lady? Why are you taking the lady? Come here ma’m. Why are you taking her?!
What is your name brother? - Jan - Your full name! - Jan Sebastian Garcia de Leon
Why are they arresting you? - ‘Cause their fuckers! ‘Cause I’m fighting for freedom and against Peña Nieto
Ma’m! Lady in green, say your name!
Two ladies hold tight to the arrested man so he’s not taken… and they achieve it.
Let him go, let him go, let him go!!!!
Don't attack her, let her go...
Get away, get away now!
Get away, they let you go
Ok, let him go!
We are not doing anything
We’ve been attacked
You are against your own people! - We're not doing anything
Let him go, let him go, let him go!!!!
A civilian is taken from behind while questioning the authorities about the group of youngsters they have just captured
This a peaceful movement!
Let them go, what they did to you? - They didn't do anything This a peaceful movement!
He didn’t do anything!
Let them go, let them go!
The civilians, the society… no masks, no nothing, only their dignity.
- People aware, that join the contingent!
Policemen, you listen, your son is out there fighting!
Policeman, brother, your fight is on this side
No repression, no repression!
Hey… your name - Alberto Gonzalez, I didn’t do anything
Julio Cesar.. - Julio Cesar, why are they taking you… why are you taking him? I don’t know why
Why are you taking him? Your last name Julio Cesar!
Why are you taking him?
I’m press! Don’t hit me! You don’t hit me!
Como here son! - Como here! Let him go!
You won’t go thru! You won’t go thru!
Take it easy!
What’s your problem?! Who do you think you are?!
Hey!! He’s just asking for peace!
Sit down, sit down, sit down! - They are going that way!
No PRI, Mexico without PRI! No PRI, Mexico with no PRI!