Love 50% 爱情折扣 English Sub

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Subtitle By ALdi Arman
What! You lost my luggage?
Weíll inform you if we have any news
Listen, Iím leaving tonight.
A city as safe and efficient as Singapore can't find a tiny piece of luggage?
How was your tri p? #####
So... Excuse me
Morning, Zishan.
Did you sleep well? How was the meeting? Me? Iím in Taipei
At the airport. Iím kind of busy now. Iíll call you later, all right?
What are you going to do?
This isn't my jacket. My jacket's stolen
I have a ring in the pocket of my jacket and now it's gone
You want to make a police report?
I want to look at your CCTV footage.
###### CCTV!
My diamond ring got stolen in Singapore.
Get Ms Liang from Compensations to put up a report based on...
page 9, article 32, section 6, Line 3 of travel insurance policy no. 5.
She can't do it today? Why is she not in?
She didnít come to work because it's Valentine's Day?
How lovely to get a first date at the g rand old age of 50
But she should keep her work and personal Life separate.
What has her marital status got to do with me?
If she doesn't have time to review the policy the actuarial manager bought,
would she have time for other people's policies?
If Zishan finds out Iím in Singapore
or what happened earlier, you can start sending out your resume.
Fl u?
This is our latest diamond collection.
The perfect cutting will accentuate the elegance of the gentleman and lady
My boyfriend will be here later. Iíd Like to give him a surprise.
Can you give me a 50% discount? Iíll bring him here later
This is an oft-used excuse but Iím not surprised-
no one can say no to such exquisite jewellery
The 50% discount is only given to couples
That's excellent value, Iíd say.
Imagine your loved one wearing it-
wouldnít it high light her elegance?
What's the exchange rate between Singapore dollar and New Taiwan dollar?
One's sincerity shouldnít be influenced by currency exchange rates
Should you not offer me a discount on account of my sincerity?
Sir, how can you mention sincerity and discount in the same breath?
Without knowing the exchange how can l determine my sincerity?
Fate is a funny thing.
Iíve been wanting to get this bracelet and it's still unsold after all this time.
This is fate!
Unless you want to go against heaven's wish, give me a 50% discount
Thank you
Its value for money however you see it
This ring is so exquisite that the hankie that lady is holding...
has turned green with envy
Iíll take it
Thank you
Hold on
Dear, why didnít you tell me you were here?
Miss, I... I don't have time to play games
Let me explain
I don't have time to play games
We just need to make our payment together
But I don't know you!
I know youíre still mad at me, but you don't have to hurt my feelings!
Besides, the discount only applies to couples.
For our sakes, we have to do this.
There's no one else I can turn to for help
You know how hard it is for me to make a Living. Iíve been saving up for ages
to get this Valentine's Day present. Please give me a chance. Well...
Come get it
I knew you wouldnít refuse me!
Let go of me first. Iím about to make payment
Iím sorry, she and l... My girlfriend... We had a tiff,
but we've sorted it out now. We'd Like to buy this ring at half price and...
And that bracelet
Yes, the bracelet
Youíre her dear and she is your...
How did you two meet?
Call it coincidence - we met each other at a jewellery shop
Did you?
Su re we did. In fact, that jewellery shop is nearby.
Shall we check it out before we make a decision?
Wait! You won't regret your choices
Thank you. Happy Valentine's Day
Thank you
Thank you
How will you celebrate?
A candlelit dinner
Where at?
Depends on where my dear is taking me
Thank you
Since there's a discount, shall we look at other pieces?
Honey, Iím in a rush
Give me the ring. Iíve to go
Did you take another ring? This isn't mine!
It's ours
Sorry! This is yours
Thank you- This is ours, too. Let's go. GO!
Please don't kill me! Have mercy, please!
I have a 90-year-old mother,
You guys look Like you love animals
Iíll shut you up if you don't!
Drop whatever you have inside
I have only apples
You went shopping for jewellery without money?
Look, my boyfriend is decked out from head to toe in Luxury brands.
H is watch is at least five g rand
Do I need to bring my wallet when I go out with him?
You know what to do
"Thanks for saving me
Iím sorry, but I need some time
to get your jewellery replaced.
Why don't you come back here this evening?
You have to come
You can have them replaced by then?
Iíll do my best. Sorry
Dear, Dear!
Donít call me dear - I don't know you
Thanks for saving me
Youíre Taiwanese, aren't you?
Iíll treat you to authentic local food in return for your help
Running into a jinx has made me lose my appetite
There's sunshine!
There's sunshine! The passing of misfortune ushers in good fortune.
Nothing else matters
Not to you because your happiness is built upon my misery
If you hadnít spouted nonsense earlier on,
I, Zhang Wenkai, wouldnít have ended up in a fix.
Your name's Zhang Wenkai? Iím Wu Hanni, pleased to meet you!
Your mobile's not working?
M s Wu, your reaction is very quick
Small problem. You can collect it at 3
Can't you make it earlier?
Iím sorry if you can't make it today
He's flying back to Taipei tonight
3 pm it is. As long as the numbers and data are intact
No problem.
He's Taiwanese? He's way better than your worm-infested old tree, Merlion. The
The meeting's starting soon
Iíll give you a hand
Knock before you enter next time
They look more relieved than you
Not to your taste?
Are these seats taken?
Why did you say that?
I didnít want trouble.
I don't have money. This is my reward for playing along with you.
Are you an accountant?
Someone's face is blacker than yours
An actuary
No wonder youíre so formulaic
Chendol again?
You used to say eating chendol with me was very romantic.
This is our 50th Valentine's Day - surely you can let me off?
All the more we should eat it. Here
Good? 50 years, How romantic!
Iíve to go
Where do you want to go?
I know Singapore very well. Where do you want to go?
I know Singapore very well
No, thanks
You've lost your wallet. I can't...
Don't bother
Are you always Like that?
Like what?
As if people owed you insurance premiums
Your things may have been stolen, but not everyone is a bad person
Aren't you a Little...
A Little what?
Cold and aloof
Happy Valentine's Day! This entitles you to a free bridal shoot at our studio
Take it away - Iím allergic to apples
So youíre allergic to apples? There's a weakness at last. Youíre h u man after al l
Are you threatening me?
An apple a day keeps the doctor away doesn't apply to you
You look so grouchy. Thinking of your girlfriend?
Don't regret it
Zishan, it's me
Iím in Taipei. Private number?
Betel nuts! Betel nuts for you, handsome? No, thanks
No, thanks
"Youíre in a meeting? Iíll call you later then
"Ms Lin, besides the... -Betel nuts! -##!
I want to add another claim
All right. Why is it a private number?
I don't want people to know who I am
Handsome! Betel nuts for you?
Was it Wenkai?
Youíre not getting any younger. Time is precious. Weíll hold your wedding next month
Iím in the insurance business - I don't go into a battle un prepared.
Youíre a military adviser, while Wenkai is your general. You complement each other. Well?
Do you have... someone else in mind?
Stop teasing me, Dad
Come in
Hey boss
Boss, this month's report
You suspect Wenkai is in Singapore with another woman?
You came to Singapore on Valentine's Day Valentine's Day...
Are you going to propose to your girlfriend
Iím not going to propose to you - don't look so excited
I know. Iím just happy for you. Iíve a hunch that when you propose...
Yes. Really? Thanks!
Do you believe it? Someone found our jewellery and returned it.
We can collect it from the jewellery shop this evening
Aren't we Lucky!
By Lucky,
you mean I got robbed and you broke my mobile?
Don't be so calculating. There's sunshine after...
We still have time. Where do you want to go?
I can take you Where are you going to propose to your girlfriend?
Not the Merlion, I hope - it's corny
I often see people taking wedding photos there...
The Merlion is near here, isn't it?
Are you serious about going there?
But I need to go to someplace first
Iím going to be late!
"I know of a better place than the Merlion.
Weíll go where you want to go later!
Hey! Come on!
If you can't run, walk
I feel blissfully happy whenever Iím here
This "primitive" bliss... sits well with you
Close your eyes
Do you hear it? The breeze is whistling poetry, the insects are chattering, the birds are singing
Youíre a blade of grass in the field. Youíre swaying in the breeze
Are you insulting my intelligence. Or are the people you know of average intelligence?
Youíre an actuary all right and very perceptive.
This is how I speak to my friends - kids to be exact. Works Like a charm
Are you the performer today?
Yes. Can you help me blow up these balloons? Here
How much longer are you going to waste my time?
Iíve told you weíll leave as soon as my performance is over.
You can watch my performance or admire the scenery.
Blow up some balloons
I know. Yes. I was very busy. I took my wife on a holiday.
Not today. My company has a charity event. Weíll talk again later.
Got to go. All right. Bye
Daddy, the show is starting soon. Mummy asks you to go in
I want a birthday party just Like this next time
Weíll throw a birthday party just Like this for you
Where's Mummy?
What on earth am I doing here?
Youíre not short-sighted, are you?
Keep your eyes wide open.
Watch how the angel uses her magic to fulfill the wish of the birthday girl
There are so many of you! Hi, everyone! Iím your angel today.
We have a lovely birthday girl here. Iíd Like to help her fulfill her wish
Now, where is the birthday girl?
There! There you are!
Come here. An angel has told me that your birthday gift is ready.
Iím going to give you your birthday gift. Look carefully
So, your name is Claire. This is for you
Thank you
Thank you
The angel is tired. She wants to rest
Hanni! - I can explain...
Your charity event is over? I...
Hubby. Why are you still here? Where's the car?
Iíll get it. Weíre going home!
Daddy's got you. Let's go home
Where are we going?
Your destination
What do you think of this?
This is perfect. I Like it a lot. When will someone do a thing Like this for me?
I really Like it here, but my wallet was stolen this morning,
so I can't pay the deposit -Can't you make an exception for me?
Iím sorry, Mr. Zhang I can't
"Has anyone told you... killing yourself over a man will never win you sympathy?
Has anyone told you you'd look more attractive if you weren't so sarcastic?
Have you made the booking?
Zhang Wenkai!
The deposit is $ 1 000
I wanted to check out the place before I put down a deposit, but...
I know money is important. But haven't I done enough?
Why does it have to happen today?!
You could've been robbed, you know?
What's this?
Your deposit
Do you take me for a beggar?
I want you and your girlfriend to have a happy ending
Take it back!
No? Iíll throw it into the river
The interest is a return air ticket to Taiwan to attend your wedding banquet
From an actuary's point of view, this is a poor deal
If that's a compliment, Iíll accept it.
I was thinking Wu Hanni is out of her mind
That's a compliment
There's sunshine... after the rain
Subtitle By ALdi Arman
Come with me
A bridal boutique?
This boutique is well-known
Don't be silly
These gowns are the handiwork of celebrated designers and cost a bomb. Don't muck around
Is that a threat?
No, attribute... to these lovely gowns
Hanni, can I borrow your mobile?
Miss, you and your fiancÈ look Like youíre made for each other.
This way, please
I put together a few new designs after I got your cal l
Youíre Zishan's favorite wedding dress designer.
I want to book your services for the next two months
My schedule is a Little tight. Besides,
it takes me at least three months to design a gown
Two gowns in two months
That's impossible
Name your price
It's a deal. To a happy collaboration
Spoken Like the anointed son-in-law of Wang Group
Gao Zao, Iíve settled the yacht and gown.
Can you confirm Zishan's schedule?
Not yet. Iíll call you once it's confirmed
Why don't you call me in an hour?
All right. Bye!
I know, but youíre his secretary-
how can you not know where he is? Keep calling
Has Zhang Wenkai disappeared off the face of the earth?
Honestly, I feel sorry for him.
Does he think after marrying you, he will go from rags to riches?
There's no signal
Sir, your honey is ready
You must be the first girl... to feel dissatisfied with an elegant gown...
and shed tears over it
There's no baby's breath. I must have baby's breath at my wedding
Baby's breath is just a filler.
Do you not know that or choose to ignore it?
A filler can also take centre stage
From an insurer's point of view,
the probability of baby's breath... taking centre stage... is...
Sorry, no company will provide insurance for that
Wu Hanni, there's sunshine after the rain
You started the wrong formulas despite your best efforts, the numbers are still wrong
Mr. Zhang Wenkai, love isn't insurance - it can't be measured using a formula
M s Wu Hanni, that's cal led being rational.
Haven't you seen the consequences of acting on impulse?
Stop deluding yourself
Iím not.
Have you never felt Like giving up the whole world...
toper sue the love of your Life?
Then you don't understand
Sir, your coffee
Leave it there
Iíll let you mourn the passing of your noble love. Iíve a meeting to attend
Thanks, Eddie
Ah, I forgotten!
It's OK. Iím fine
They said dry-cleaning could remove the coffee stain
Wu Hanni, you are...
Forget it, Iím pressed for time
Forget it, Iím pressed for time
The meeting Iím going to will determine my Lifelong happiness.
Can you take me there?
Is this client really that important?
You want to admire yourself in the mirror or come inside with me?
My dad recommended your father this office.
The panoramic bird's eye view alone is priceless
If you say yes, this view will be yours
I believe that's not the only thing you want to say
Zhang Wenkai isn't good enough for you
He was hunting down a yacht here, hoping to give you a surprise.
Are there no yachts in Taiwan?
From what I know, youíre the good friend who's helping him plan this surprise
Yes. Iím doing this as a favor to him,
so that he may wake up to reality
Zishan, don't waste your time on him. A frog will never turn into a prince
Gao Zao - never has a name been more apt
Because youíre terrible (zao gao).
You can look in the mirror every day and convince yourself youíre a prince
Everyone's here?
She is...
Iím his secretary. Iíve brought him his files
Mr. Li, Fidelity Insurance is looking forward to being your strategic partner...
on your world tour
Miss, is there a problem?
Is he the piano prodigy, Li Li? He started performing at concerts around the world when he was just five
Youíre amazing. Can I take a photo with you?
Mr. Li, do you have any problem with this contract?
Mr. Zhang, a prominent international insurer has already approached us
But he hadnít made up his mind when we spoke over the phone yesterday
Mr. Li, this contract speaks volumes of our sincerity.
Your hands will be insured for US$5 million
Your hands are worth...
These are my documents!
Wu Hanni!
I had apologized to them, but they were so petty
I could've closed the deal.
This million-dollar policy was supposed to be my wedding gift to Zishan.
But now...
Iím really sorry. Don't be so petty
Iím petty? Thanks to you,
the groundwork Iíd laid over one year just went down the d rain. Iím petty?
Now I know why youëre a failure - you don't have a brain!
Do you have to be so mean? Are you arrogant or...
I don't care if your Life is a mess. Just don't ruin mine!
You did it on purpose. You want everyone else to fail as miserably as you did
Iím stupid, simple-minded and a failure.
But at least I can appreciate happiness and Life
"You think your Life is meaningful?
Then why did you cry when you saw your boyfriend's happy family?
Iím superior to you! "Your Life is expressed in monetary terms,
even your marriage is decided by an insurance policy.
If this is happiness, I feel sorry for you and even sorrier for your fiancÈe!
How can you give her happiness?
See you!
No, I won't
Any magic show is the same as these apples.
If you've picked the right materials, your audience won't get suspicious
An audience can tell if a performance is lacking in heart and sincerity.
These two apples are from different countries
What are you d riving at?
Mr. Zhang's company started working on this project a year ago
Mr. Zhang's sincerity is incomparable. Besides... "
Unfortunately, sincerity alone isn't enough.
We signed a policy with another insurance company half an hour ago. Give it up"
Hold on. Mr. Zhang's policy covers... event cancellation, which the other company doesn't
To a performer, event cancellation insurance is critical
I thought you weren't Mr. Zhang's secretary
Iím his apple
Be good to Merlion
Hanni. Our secondary school mates call her that...
because she's as un predictable as the legend of the Merlion
You mean that weird, apple-loving freak?
You know about her and the old tree, don't you?
Her boyfriend? What's that got to do with me?
JJ said you could collect your mobile at 3. I knew you'd be here. Let's go
Where are you taking me?
I have a surprise for you! Come on!
You've given me enough trouble!
That is al l. Thank you, Mr. Li. We will not let you down
Don't you have something to tell me?
If you want to thank me, youíre welcome
I was thinking... how did you know the contents of the other company's policy?
I was using Mr. Chen's file to wipe the table... when I accidentally saw the clauses
I see
Iíll take that as an apology
Whenever the Merlion comes into contact with water-
be it coffee or tea ñ a disaster is imminent
Where are you going?
I want to see the Merlion
Let's go to the zoo instead. Sentosa?
The Botanic Gardens?
Where is it? That way?
Bet youíre hungry
Hubby, Happy Valentine's Day
It's Valentine's Day? It totally slipped my mind
That's because we haven't celebrated Valentine's Day for years
So, Iíve helped you get my Valentine's Day gift
Hubby, let's go out for dinner. Let's give ourselves a break today
Iíve cooked the kids' favorite chengtng. Let's stay home today
Hubby. Do you remember... the poem you wrote me?
#####. I still remember that...
you wrote it specially for... the marriage proposal
Why so sentimental?
No reason. It's Valentine's Day just reminiscing
Dear, we've run out of red dates. Iím going to get some
Get them tomorrow
The dessert tastes awful without red dates.
The office also cal led to say they need me for an emergency. I won't be long
You promise?
Daddy's going out Be good
Where are you? I have something for you
I want to see you even if youíre still mad at me. Iíll be waiting for you
He said he had a Valentine's Day gift for me,
I was going to turn him down, but my battery ran out on me
You don't have to explain
I don't mind you eating it
Do you know why people give out apples?
They hope people who receive them will stay safe and healthy
Safe and healthy...
If you really care for someone, youíll want that person to be safe
Has your boyfriend bought you a personal accident plan?
I forgot youíre in insurance.
Are you obsessed with your work?
Won't your girlfriend be jealous?
She never gets jealous over my work because... She's inseparable from my work
Are you colleagues?
I suppose so
She's your boss?
How is she Like?
She's very much Like me
That's why you chose her?
She's your boss?
She chose you
Where's the Merlion? I really want to see it
I really hate the Merlion!
Iíve been cal led the Merlion ever since I was young
Why? Because your hair's as messy as a lion's?
Why do you love apples so much?
Whenever I see apples, I feel bliss
And you? How come youíre allergic to apples?
I was born with it I get an allergic reaction whenever I go near an apple.
If I eat an apple, my face will swell up and Iíll start coughing
If opposites attract, do you think we have a special bond?
No, I call that misfortune.
Because your happiness is built upon my misery
Iíll go see the Merlion. Where are we meeting later?
Who is he?
A friend
I thought you'd gone to see the Merlion. Youíre here early
I got lost I didnít know where to go, so I came here. That's from him?
How did you two meet?
It was pouring that day.
A man kindly sheltered me from the rain when l was crossing the road.
He even gave me a lift. He'd go on to give me a lift... for the next three years
I didnít know Dave was married when we met.
He told me... he was going to divorce his wife.
He asked me to give him time. I told myself... since we loved each other,
I should give him more time... and one more chance
This may surprise you, but Iíve never thought about what my ideal man should be Like.
When my friends ask me, I say - as long as I feel bliss when Iím with him, that's good enough for me
It's Like... It's Like now. The sun feels warm and the gentle breeze caresses.
To me, that is bliss
Can I have a look?
I Like the design of this watch.
I didnít think he'd remember
Hanni. Hanni. Hanni!
Even though I believe that a married man... has no business falling for another woman,
he is... really sweet to you
I don't understand you women.
Why do girls cry... when they feel sad and cry when they feel moved?
He wrote... his poem... or his wife. He wrote it when he proposed to her
Why was he so cruel to me?
If he wanted a breakup, why did he have to be so cruel?
Hanni. You've said it yourself - there's sunshine after the rain.
You can let the right person in only after the wrong one exits.
Iíve always believed that... true happiness can only belong to two people.
Youíre a very special girl.
You will find the man who can give you true happiness one day
Why did you slap me?
I slapped you. Iíll slap myself and weíll be even
What are you doing?
Finally! Are you OK?
Iím fine.
I know youíre in Singapore
I knew you would've fig u red it out
Are you free tonight?
This is Zhang Wenkai.
The airport?
Sunset is infinitely beautiful. A pity...
Hanni, I got a call from the airport. They'd found my luggage and ring.
The two robbers had also been caught.
You were right - Singapore is highly efficient... and fu I l of kind people
That's great
Everything can go back to normal. Weíll drop by the jewellery shop and then you can propose to her
Don't lose it
A pity night is drawing night.
A pity you didnít get to see the Merlion
Doesn't matter, you can take your girl...
Your fiancÈe there
Give me two minutes
Look, it's over there
-No, it's over there
No, there
Look, isn't that the bus stop?
I know
If so, why did we go the wrong way?
We wouldnít know this is the right way if we hadnít gone the wrong way. You weren't alone
"All right, let's go
Come, let's go
Careful that you don't slip
All right
Let's go
Mr. Zhang,
Mrs. Zhang?
Mrs. Zhang?
The engagement ring makes you Mrs. Zhang
Why don't our handsome couple... show us how a man should pop the question?
Don't look so surprised. We had a couple here yesterday.
The girl swallowed fire, while the guy breathed fire. You have it easy
Mr. Li, Iím pushed for time
That's why Iím giving you this chance. Pop the question here.
Sheíll feel too shy to reject you Don't you guys think so?
Yeah! Propose to her...
Though we haven't known each other for long,
it feels kind of funny as if we had known each other for ages.
I thought the heavens had played a joke on me But Iíve learnt that...
meeting someone... who can make you feel blissfully happy... is bliss itself
I just want to say... thank you. Thanks for being there for me
Kiss her...
Wenkai. It belongs to... its rightful owner
Thank you
Thank you for playing along with me
If you hadnít been my guide, my schedule here wouldnít have gone so smoothly
Only thing left is the proposal
Give me your contact details. Iíll send you a cheque after I return to Taiwan.
For the deposit. You've no excuse for forgetting my return air ticket to Taiwan
Forget a girl who loves to eat apples? That's hard
Good bye
This is the only gift I could think of to give you
Iíll be reminded of you whenever I see apples
Hanni Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day
Sorry, Iím late
What would you Like?
Let's order what you Like
Why did you change the place?
Iím starving. Shall we order first?
Iíve ordered you their signature dish. If you don't Like it, order something else
Don't Like it?
This watch isn't meant for me, is it?
I bought it for her
Why do you have to break up with me in this way?
Why do I want to break up with you?
Zishan, why did you change the place without asking me?
I had paid the deposit for the other restaurant
Why did you come to Singapore to meet Li Li without asking me?
You wanted Li Li to be insured with us. I thought you'd be pleased
Yes, I was.
But later I found out that a certain Ms Wu had helped you clinch the deal
You feel sorry about the deposit?
When did you start worrying yourself over... the money of someone who's of no concern to you?
When I got home, I realized this was the design you Liked.
So, I didnít give it to her Iím sorry that I got the gifts mixed up
Youíre both... important to me
Have you ever thought of... buying me a personal accident plan?
Why do you ask? Why should I buy you an insurance policy?
Weíre not...
We've set up a new office in France and weíre going to run it. Weíre leaving on Monday
Monday? What about my work in Taiwan?
Someone will take care of it
But you've never mentioned it to me
You were planning to propose to me, weren't you?
This is the ring I picked. I think it suits me
Zishan. Have we ever sat down to a meal where we didnít have to talk shop,
but enjoy our food in a relaxed mood?
Do you remember the last time you said you loved me?
It was...
Does it matter?
You won't remember it. Because you've never said it.
You've never told me you love me
Wenkai. You told me you were different from other people. These things don't matter to you.
You also said we were both cut from the same cloth
Yes, I did. Weíre together because... we thought it would be best for our future.
Your father thinks highly of me. So do you. But you don't love me
This thought never occurred to me before today.
If it were the old me, Iíd ignore what my heart tells me
Iíd do as you say, Like I always do Iíd do as your father says
Iíd live a Life where money is not a problem.
But... I don't want to do that anymore. Neither do l want to lie to myself
Zishan. A problem is best nipped in the bud lest it be allowed to fester
I believe youíll find the man you truly love. Because I know that man won't be me.
Because I know... we don't love each other
Wenkai. You want to walk away?
You really want to give up the future, the career and Life goals we've planned together?
My future... will be decided by me
What I meant is...
I know what you meant.
That... which doesn't belong to me... should not be mine
Wenkai was right. Iíve been deluding myself Iíve woken up, Iíve finally woken up
Thanks for the meal. Happy Valentine's Day
Will you sit down?
Youíre breaking up with me over these damned apples?
You know why people give out apples?
Where's Hanni?
If you can't make her happy, let her go.
Yours is a toxic relationship
What business is it of yours?
Who are you to judge me? Can you make her happy? Will you marry her?
Today's Valentine's Day. I can be charitable. You can have her for free!
Thank you
There's sunshine... after the rain
Excuse me, can you take a photo of us? The two of us
Wu Hanni, are you still deluding yourself?
Youíre not usually this genial don't want to wake up
You've never told me... the Merlion is actually quite adorable
That really hurt!
Iíve made up my mind I choose freedom.
Why are you doing this to me?
I don't want to be the other woman
Youíre not the other woman
Iíve finally realized... what it feels Like to give up the world for someone you love.
It was the first time that... I, Zhang Wenkai, had resigned without giving it any thought.
There was only one thing on my mind
to find the girl who loves apples
You've found her
How did you find me?
Because... I was in the rain
The apples!
What are you doing? Come back! Forget it!
Subtitle By ALdi Arman