Smash - Episode 7 - The Workshop - Luan Legacy Recap

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My name is Luan Legacy, and thanks for tuning into another
episode of your weekly Smash recaps.
The show starts off big with Karen skipping practice and
going to record a demo for the elusive Mr. Raskin.
She sings a wonderful rendition of "Brighter Than
the Sun." And girl, she was giving me life.
She was a star.
Brighter than the sun.
We're introduced to Ivy's mom, Mrs. Lee Conroy.
And I can't say that I'm surprised that everybody at
rehearsal knew who she was.
Seems like she's had a Broadway career of her own.
I guess talent and stardom just runs
in the Conroy family.
Maybe I should change my name to Luan Conroy.
Because I hog up all the spotlight and get attention of
my own, right?
I mean, you guys are watching this video, right?
Julia was getting rather comfortable with her affair.
But when she saw Michael's family, she had to excuse
herself to go home.
I guess Julia is not coming to the Halloween party as a
bulldozer because she don't want to be a home-wrecker.
At the house, Julia finds Leo in his room smoking weed.
And when she yells at him, he retaliates at her, telling her
that she has bigger problems of her own, hinting at the
fact that he knew about the affair.
How's she going to get herself out of this one?
Karen gets a callback from Mr. Raskin himself but decides not
to go to stay for the workshop instead.
She is crazy.
With the workshop starting, Ivy kills the opening number.
I mean, girl, I was wrapped up in my
blanket, and I had chills.
However as the show progresses, things start to
fall apart, and she kind of loses her A game.
Michael, on the other hand, does a stunning performance.
And the crew has mixed reviews on how that
workshop actually went.
When the workshop was over, it seemed like Mrs. Conroy liked
the performance, as she tells Ivy how great everything was--
everything except her own daughter.
Fed up with it all, Ivy gives her a piece of her mind.
And I mean, tap, tap, tap.
She tells her how everything she does is not good enough
for her, and can't she just give her daughter
the chance to shine?
We find out later that Lee does think that Ivy is a star.
She just wants to protect her from the disappointing world
of Broadway.
And they share one of the tenderest moments in all of
Smash history.
When the crew talked about what to do about the workshop,
Derek announces that replacing Ivy is the
appropriate thing to do.
But Tom disagrees and says that Michael is the problem.
With all the emotional drama and problems tied inside,
Julia and Eileen reluctantly agree, and they fire Michael.
The show ends with Julia at home telling her son that they
fired Michael, and that he wasn't right for the job.
They have a mutual understanding, and they share
their tears together.
The show's heating up, and we've got to keep watching to
find out what happens.
With that being said, my name is Luan Legacy.
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And thanks for tuning in to another episode of your weekly
Smash recaps.