Very High Triglyceride Tip: Diet Swaps | HealthiNation

Uploaded by HealthiNation on 17.04.2012

I’m Dr. Holly Atkinson. If you have very high triglycerides and like to cook, whipping
up some of your favorite recipes may be challenging. Even if you’re taking medication to manage
your very high triglycerides, your diet can still have a dramatic effect on your levels.
Next time you cook, try following some of these easy recipe substitutions. Instead of
1 cup of whole milk, use 1 cup of fat-free milk plus one tablespoon of liquid vegetable
oil. Substitute 1 cup of evaporated skim milk for 1 cup of heavy cream. Replace 1 tablespoon
of butter with 1 tablespoon of soft margarine that is low in saturated fat and has 0 grams
of trans fat. Rather than using 1 whole egg, use 2 egg whites. Fish is always a good choice,
but choose ones that are high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids like salmon or tuna. On
top of the heart-healthy benefits for those with very high triglycerides, omega-3’s
might even be linked to better brain health. Do the smart thing and follow this easy recipe
for better levels and better health.