Cooking Tips : How to Clean Anise (Fennel)

Uploaded by cookingguide on 27.10.2008

To clean anise first start with a nice bulb of anise make were going to make sure that
its nice and firm. First were going to cut off the prawns. You can save these prawns
and use them to flavor stocks. Next were going to cut off the very root of the anise bulb.
Next what we want to make sure and do is any extra prawns that might be on the top of the
Finally were going to make a cut right down the middle of the anise. When we do that it
will expose the rest of the root and we want to get rid of this. This is very tough and
fibrous you don't want to eat this. So we will make one cut a incision here about half
way through and then do that again on the other side to completely remove that center.
Your bulb is now ready to be cut. And that is how you clean anise.