Upskirts of College Girls by Math Professor?!

Uploaded by tytuniversity on 16.06.2011

Ana: Jonathan Hatch—he’s a math professor from a University of North Carolina—he’s
from Gilford college. He was a lovable guy. People were in favor of Jonathan Hatch until
one female student noticed that he was putting a pen up her skirt. She didn’t know why,
so she called the cops. When she called the cops they found that Jonathan Hatch had a
camera on his pen. So he would take the pen, put it up a girl’s skirt, take a picture,
and then go home and download it on his computer. Total creep, of course he’s a math professor.
I’m just kidding. I don’t like math, but I’m totally joking. By the way, on face
alone? Done. This is definitely the guy who would put a pen up a girl’s skirt and take
Jayar: Man. Was it on his shoe? Was disguised as an ink pen?
Ana: Yeah, it was one of those pens that had a mini-camera on top of it. So, you know,
he’d have the pen in his hand, right? And he’d walk around and be like, “Okay. No
big deal. I’m gonna take a picture…”
Jayar: That’s weird. The girl’s probably standing up, I assume. Right? I don’t know.
I never understand how these things work—how people actually get away with this stuff…
I don’t care if it’s a pen or not, what’s the explanation for this ink pen being down
at this girl’s knee? “I was trying to sign your cast…” What? I don’t understand
how—it’s weird. I don’t understand how he didn’t get busted before. This must be
the first five students he’s done it to.
Ana: No, he’s done it to several different students. When the cops went to his home,
they looked on his computer. Not only did they find up-skirt pictures—Remember? We
did a story about up-skirting; I think it was in Japan—but not only did they find
pictures of his students, they also found child pornography. So, obviously he will be
charged. He’s facing five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and another charge
of secret peeping. By the way, “secret peeping” doesn’t sound as bad as what he actually
did. I would be mortified if I found out my math teacher was taking pictures up my skirt.
It’s just disgusting. Jonathan Hatch—pervert wanker of the day, if not the month.