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Hi my name is Areeb Baja
in june two thousand eight my partner Joe and I
launched Senuke Xcr within a span of two years
Senuke became household name
amongst internet marketers
has the authority in SEO automation software
since then we have had hundreds of people
post success stories of Senuke Xcr on our forums
these are all completely verifiable and posted by people just like you
we have reports of people making a hundred dollars a day
five hundred dollars a day
thirteen thousand dollars in just under thirty days and even over fifty thousand
dollars in just a couple of months
there are lots of people using it to make affiliate commissions
off of programs like the amazon ebay and Clickbank
their are entire seo firms that are using our software
local businesses
using this software
to sell their own products
and moving up on Googles first page for specific keywords
quite simply
if you have a website and you want visitors to it Senuke Xcr is just about as easy as it gets

all this
is about the original Senuke
we are now proud to announce Senuke Xcr
this new version took over one point five years and cost of over a hundred
and twenty-five thousand dollars to develop
and quite honestly
makes it makes the original Senuke look like a baby
and show you what i'm talking about
and prepare to be excited
four steps the dominating the search engine with Senuke Xcr
step one
use our powerful niche research module to discover keywords that you can easily
get ranked for using Senuke Xcr
Step 2 launch the user friendly
step by step Wizard and answer questions about your new promotion
step 3 draw up the exact promotional
strategies that you would like Senuke Xcr
to automate if you don't know a strategy then pick one from the provided templates
set how many days you would like until the promotion is completed and press finish
resulting in high search engine rankings and money in your pocket
now here's what goes on behind the scenes while you are relaxing
Senuke Xcr will first launch the account creation project to create
and all the sites in our ultrafast multi threaded submitter
any captchas that come in that way
will be automatically solved within
10 seconds
it will then login to the email address that was used to create all the accounts and click the
verification links to activate these accounts
once that is complete
it will start the actual promotion depending on how you designed your
promotion backlinks strategy
social network module
login in and create blogs for you on sites like blogger dot com and wordpress dot com
once the blog is created it will automatically post on these blogs promoting your
website all pages in our URL list will be be saved into a
url list
so that other models can build links to them
the social bookmark module will then read from that URL list and social
bookmark those pages in dozens of different sites to improve the search
engine rankings of the those blogs themselves
the RSS model then submit all the generated RSS Feeds to dozens of
RSS aggregators
the article directory module will then login to hundreds of article directories
and post articles about your topic
Senuke Xcr has complete support for spun articles
so you can write one article and it will be spun into hundreds of unique
articles to pass Googles duplicate content filters
spinning an article is as simple as pressing a button
the press release module will then submit press releases to dozens of sites
letting the world know what you have offer
once that is done it's back to building
more link juice to your money site and other pages that Senuke Xcr has generated for you using our
web 2.0 profile and forum profile modules
the never seen before forum profile module
can create accounts can post links on practically any formum on the internet
this lets you create a publicly viewable profile
power users can scrape their own forum profile lists and place them int the software
to build backlinks from places that no one else is building backlinks from
if you thought that was enough guess again
because now that we have these thousands of links
we need the search engines spiders to come and find them
this is where the pinging and indexing models come in
these two models worked together to make sure that the the Google
search engines spiders find your links
and give them the credit they deserve
the indexing model uses a proprietary network of high PR blogs to get your
links found and indexed
all of this is completely hands off without
user intervention
if the Senuke Xcr software ever crashes
it will automatically restart and resume
so you can be hanging out in the bahamas without worry
that Senuke X is hard at work
what was once a dream is now a reality
this kind of technology has never been a witnessed by the world before
say hello to Senuke Xcr the world's first money-making machine
I don't want you to take my word for it
nor do i want you to take the word of hundreds of members real life success stories
i want you to try to try it for yourself absolutely free for 14 days
by the end of those two weeks if you don't see jaw dropping results simply cancel
your membership
and we won't charge you a penny
so go ahead
click the download now button
and start your Senuke Xcr free trial right away
i'll see you