Romantic Debtors 2010 ( 불량남녀) Full Movie (Eng subs)

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Subtitle by Aldi Arman
She drives me crazy
Cannot talk right now
I am damn busy so talk to you later!
I'm hanging up!
- That's too much! - You tell me
How about not answering?
Not answering means
not willing to pay and they will sue me
Son of a bitch!
Come here!
Why bother to run as you'll get caught anyway?
Think you can get reduced sentence
if you run a bit far? You bastard!
I can break
the Korean record for running How dare you try to run off?
I'm the running machine myself!
Cannot breathe, damn it
You are arrested
without a warrant in the act of theft
You have a right to remain silent
and a priviliege against
Just a second Take this
God damn it
Come quick!
What should I do with this woman?
I'd rather kill her
and get hanged!
You should ignore the people saying
that their mother is in the hospital
so they wanna extend the term for payment
It's never enough to emphasize that
people who loan the money don't have an ounce of conscience
You should torture and squeeze them
til you receive the final penny! Understand?
-What did you say? -Hey babe
You must not talk like this, customer
How 'bout the drink tonight?
- I cannot drink sir - Oh you have a temper!
-You just can deposit amount overdue -I got your point
But really how 'bout the drink with me,
cute pussy? I Iike to eat
and you Iike to eat too
Why don't we eat each other tonight?
Customer, your dialogue is recorded
Wanna get sued for sexual harassment or deposit the money?
What harassment? Who the hell are you?
-You don't have to know -What the hell..!
By when?
Deposit the money by tomorrow
or you'll get sued for sexual harassment
-Deposit? Hey I was going to deposit anyway -Then have a good day, sir
Listen to me Hello!
-Thank you, sis -You owe me a drink
I will admit that I did these
But from here, I didn't do it
I see
You are kidding me?
Please give me a break, detective
I swear god
that I didn't do this side
-You even swear god? -Yes, sir!
-You mean it -I mean it
you be a man and admit these two more
You're messing with me?
It's the hardest thing in the world to admit your own fault
Why keep calling me saying you wanna break up?
All of these were at your house What makes the difference
to admit only a half?
-But I really didn't -OK
-so you really haven't done those? -No!
Damn fucking sleepy
-Why you -Go out
-What? -I said get out!
Big brother
If you only did these it's not a crime
-Doing this half is nothing -What are you doing?
So go home
I told you to go,
you mother fucker!
OK! I'll admit!
Are you happy now?
Cannot admit without a few kicks? Damn fool
I am here to fetch my wallet
They told me to come here
Your name is?
Kim Moo-ryung
-I see Kim Moo-ryung -Here it is
-ls it yours? -Yes, it is
-Yes, and my bag please? -Oh, bag
This is her bag
-ls it? -Yes
You check the belongings
to see anything is missing
And sign here
My cash is gone
-Oh we need to -Can I take from here?
No! Please wait
-We need to check with the victims first -Don't worry
I had 1 38 dollors
so I will get only 1 30 dollars I'm sorry I'm quite busy now
It's not that simple, I am sorry
There was no cash in that wallet
I pulled 1 80 from ATM when you stole my bag
I charged bus pass for 1 5 dolloars Paid 3 bucks for lunch
Bought lce cream for dessert,
stockings and
8 dollars for um... Whisper
so I spent 42 in total
You don't need to
We don't need the details Please sign here
I am very accurate
How can you forget what you stole?
You need a brain even for stealing!
Your signature here
Ah, excuse me
Yes, chief,
I am out of office now I keep calling him
I will call right now and get back to you
Excuse me, I need to make an important phone call first
-Go ahead -Sorry about that
-Here you are -Finished? Wear handcuffs
Yes, sir
Damn it! Fuck!
-Hello -Customer,
you shall not use swear words even though you don't feel good
You said fuck,
damn and
you are saying these are not curses?
Hello Mr. Bang?
You think I cannot use the swear word?
How dare you hang up on me?
I will raise your debt level from now
I wanna see her face now
Damn bitch!
Is she a human or devil?
I totally understand
What the hell do you understand?
You asked why I stole
That's all because of never ending payment pushing calls
They called me every minute
and it drove me crazy
That's why I ended up stealing others
You now understand me?
How dare you drag me to the low level like yours!
You should be careful too
In Life you never know when to fall
Shut the fuck up! You don't know anything!
I am sorry
-lt took long right? -Not at all
Please sign here
and take your belongings
You're so kind
This world will be peaceful with the people like you
But it's not possible
And you need bad people
to earn your living
I don't mind losing my job
if the world will be in peace
You have wonderful heart
and voice!
The people with the voice never hurt others
People told you have a voice didn't they?
-All done? -Yes,
you can go now
Be careful from now on
Yes, you don't wanna come
to the police no matter what
Have a good day
Have a good day!
So long!
What the fuck?
What are you thinking?
You think my acting was facade! You theif!
It's way better than stealing!
A detective?
In the movie,
the criminals always run away
and don't wanna turn themselves
It's same here
Nobody wants to pay back themselves
So we need to dun them for it I mean we keep dunning them
till we get the last penny
You get that?
Yes, but it's scary
Scary? You see
nice cop never catches the criminal
-No! -It's same
Dreadful ones catch the criminals
So we need to be like that
Till the last minute, we need to
be scary and dreadful so that they even have
a nightmare of us
You never stand suetry for someone
It would ruin your life
Of course,
you are my book of life
You taught me the lesson
that my life will be much better if I don't follow your footsteps
It's the valuable lesson
Yes you are right
Damn! She calls me every 30 mins!
I'll kill
Oh, Dong-ryul What's up?
I already told you hundred times
I really don't know
We got your fingerprints and you are denying?
Detective Kim?
-Hello -Yes, yes
I am detective Bang
-I spoke on the phone before -Oh, hello
-I'm at Dobong station -Right, right
Sit down you bastard!
Who told you to stand up?
-Well -I will kick your ass!
Is detective Seo here?
He was here just before
-Listen to me -Hey you!
You watch your mouth!
-One on the list of suspects -You know
he already has 5 convictions
for car stealing
You know we can
never trust ex-convicts
-You know better than me -Of course
Can I please talk to him shortly?
How do you know him?
I arrested him for his 4th and 5th convictions
Oh you did the great job
Well... Excuse me for a minute
As you wish
Thank you sir
-Come on out! -But it has to be short
Don't worry, come out!
You know
I became straigh
How abou the fingerprints?
I drive for other people by night after delivery during daytime
Maybe because of driving, fuck
Look me in the eyes!
It's me!
With previous convictions and fingerprints,
it can be very difficult
Thank you, bro!
Bang So-tae?
I know that bastard
Where are you?
Wait there
I'll be right there! Don't think of running away
This damn old car
gives me a headache again!
Very bad
A man caused you lots of troubles
You're right
You're burdened with worries but have nowhere to tell
But what can you do?
Everything is blown away
Love and
even the money
You know everything!
You have a knife in your fate
You hurt the people
Thank you, customer Seo Tae-wha
You're overdue for more than a year
We'll file the suit if you don't pay within this month
The girl from the phone?
I hope this will help
No one would believe you when they find out
you lost the money investing in stocks Don't you think?
Have a good day, sir
Oh my god!
That bitch embarrassed me!
Stop, stop!
We came here before!
We're circling same area five times! You moron!
Let's go again!
You're kidding me?
You dragged me when I was sleeping I have a right to sleep!
You're ignoring my human right
I have a right to sleep!
-That's what you're telling me? -You get out, get out right now!
-Trust me one more time! -I'll kill you!
-Get out! -We're almost there
Hey, detective Bang
Get on the car, let's give him a chance
If you lie, I'll kill you
-Let's go -Control your temper
You'll be dead if you are wrong
Stop here!
What again? Bastard!
Go back!
Go go go!
You bastard, die die die!
-Wait! Wait! Please! -You go to hell!
Can't you hear this?
The sound of a dog
We can follow that sound
I never lose the target I set!
Even Bong-doo
cannot escape
You're telling me you can see something?
What are all these?
Take down the sheets
Wow! There're hundreds of them
All new cars!
I'm speechless
Where the hell do they sell all these?
To South Asia and Russia Most of all, to China
They love these!
Oh these bastards are working so hard to export our products!
Don't know what to say I wanna kill these bastards!
Yes, you should
Wake up! They're here
Detective Jang!
Wake up! So-tae, wake up!
Detective Kim! So-tae!
Open your eyes! Son of a bitch
Where's the gun?
We returned them in case of random inspection
What can we do without the gun? Fuck!
-Detective Jang, do you have a gun? -We returned them all
Well then let's get out
We'll see
what we can do
What's this?
Someone stole the cars? Open it now!
Check whether the products are okay
Yes, sir!
I turned it into the vibrating mode
Damn! You're ruining everything Get them!
Stop right there!
You bastards! Stop there!
Hey Seok Bong-doo!
I told you to stop right there!
Son of a bitch!
I feel already old
even before I get married
You ruined everything
Look at me!
Why carry cellphone as you only
talk to the girl at the credit card company?
Just use that instead of a gun!
You've got the damn point
Are you getting old or what?
You were quite smart back then
I have to get married
Who will pay my laundry?
At least we've got one
Look at me!
I told you I got it!
At least you wait a day to call again
How could you call me every 30 mins? You're driving me crazy
And you're even ruining my life
I think you drank too much
Let's talk later, customer
I am sober
It's just I feel like going crazy
You ask me why? All because of you!
Your damn fucking phone calls!
Mr. Bang,
I think you're crossing the line
If you keep getting on my nerves
I might explode
Go on!
My anger already exploded Let me see how strong yours is
Dear custormer
-let's talk later -Why later?
You love talking on the phone?
Let's talk forever! Talk to me!
I might get fired all because of you
Now are you gonna give me an option?
I can tell that you're nothing but a gangster from how you talk
I am a fucking homicide detective
Bang Geuk-hyun at Dobong police station
Don't tell me what you wanna be
Deposit 800 dollars today
or I'll call the real police
And don't forget to
brush your teeth
I can even smell
your bad breath here
Look at her telling curses
You got me
I cannot beat you.
You're the winner
But let me give you an advice
Watch your damn mouth please I know the person like you
-What? -I can kill the people with words
I doubt that you've got married
-because of your short temper -What?
But even if you did, just divorce
-Don't ruin your husband's life -What the hell?
You think you need a knife to kill someone?
The damn severe mouth like yours kills the people from the heart
So please live alone
to contribute to the world's peace You talk to the wall not to people
and do everything alone!
You understand?
That's your destiny
I hope you live a very lonely life and die alone
I hope you can die now
Is there a detective called Bang Keuk-hyun here?
What brings you here?
I'm here to double check as there's
someone impersonating the police officer But I'm pretty sure that he's just a bum
-You mean at our station? -Yes
Can't believe there are still that kind of bastards
-You know the name? -Bang Geuk-hyun
Who did you say?
Detective Bang, Homicide Dept. at Dobong station
-What? -B.A.N.G. Geuk-hyun
No one with that name here
Hey Bang Today's your turn for lunch treat
Geuk-hyun, how about fish soup?
Fish soup is too expensive
Detective Bang can afford it
Right? Come on!
-You're from Triangle Captial? -Hey!
Guys like you dishonor the whole police
You hypocrite! You prentened to be naive and good!
What's the use of catching the bad guys
when you're worse than them?
You feel embarrassed?
Then deposit the money today!
If you don't, you gotta go to the court
Then you'll get fired
Remember that today might be
your last day as the cop!
Let go off me!
Don't touch me!
-Let's talk outside -Deposit the money within today
Or you'll never be able to
work here
Let me go!
Don't touch me!
If you got something to talk, just say it!
What the hell?
Don't touch! Just talk
Let go off me! If not, I will scream
Why came to someone's work place?
You could've just called
You don't answer the phone
Anyway say you're sorry
Sorry for what?
Said I kill the people with my mouth!
Get divorce if I got married
Live alone forever You remember?
I can stand it if you're a faithful person
But you're moral hazard
and not different from a thief!
I need your official apology
Right now!
What about you kicking me?
You can be arrested for the violence
So you wanna put me in the jail?
If you apologize,
I don't mind going to jail
I am sorry
Are you happy? I apologize
Look me in the eyes and say you're sorry
You're nothing but an innocent girl
Your words are far more than beautiful
If you're married live happily ever after
Don't live a lonely life but a happy one
Also live elegantly
Are you satisfied now?
I'm sorry about my words
I lost my temper
Never mind
Just pay the money back
What? I deposited a few weeks ago!
You sent the money 1 5 days later than due
Today's the due for this month
All right, all right
Give me account no.
I sent you that over hundred times
You don't want the money? Give me the number now
Damn you
Here it is!
What the hell am I doing? Fucking embarrassing
I'm going crazy
-Hey! -Why?
I already went crazy!
So what?
Ooops! Are you hurt?
Here it is.
Happy now?
Have a good day!
Hope you have a car accident
Good day, my ass!
What a loser!
Please call 91 1
Are you okay, sir?
Somebody help here!
Wake up, sir!
Don't come near It might explode!
Stay away!
Wake up!
I told you not to come!
Here it is
Use this
I'm serious, it'll explode
Give me that and stay away!
I thought you're merciless person
But you at least have a heart
Anyone should help
in that kinda circumstance
You also try as hard as you did before
to pay back, okay?
You're like the vampire for money
It's my job
You're torturing the people
to get the money not even yours
And you don't care
how painful they are
-What did you say? -Well, work hard
All jobs are equally honorable
I'll never pass the due
from next month
even with stealing the money
Why? Because I don't wanna hear your voice
Same here!
I hear the people's voices all day
and I can tell their characters
only from the voices
-Me too -Wait! Let me talk
You're loyal to friends but they don't appreciate it
-Who says that? -You just brag
but you can't be proud of debts
-Why do you yell? -I'm not proud of it
And also you don't have to swear
Think I can't swear?
I'm old enough to know the life
Your character make others suffer
Am I right?
You said everything you gotta talk?
I even got stabbed by the gangs
But you're worse than the gang
You're tormenting me to death
You know what I mean
You're just like a mosquito
You're like a fly
Why is it?
You look disgusting,
use harsh languages and to make it worse,
you're a cop
You're in debt
I bet you never had a girlfriend
How come you're so sure?
Your face tells me all
You're destined to live alone
I cannot pick only one since
too many girls have crush on me
What will you do for me
if I get married?
Tell me
I will...
pay all your debts
Don't change your mind
-Promise -Promise
-Promise -Don't break it
-Don't worry -You'll regret
Let's see
No one can tell how much I drink
Where's the toilet?
This way?
She talks too much
This is insane
My back
She's such a nuisance
wake up! My back hurts
Don't know what to do
Should I call her house?
But even't don't know the phone number She drives me crazy
I hope I didn't get sick or something?
You're not drunk, right?
I know that
you're acting
to draw my attention
Ms. Kim Moo-ryung?
Now you woke up
-Good bye -So long
I think she's not normal
Oh my god!
I'm totally out of my mind
Oh, you scared me!
Wake up
You slept here?
Haven't you seen a woman
sleeping here?
You couldn't afford the hotel and brought a girl here?
She must've really disappointed!
He did it for her here, I bet
You morons! What are you thinking?
I'm not cheap like you!
You're merciless
You only talk about money, money!
But I'm sorry
I'm gonna die now
This is pissing you off?
Well, no need to
talk to the drunken man
Are they really in there? We've been waiting since last night
but they even didn't order the delivery
What are they doing in there?
They should've eaten something!
I doubt no one's there
You bastard, name other hiding place The place near ltaewon?
We used to play cards there
but not anymore
Are you kidding me?
You bastard
Aren't they the dogs?
Yes, they are
When did you take the gun out? They check without the notice!
Tell them to arrest me I need to catch those dogs first
Damn it!
Turn off the damn phone!
Where the hell is Kim Mu-ryung?
-Come out right away! -Sis
Tell me why you call me at crucial moments and put me down
Show your face!
You see this?
You almost killed me today
Now you come to my workplace and disturb?
You started that You made a scene at my workplace
I did? Tell me when
You told me
to pay the money threatening to sue me
And also threatened I'll lose the job
See Mr. Bang,
you borrowed the money from us!
I know that and I told you to pay
I'll pay back for sure!
But you don't have to call every minute!
If you don't like that
Just pay on time
Miss, you come out now
Know the word called consideration?
Means caring other people's situation
Ever imagined how painful
the people would be
to receive your thoughtless phone calls?
I'm sorry
Didn't mean to hurt you or anything
You can always turn off the cell
if you're in a serious situation
And the scar doesn't look that serious
I was stabbed! Can't you see?
Detective Bang
You've loaned money to your pal
-Why do you bring out that topic? -Just answer
He paid you back? I bet no
If he hasn't, what shall you do?
You wanna talk to him to get it back
What shall you do? You'll call him
Same here
Please undertand us
I'm doing my job
I mean
We can change the person in charge if you don't like me
You don't need to
I'll get another loan to pay back
This is not a life
And what kind of a cop
are you to get stabbed?
Go see the doctor
It must be really painful
Where are all fucking cops?
They're out to catch the thieves!
You're right
Be careful not to get hurt
You little dumpling!
You're the best
My handsome darling
Let me talk to her too
You scared hell out of me
You're embarrassing me
-Who's she? -My girlfriend
You just broke up and hooked a new girl already?
No, she's the same one
You said you're leaving her?
Lovers fight and reconcile all the time
That's how our love grows stronger
Did you send a request to the card company?
Oh! I'm doing it now
Focus your job if you have a time to call your girlfriend
I of course understand your situation
I'll waive this month's interest
as your mother's quite ill
But don't pass the due next month
Thank you, sis!
I'll never forget what you've done
You bitch!
You made a debt and now you're making me a dead person or what?
I at least didn't ask you to pay my debt
Grow up!
Can you pay back please?
Am I crazy to do that?
Mother's sick?
Of course
All the debtors' families are sick
Mother, father, grandfather son and daughter Everone's sick
How can they be okay?
They're sick to see debtors
You know that
She promised
to pay back next month
What a humanist!
Then how about this?
You pay the debt for her
Then you'll get from the customer
in installments or in full
Isn't this the real humanism?
Did you blow the candle?
Why not?
It's your birthday!
I should've been home with a cake
Please hang on a bit more
I can get our house back soon
We'll celebrate your birthday
at our house next year
Happy birthday
I see
God damn it
They can't give us the breakdown of card use
Without warrant, it's impossible
for the protection
of customer's privacy
Protection of what?
What's the use of protecting the trash?
And they're torturing the innocent citizen like me?
Would you please help me?
Just once
I'm asking your help only once! For me, please
For you? Are we that close?
We talk everyday
This is really urgent
And this will be the last time
I can be fired doing that
They can track the checking record
Don't worry, and if you're fired
I'll take care of you
How will you?
Only this time Please help me
Stop! I already said no!
You're so mean
Don't forget tomorrow is due date, So long
Let me sleep, you bastard!
It's been already hours!
Just turn it off then
Why do you keep answering?
Leave me alone
You lost your temper only with a few calls?
You call me every 30 mins to drive me crazy
I really need your help for this
Didn't you hear me? No!
You really mean it?
Yes I mean it
Then let's talk all through the night
Making a phone call is fun
I'm getting addicted to it
I can do it forever
As you wish
Ifyou turn it off
I'll call your office all day
and will be waiting at the lobby of your office
I don't care
I'm calling you again
He's not giving up
Moo-ryung, this is for you
Thank you
Hell, detective Bang at Homicide Dept
Are you insane? What did you send me?
I'm that desperate
Please help me one last time
Please, please, please
I already told you!
I needed courage to buy that
It was my first time to go to lingerie shop
By the way, how did you know?
Know what?
-That -You mean your size?
I remembered the feeling when I carried you on my back
It fits you, right?
-I am sure it fits you perfectly -Gotta go.
Too busy to talk
Hello! Hello?
He's got no taste at all
Thank you Moo-ryung
I'll be a good man I'll never forget your help
Thank you so much
Bong-doo, you're a dead man
Sincerety is the way to Heaven
Stop right there
Subtitle by Aldi Arman
Son of a bitch
Why don't you stab me again?
You don't carry a knife when you play golf, huh?
How dare you stab the cop? You bastard, stand up
I'll pass all the evidence by tomorrow
You did all the dirty job
Sorry to take the award from our side
Is Dong-ryul in the station?
Yes, we're really sorry for him
Please let him go
Nice job
I'm sorry, bro
I should've told you before But my brother
got a bum rap There's no other choice
But this wasn't right
You should've told us!
We got the bad guys That's most important thing
I got bruises all over!
I'll buy you patches
We suffered so much for other station?
I'll buy you a drink
I love a drink
And you'll be the sidedish
We'll finish you, Geuk-hyun!
You'll buy as much drinks as you want
Get him!
Relax! Don't do this to me!
-I'll kick your ass -Don't need a drink Just pay me in cash
I don't want him to pay me back
I can just give it to him
Really loved him
Now I just wanna kill him
No actually I miss him
How much did you lend?
-Hundred million -Are you insane?
I am short of 250 bucks this month
Where should I get it?
You don't have any friend?
Poor you
If you don't lend it, then shut up
250 is enough?
You got it?
We all paid same and only you're always out of money
This is all because of her
I was about to call you
How about tonight? I'll buy you a drink
I cannot understand her
-Relax, relax -Did you have dinner?
Explain everything with every detail
then he will catch that bastard
I told you cop with evil look
are good catching the criminals
He looks really evil
That's the face of the cop!
So you can just relax
and tell him everything
from the very first start
-Then -Where did you meet him first?
Tell him where and when?
At the online chatting
You're out of your mind
Well, okay Do you know where he lives?
What about his phone number?
I subscribed the number under my name
and he doesn't answer now
Well, then
You paid everything yourself? You're really crazy
You don't know address or phone no.
Then what do you know?
-Ms. Kim -Yes
Would you please be quiet? I'll ask her the questions
I'm so irritated and angry!
She must be more irritated than you
-Yes, you're right. All right -I wanna ask her the questions
-So his name is... -Oh Jae-jin
And ho..ho... how much did you give him?
Two hundred million
-You lent him -What? Two hundred?
You told me one hundred!
You insane? Where did you get that much?
I loaned from the bank
You loaned the money
and then gave it to a man?
Are you out of your mind?
Ms. Kim
- I am -Yes, you're right!
-Let me ask -Wait! I remember that
She has a picture of him!
Give me your cell! Hurry!
That's him!
Print this out and send it to all the police
And prevent him from leaving at the airport
Also close the entire airports
Right now, move quick!
Yes, captain Kim
I'll do my best
You're not listening to me
The police must give us the confidence
saying you'll catch them for sure
I'll do my best to catch him for sure
You promised
And do it quickly OK?
-Yes, mam -I think we've said everything
Any more question?
Don't think so
-Yes, I think I asked almost everything -Okay, then
Don't get stabbed like before
And let's kick his ass
Call me when you got him
Don't worry, he'll take care of it
Maybe within today
What happened to me just now?
No one ever brought girlfriend during the stakeout
-She's not my girlfriend -I'm not his girlfriend
I just came
to watch him arresting the bad guy
as he promised to show me
Detective Jang, we'll go before you
You check his gangs behind
Check whether he has more gangs
And you make sure there's no way out behind
Don't worry
Some people might resist
But just leave them
I can take care of all
If all of you start to fight
it's gonna be loud
Let me handle alone Nice and quick, got it?
-Yes, sir -What?
I always gave you the direction
You're right
They arrived?
They just came in Let's go
You stay here
This is real
You can get shot or stabbed
No one can protect you
I'll bring that bastard to you
even though it'll be damn tough
Mr. Oh Jae-jin?
You know Ms. Kim Sang-mi?
You son of a bitch! You moron!
Damn it!
Please Moo-ryung
Stop her
You son of a bitch
She could've been just another girl for you to play with
Please stop
-Her heart is damn broken -Bro, just take her out!
And you're picking up a new girl?
Don't forget her bag
-Cheers -Thank you for your hard work
I owe you a big deal
so the drink is on me
Thank you
-How 'bout bomb shot? -Cool! I'll make it
Thank you
Real man never let a girl pay
It's gonna be on me
I'll take care of it
When can you possibly pay back if you spend the money like this?
Why bringing up that topic? You're ruining the mood
You want noodle?
I said mood
Or you were trying to be funny?
It didn't work
I'm trying to help you
become a better man, customer
Those two look like a husband and a wife
I really envy them
What are you talking about?
You're in love with her, admit it
Stop bro You're crossing the line
Here are the bomb shots
Shall we make a toast?
For what?
For the justice in our society
What the hell?
How about this?
For Bang the cop's clearing off the debts
I llike that
Geuk-hyun's giving you a hard time, isn't he?
Yes, we have tons of weird customers
She speaks really nicely
You're saying I'm weird?
And you think you're normal?
I'm nothing but normal
You're an angel
cutting him some slack when his due is passed
You knew about that?
We can't guarantee
his financial ability
but we ensure you of his character
You bet
He'll clear off the debt soon
Am I right, Geuk-hyun?
They're humiliating me
Hey bros, wake up!
You guys're not that weak
Wake up!
Get the cab!
Moo-ryung, I'm sorry
-Let's go -Sit down!
We need to finish the business...
We're not drunk right?
We need to drink till the end
-Get them the cab and come back -All right
Why don't we just go? You wanna fall asleep again?
I'm sober
I never get drunk
-You don't see them? -What're you saying?
What are you doing?
Let's go
We did our best to support him
It's his turn now
Let's go and drink more
I need her address and what the hell is she talking...
Jechon city...
Jechon city, Choongbook province Jechon city
-So your address is -Choongbook province
Jechon city
-Dotong 3 dong -1 24, right?
-Yes! -Tell me where you live now
not where you were born!
You're so lucky
-to be with me -You turn left...
-Others must've dumped you -at the first corner after church..
Dotong 3 dong, Jechon city
tell me where you live now
We cannot go there right now Jechon city, Choongbook province
Oh you're still alive!
Where am l?
In a hotel room
Why in a hotel room?
We had a great night
You don't remember?
Great? What're you talking about?
We drank together
I even carried you on the back
You repeated a same story over 1 00 times
That was fucking great!
You wanna know what you told me?
Try hard to remember
Now Iisten carefully
Come out and turn left to the first corner quietly
No one has to see you
And you'II find the pharmacy
You'II see an old man sitting outside
There's a soup parlor
next to the pharmacy
I already paid for you Their soup is good for hangover
Gotta go
Fucking charismatic
No wonder I broke all the girls' hearts
I sent a nice guy to accompany you
Drink it after you have a soup
What am I doing?
Sending the money befor the due?
Let's send the money after she calls tomorrow
I wanna reserve the wedding gift
You should've called me
I'm your daughter I can come whenever I want
I might have gone somewhere
Where? You don't have any place to go
What? I'm quite busy
For what?
I became the head of co-op this time
Wow! You should buy me a drink
Let's go to eat. I'm starving
-What do you wanna eat? -Something expensive
as you'll buy me?
Is this something expensive?
The one you like is the most expensive one
We could at least eat beef
Beef is only thing
I eat with shop owners
Excuse me, miss
-Yes? -Could you come for a minute?
You spilt the water
And you don't say anything
such as you're sorry
or you'll bring the new one?
Mom, it's enough
Please sweep the table first
and bring the water again
Sorry mam new water will come soon
I think I got it from you being picky
You didn't know that?
I'm sure you can beat me though
You're right
How come she doesn't call me after due
Something must've happened
Why isn't she...
I went to see our house today
For what?
Wanna check whether it's okay
You and the house really match
You're acting strange.
Your hug is not that strong
You got a man?
What man?
Then I'm relieved
Other moms do
anything for their girls to find men
Live alone Once is enough
Even if you got a man remember this
You can date the ugly man
or a poor man
But never a man underwrites the debts
Dad will be sorry to hear
He should be sorry for leaving me alone first
When your ex came to your dad
begging for his gurantee for the debt
I told your father not to
but he signed in secret
The worst thing happened later
That bastard
Ieft you leaving us the debt
I am the one to be blamed
Yes, let's not bring out the past
But mom
if you were born again wanna marry Dad in next life?
As you loved him, right?
Am I crazy?
the nonsense and sleep
Gotta wake up early to go back
How come you answer the phone so quick, customer?
I always answer quick But I am sorry to tell you
that I couldn't deposit yet
as I was bad off this month
Oh I see
Isn't paying at once too much?
Of course!
But you'll call me endlessly if I don't deposit
I should
It's my fault so I have to
talk to you over and over
I can introduce the way
to reduce the monthly interest extending the repayment due
if you feel pressured
Then why didn't you tell me before?
It's only for the VlPs
I became the important person to you?
Don't rush into the conculsion
Visit our office with certificate of your seal
What am I getting if I do as you told me?
You buy me coffee?
What coffee?
I only buy a drink
Then I'll buy you coffee
All right
Have a good day
Certificate of my seal?
My seal here
If I ever
ever loved someone
the one should be
only you
Ifl ever Ioved someone
the one should be only you
-They say it's Moo-ryung -What can we do
Please customer this doesn't solve anything
You are right
But I'm already a dead man
Need to bring someone along!
Please calm down and let's talk
Shut up
We can give you some time to pay back little by little
You should've told me like that instead of nagging
It's our job and we didn't have a choice
Don't wanna listen!
Everything's gonna be fine if we all die here
Dying can't be a sloution!
I told you to be quiet!
You son of a bitch! Bring your boss here
If not, I'll kill her and kill myself here
We're begging you
That's the end of the person who tortures others
I knew this would happen
but it's way sooner than imagined
Hey, Mister I'm on your side
Don't hesitate and just jump right now!
I'll be waiting for you on the ground. Way to go!
Who the hell are you?
I'm sure I have much more debts
and grudges against her than you
I've been working hard to have my revenge on her
if you can't do it just hand her over
I bet
you're a cop!
Print out my overdue record
and full amount of debt
-For what? -Don't ask. Do it quick!
Yes, it's correct 60,000 dollars, good
Yes, print it right now
What kind of cop are you having such a big debt?
I'm not telling you a lie
I thought of suicide because of her
Hand her over now I'll take care of her
I'm on your side
Don't know what she did to you
But I was even stabbed because of her call
You know she calls anytime and drives you crazy
I almost got fired for the fucking phone calls
-Don't try to fool me -I don't
OK then just jump with her now
If not, I'll kill you both
-Fuck! -I have more
Don't come closer!
anger toward her
You don't think I can do it?
Jump! Show me How about jumping all together?
-I'll do first -What?
-Three of us, together! -Hey!
You're not sure?
I came here to kill myself
...after killing her
-We're on a same boat -Don't come near, you crazy bastard
She knows everything about us
But she doesn't care and
makes us suffer
I did her background check
She has the same experience
She fell for one guy
and gave everything she had
She even sold her mother's house
and gave the money to him
After she lost everything
she tried kill herself
But she pretends
she's different from us
and tortures us!
That's why I hate her
and wanna kill her
She appears in my dream every night asking for the money
Now I cannot sleep without sleeping pills
I wanna get out of this situation now
Let's die!
No! Stop it!
-Oh no! -Catch him
Let me go! Damn it!
-Detective Bang, let me go -Catch him
You fucking cheated me
Are you okay? Must've been shocked
Are you okay, Moo-ryung?
Didn't you get hurt?
You should've used the gun
Aren't you all right?
Step aside
Let's see who will win
The phone is off You can Ieave a message
I'm sorry
Call me as soon as you hear this!
I can run away without paying the debt
You should've called me as I passed the due date!
My ear!
Call me when you hear this
Don't know what I did wrong
but we should talk
So call me please? I'll be waiting
I'm begging you
You're happy?
Can't be happier!
But tons of work to do
Gotta paint the wall
need to do gardening
It's endless
You're good at housework
You bad girl You don't propose to help
I got your house back lsn't that enough?
you'll make the mess
Doing nothing helps
By the way, how's the work?
It's fun
-You mean it? -Yes
-You're working so hard -Stop! It'll spill
How much did you leech off?
What are you talking about?
I only told her that
I can start the business with seventy thousand
And she gave it to me
Who will say no to that?
Many people will! You son of a bitch!
You forced her to get the house mortgaged!
Now it's put up for auction
Damn son of a bitch
Mr. detective Don't slander
She went to the bank voluntarily I didn't ask her anything
You bastard!
You married to her Was it a joke?
-Please, bro -Let me go!
Please stop!
Someone hold him please
-Geuk-hyun, stop it -Please bro!
You cannot hit like that hard
Hey, wake up!
Wake up you son of a bitch! You're not that weak
The phone is off now You can Ieave a message
Dotong 3 dong, Jechon city
1 24, Dotong 3 dong
Hello, customer
Mr. Bang Geuk-hyung?
You're calling me every 30 mins!
Are you gonna ruin my life or what?
Then just send the money
I'm sorry
I'll deposit right away
Have a good day, sir
She made me this shit and suddenly disappeared?
Daehung store at Yeongok St.
This is 231 1
and I will go there after stopping at the station
Got it have a good day, custo...
I'm sorry
Have a good day, customer
Hurry up
We gotta catch the 1 o'clock train
If we miss we need to wait 2 hours
My daughter-in-law
will wait at the station
We can make it Don't worry, sir
Happy birthday to you
To the town hall, Kijung St.
Happy birthday dear Da-eun
This is 1 81 9... Please be quiet!
I cannot hear anything You're too loud
You cheeky little things!
You should stay home and study!
Sorry, Moo-ryung Where did you say?
Town hall I got it
I can drop off these little cheekies
and go to Town hall myself
OK, have a good day custo...
I'm sorry
Was too used to it
I don't' care
You can call me whatever you like
Have a good day!
Okay, thank you
Do I know if I take a look?
The car's just damn broke
How can I go there without a car?
My life is not easy at all
Not a single thing goes as I wanted
Not a single thing!
I'm going crazy
That's all because of her
I'll find her definitely today.
Kim Moo-ryung, wait!
You have a gun with you?
Inspection for gun is today Come in quick!
Damn it!
Where are you now?
Fuck! What about the gun?
Hello! Hello! Geuk-hyun!
What did he say?
Went to find Moo-ryung
-What? -How about the gun?
He said he won't come back until he finds Moo-ryung
Empty your mind Don't think or feel!
Squeeze and hassle
until you receive the last penny
If you cannot do it
Just pick a guy and leave here
Don't put me through troubles
You can do better, right?
If you don't wanna follow
I really wanna kill that son of a bitch
Squeeze and hassle
Empty your mind Don't think or feel
until you get the last penny!
Ain't we money collecting robots or what?
-Don't you think it's too much? -Huh? Yes, of course
Sometimes tide gets high
Of course, everyone
goes through some difficult times
I miss Moo-ryung
Let's go to see her
You're not
It's really good to go with you
Why not?
You're out of your mind
I have to get married!
You know Dotong-3dong?
Yes, Dotong-3dong
This is 1425
How are you?
Working hard?
Having fun
What's your mom doing at home?
She never comes out Don't have time to eat lunch?
She's busy with
cleaning up the house
Then I should wait
You're always welcome to visit
No people will talk
What do you mean? We're friends
I'm taking a gentleman to Dotong-3dong
AII right
Have a good day
You too
-Mister -Yes?
Her voice is real pretty
She's pretty in real life
New girl from Seoul and...
You're Kim Moo-ryung
Answer it!
How come you forgot my voice?
I remember yours!
I could never forget your voice
even though your face got blurry
You're Moo-ryung, right?
How did you find me?
1 24, Dotong-3dong Jechon City, Choongbook Province
How can I possibly forget?
You repeated this over 100 times on my back when you were drunk
Why are you here?
Why? To meet you of course
Go back to Seoul
I won't!
Who do you think you are? Ordering me what to do?
If you wanna order you stay with me forever and do that
You can't run away after you put me in the deep shit
You didn't know that
I Iike you?
That I care 'bout you?
You think you can hide from me? I'm a cop!
Why do you think only 'bout you?
I'm Sorry
I could've
used the gun but
Put this near your mouth
how could I shoot the gun
when you were next to that man?
I only thought of saving you
That's why I couldn't fire
You might've been hurt
I'm sorry to hurt you
but you know why I did that
Stop it
This raido is for the business
This is 1 81 9
We're okay so go ahead
The guy sounds somewheat okay
I'm not quite sure though
Moo-ryung, I have something...
Don't mind me! Use the radio as long as you like
I don't work anymore today, Over
This is 231 1
We're okay too
Finish your conversation
I wasn't trying to hurt you
Just wanted to persuade him
and that was the only way
I could think of at that time
I've never been in Iove so how would I know?
Let's meet first
I need to talk to you
If I don't tell you this
I can't sleep or even die
Moo-ryung, are you listening?
Moo-ryung! Think she hung up
Hello, this is 1425
He looks okay
mom'll be happy
I need to take care of you Remember?
I promised to take care of you if you get fired
You stay right there
Don't even think of runnig away
You're real go-getter
Good job!
Where is she?
At the office
Can you take me there quick?
-So anxious! -Hurry
Is there any event today?
Not that I know of
An accident?
There can't be any at this countryside
-Let's follow and find out -Drive slowly
Follow me!
Do you have extra batteries?
Mine is full
If we upload this at YouTube it's gonna be huge!
You were going for a party and now
you wanna go up where? Fuck
-Speed up! -Let's run, bro!
We're at the station
You gotta catch 1 o'clock train!
That's what you told me
Shut up and wait!
We can take the next one
They're young so can wait a few more hours
What're you doing? Hurry
Go to your office
Oh, yes!
I'm afraid Geuk-hyun made some trouble already?
Follow them!
Are we here yet?
Don't rush
Yes, we're almost here
Please come in line
Don't rush Keep in the order!
What are all these?
-He must be handsome, right? -He gotta be
-Are we here? -Get off!
We're here
They came earlier than us
I told you to hurry
Are you ready?
-Moo-ryung, please wait -Yes, you should
Who's he?
Tell me Moo-ryung
Please make a way
He is here!
Come with me
He's nothing
How have you been?
I worried 'bout you a lot
Is there a cafe nearby?
It's embarrassing
as too many people are watching us Can we talk in private?
Wait Listen to me!
They are coming out!
Wait a minute?
Why do you give me a hard time?
What have I done to deserve this?
You ran away after muddling me
Don't need to stab someone to kill
What you did to me
was to put me in death
You'll pay for this
You listen carefully
I'll say one thing before I go
I found a girl of my life now
And I'll live happily ever after
with her
You promised me to clear my debt
when I get married
It's Sixty thousand You should keep the promise
What? You're getting married?
Who told you can?
You haven't changed a bit
Getting married is not easy
You can only get married in your dream
got it?
Yes, I'm scared
'cause it's damn obvious
that I will live a hard life
if I stay next to you
I'm scared that
I can't help but falling in love with you!
I'll call you to check whether you're playing a fool
And don't ever underwrite for debts
Swear that you'll follow my rules
come here
Where aer you going?
Come quick!
Move your ass!
Follow her! Quick!
It's the wildest propose I've ever seen
She's so cool!
How about the gun inspection?
Fuck it! Some penalty doesn't hurt
It should've been perfect if he were handsome
I... I...o...Iove you
Hi, mom It's your handsome son
The girl I told you last time
seems like not the right one
She plays innocent around men
You're the only one I love
Do you have any more debt?
You listen to me if you...
Got it!
If I underwrite the debt again I'll be your son
Bro, thank you
I owe you a lot
Don't pass the due date, punk
I'll get divorced if she finds out I underwrote the debt again
Don't worry
I'm not like you!
Sure, but need some more money
There're so many punks swindling money out of women
You tell me
Let's catch them We've got enough evidence
Damn it!
-Honey -Why!
Did you take the seal?
It should be at home I don't know where it is
I cannot find it
You didn't use it for guarantee?
Guarantee what?
You talk about nonsense!
Oh I remember that I left it
at the office after I used it
for my document for promotion I was so busy to tell you that
Why need a seal to work!
You underwrote the debts!
They asked me to bring it! Believe me, honey!
We made a pact
You don't believe your husband?
You're acting weird
Stop it!
I'm busy now following the murderer
You did! I told you not
to underwrite debts over 1 00 times!
Why can't you believe me?
Bang Geuk-hyun
You come home right now Today you'll be dead
Come home now!
Subtitle by Aldi Arman