THE CRACK: Vlog #2

Uploaded by elementanimation on 21.07.2011

Hello internet people.
I’m here with Dan and Chrisi in our second Vlog!
Now before you say anything,
I know we promised another vlog when we hit 200 subscribers
Well guess what? We lied!
No, we didn’t lie,
we were planning to make it but you guys move so fast,
we just couldn’t be animated fast enough!
So this is a vlog to celebrate one thousand and...
You know what, forget it, we'll just make one of these every once in a while.
Just to celebrate, I’m going to buy myself a new Xbox!
No... No you’re not.
Why not?!
You had an Xbox! We took it away from you, remember?
Whenever Jason plays a game, he starts to believe that he’s in the game,
even for days after he’s finished playing.
No I don’t!
Oh really? What about when you played assassins creed?
Eagle Sound!
(impersonation of an eagle)
Requescat in pace (rest in peace)
I’m not dead you idiot!
100% Synchronization Yeah!
or when you played portal?
How's he doing that?!
I... I.. don't know...
Or when you played Call of Duty?
(mindless screaming)
I don’t remember any of that.
We do...
Okay fine I won’t buy an Xbox
I’ll buy a PS3.
Since the last Vlog we’ve had some pretty interesting stuff coming through our email.
Here’s one from YouTube user Zara0692 and she said...
“I absolutely adore your channel and videos and think Chrisi is adorable, I want to adopt him"
(screaming with rage)
I'm a girl.
Do I really sound like a boy!?
I mean... um.. I’m sorry (sobbing)
Anyway moving on, Here’s another one from Danny Pettinger and he says:
“Why does Jason have bloodshot eyes? Also here’s a picture I drew of him :)”
(Jason) Cool! I'm lookin fine!
So.. Jason, why do you have bloodshot eyes?
I’m special
there you go.

Here’s the last one for today, it’s from Nicole Barrows and she said:
“How long does it take you to make an episode of The Crack?”
Well we try to bring one out every 1-2 weeks.
Pfft... Lazy animators...
(Screaming) I’m kidding, put me down, I want to live!
Well that’s all we have time for today,
but you can send us your questions, ideas, videos or anything on Facebook or Twitter.
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It’s me isn’t it?’s always me...
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