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Dreams are either good or bad.
But my dreams don't fall within these limits.
My dreams are horrifying!
My dreams take me to those incidents..
..which have a painful history.
For example this house..
A girl who lived in this house before.. was strangulated to death.
I hear her scream even today.
The horrible incomplete scene of her death..
..keep coming in my dream more vividly.
Now even while awake, I feel as if someone is around me.
I just hope these nightmares..
..will be limited till this place.
My dream shouldn't come before me as truth.
I can't bear this suffocation any more.
Before things get worse for me..
..I've decided to leave this house.
A human can run away from his foes but not his dreams.
My friends feel that this is just my imagination.
But this isn't true.
Maybe I can't make anyone believe..
..but they've made me realize that I need a break.
After vacation I hope..
..those dreams will stop following me.
I want to start my new life.. a new place where the breeze..
..has no aroma of some past accident.
A place where I can live without fear.
Hello.. police station! He'll kill me! Please save me.
He'll kill me! He has gone made! He'll kill me today.
Please.. help me!
He'll kill me! He's going to kill me!
Help me!
Help me! Please leave me. -Whom will you call?
Police! -Somebody help me! -Shout!
Shout! Shout!
You're dead.
Hello. Hello.
Sanjana darling. This is a way up call.
Remember, you've to catch a flight. -Mitali.
I.. I just saw her..
Now don't tell me the same thing happened again.
No.. I really saw her. Please believe me.
Sanjana, it's nothing like that.
This is just your hallucination.
No! Please believe me. I saw her.
Sanjana, take a break sweet heart.
Get up, pack your bag and leave for the airport.
But.. you know, I don't feel good about that place.
You know that.. -Don't be silly, dear. Just go.
You'll feel better. Nothing will happen. Come on.
Ok.. ok, I hope so. -Ok, good.
Nothing will happen. I'll try. -Yeah, sweetheart.
Take care.
Sanjana darling.
This is a way up call. Remember, you've to catch a flight.
Mitali, I saw everything just now.
Now don't tell me the same thing happened again.
Hello. Hello. Sanjana. Hello.
Oh no!
Oh my God!
It had to break down now.
Oh my God.
A sad song for your sad situation.
Who are you? -Me?
Madam, I was passing by.
I saw your sad situation so I decided to ask..
..can I help you?
The car broke down.
No! I'm standing in the desert for sun bath.
Engine is hot. Right?
I neither see mechanic nor am I a mechanic.
But I can help you.
If you want.
If you want, I can take you to your destination safely.
Trust me. -No, thanks.
I'll manage. -Sure?
Do you know this place is called Bangadh?
Nobody comes out in the dark.
Why? -Because ghosts haunt this place.
Ghosts? -Looking for humans.
I've heard so.
But you'll manage, right?
Good. Lucky ghost.
So what's your name? -Sanjana.
Hi, I'm Champak. -Champak?
What? What's wrong with Champak? -Champak, I mean..
I'm joking.
I'm Sahil. -Ok, so where are you going?
There is a fort nearby. Fort Khejarta!
I'm going there too. -What are you saying?
Cool! -You're on a vacation.
No. No such luck.
I'm a creative director with an agency.
Boss sent me to research Indian fort.
You know, there isn't much information on the internet.
So I've to visit to write my report.
Tough job, I tell you.
So.. what's this?
Hobby. Music!
By the way, what brings you here?
Just needed a change.
Tell me, you were talking of a haunted place.
Was it true?
I've heard so. Let's find out.
Let's ask him.
Sir, what's your name? -Samri.
My name is Samri.
Sir, there is an old temple here.
And old mansion.
And a fort.
Here humans can't come out after 6 pm.
Behind close door they hope..
..when it'll be sunrise so that they can come out.
Why is he scaring like this?
Sir, I'll advice you too..
..not to come out of guest house after 6 in the evening.
Why? -Because not even birds can..
Are you ok?
Your bag. Here.
Oh God! Careful.
Sanjana! Careful! Just wait. Just wait. Yeah!
Sanjana! See what I found!
Oh no!
Hello, police station.
I'm Sahil. Our vehicle had an accident.
Driver is wounded badly.
Maybe he died.
We're in Bangur area.
Either the driver was drunk while driving..
It's possible.
Or else.. that bat was drunk while flying.
This isn't possible.
So how is it possible?
Girpade, you're stuck.
And both of them.. not possible.
This place is cursed.
Let me check the heartbeat.
The matter is serious. -No, it's sensitive.
Jokes! -Jokes!
Bhimsen. -Sir.
Those two are waiting for me there.
That girl is very scared.
But more than her, I'm scared.
Listen.. -Sir?
Put this corpse in ambulance.
Take it to the hospital for post mortem. -Ok, sir.
Can I go?
Sir, go.
The jeep is parked very far.
I'll go. -Ok, sir.
I'll go. -Yes, sir.
Shall I go? -Yes. -Ok.
What happened, sir? -I'm going. -Right, sir. -Ok.
Well, hello.
Hello, Maddy.
How are you?
I'm doing great.
Maddy, I'll see you later. Ok.
Maddy. -Yeah!
Isn't this a great place?
Of course, babes.
You made it even more beautiful.
Hey, guys.
Hi! I'm Simmy! -Hi, I'm Maddy.
And that's Alisha.
Hi. -Hi.
And you're here for?
Oh.. the fort owners sent me here for a dance performance.
Excuse me. I need a drink.
Oh, yeah sure, babes.
Girl friend. -No, no. She's a model.
We came here for portfolio shoot.
She's just a friend.
With benefits.
We regret what happened with you.
We're sure..
..that after the hospitality about our fort Khejarta..'ll forget all this. I promise.
Shall we?
Nice place.
My husband and I caretakers of this fort.
Season has just started. Some people have come here.
Our manager will keep your luggage in
Meet my husband Vikram.
Hi, I'm Sahil. -Hello. -Sanjana.
Nice place you've here. -Thank you.
I hope you've a good time.
See you around.
See you.
One two one.
Mr. Sahil. -Yes.
I'm Chandar. Manager here.
Welcome to Khejarta. -Thank you.
Maya told me about your accident.
Were you two badly hurt?
No, just a gash.
Strange accident.
The way driver died.. I didn't get it.
Who can avoid the imminent?
No! This was something impossible.
Mr. Sahil, do you believe in souls?
What? No.
I don't believe what I don't see.
Do you believe in God?
Did you see God?
Yet you believe in God!
..souls are all around us.
We can see each other.
When they see us, disaster strike.
It seems you believe in ghosts.
You call them ghosts, but I call them souls.
And I get salvation for them.
Oh! Good!
Very nice.
Oh God!
Sahil! No!
Please. -No! No!
What happened?
Are you ok?
I saw you in the pool.
Are you ok?
I saw you there. You were there.
It must be an illusion.
We had a tough day.
Let me take you to your room.
Nobody is there. Come on.
It's ok.
Just relax.
We'll talk in the morning.
How is your wound?
Ah.. wound. It's better now.
Listen. I hope you didn't see me drowning in pool again.
What is he doing?
Sanjana! -I can't stay here.
Listen. Just delete the pictures.
Boy friend is angry.
Listen, you're drunk. -Don't create a scene.
Just delete the pictures now.
Relax, angry lover boy. I'll delete it now.
See. Happy.
You're like this from childhood?
So much anger?
I know why.
Your parents must've hit you a lot as a child.
I've just heard that..
..if this happens in childhood..
..then kids grow up to be short tempered.
Like you.
My parents love me a lot.
So why so much anger?
You know angry makes you lose your hair.
This way you'll get bald in a year.
Then you'll find only some Champak.. -I can't.. -Sahil!
"I prayed in vain to get you."
"Let me dwell you in my heart without fear."
"I love you so much."
"Entire world calls me crazy."
"Entire world calls me oblivious."
"I weave your dreams."
"This world seems beautiful now."
"There shouldn't be anyone or anything.."
"..between us."
"I love you more than anything else."
"Without you I can't live any more."
"I love you all the moment."
"I love you so much.."
"Entire world calls me crazy."
"Entire world calls me oblivious."
"Since you came in my arms.."
" heart got peace."
"If I don't see or think of you.."
"..I stay restless."
"I accept that you're mine."
"This is our love saga written by God."
"I love your every charm."
"Entire world calls me crazy."
"Entire world calls me oblivious."
Let's get down to work.
Hail Lord!
Protect me!
Sir, why did you make police station at this deserted place?
Sen! -What?
My name is PK Girpade. Encounter specialist. I killed many.
But since I came in this desert I get strange cases.
Someone's hen gets stolen.
Someone's buffalo and milk gets stolen.
Someone's camel elopes.
What madness!
Someone say there isn't rain in desert.
If there isn't rain in desert..
Bhimsen. -Sir.
I don't know why..
..I feel..
..many disasters will strike at this place.
So I need to solve this case alone.
Don't worry, sir.
I'm with you in this case.
Sir! Sir! -Why are you shouting?
Can't I even take a leak?
Sorry, sir.
Pour some water there.
Ok, sir.
Chandar, I've always seen this book with you.
What's in it?
It's my years of meditation.
If I tell you.. you won't believe it.
My father was a teacher of black magic.
I got this knowledge and book from him.
Mr. Vikram, for years our family..
..has been passing this from father to son.
You mean you catch ghosts.
If the need arises.
You're too much!
What was the problem in Sanjana's room?
She's imagining things.
Sir, I don't think it was her imagination.
What rubbish!
If this thing goes out, resort will be closed.
Think before you speak.
Forgive me, sir.
But for the past few days..
..inauspicious things are happening.
What are you doing here?
Light went off. So I thought of coming out.
I need to go now.
Are you looking for someone?
Yeah. Maya. Seen her. -No.
Oh.. there she's. -Yes.
Bye. -Bye.
What happened, Vikram? Looking for me?
When I saw you come here, I thought of joining you.
Wow! You should've come earlier, darling. I'm done now.
Never mind. Let's go.
How long have you been here?
15-20 minutes.
You must be feeling quite relaxed.
Yeah. But the light went off.
Yes. This new problem has started.
I'll make a move. See you inside.
Yes, Chandar?
Yes. Then.
It seems the shadow of horror is still with me.
The pictures I had of this place before coming here.. exactly similar to this place.
But some aspects still can't be understood.
For example the dripping of blood on my shoulder.
Or a scary faced girl sitting on the swing in my room.
Should I forget them as my illusion?
And Maya..
Maya is alive.
Then what could be the meaning..
..of what I saw last night?
Why do I feel that we're going to be in a big trouble?
"Forgotten thoughts are revived."
"It has cast a vivid scene before my eyes."
"It has cast a vivid scene before my eyes."
"Forgotten thoughts are revived."
"Where did these wandering shadow come from?"
"Some forgotten songs of my love."
"Forgotten memories and shattered dreams.."
"..have become estranged today."
"Why do the eyes shy away from them?"
"Forgotten thoughts are revived."
"Those were beautiful times."
"Love was in the air."
"But now the heart asks.."
"..were those reality or a saga?"
"Only thoughts remain."
"Only a plead is left."
"Happiness is lost but ruined heart is here."
"Where has life brought me to?"
"Forgotten thoughts are revived."
Strange coincidence!
Two murder at one time.
One in bedroom..
..and one on ceiling.
Either it could be a work of many men..
..or he wasn't human..
..but a ghost.
You're a cop yet you talk so?
Until I don't investigate this murder..
..without my permission nobody will go out of this fort.
I want to interrogate each one of you.
Why are you staring me like this?
Hello. Why are you staring me?
He isn't staring, but sleeping.
What nonsense!
You look like clowns, not cops.
Go to hell!
Miss Sanjana.
Where were you at the time of murder?
I.. I was actually in my room..
Stop it! I got it.
You can go rest assured.
We'll investigate it.
At the time of murder, where were you?
Do you've a lighter?
Sir, it's lit.
..was in my bedroom.
If you don't mind, can I freshen up?
Of course.
Bhimsen. -Sir?
When Sahil comes..
..see how I interrogate him.
Observe me.
What, sir?
Keenly observe.
Sahil! Nice name.
Where did you find this dagger?
I found it at our accident spot.
I saw the name of the fort so I decided to hand it to you.
You're welcome.
He gave dagger to Vikram.
So that he can deceive us.
You've committed that murder and you gave dagger.. Vikram. Good.
It means dagger was in Vikram's hand.
Vikram must've committed the murder.
Sir. -He's innocent.
How? -Thank you.
His eyes revealed it.
Really? -Yes.
Look, the true man left so soon.
That dagger is of this fort.
I never saw it before.
It's possible.. belongs to the owner of the fort Kaushik.
I'll give you Kaushik's number. You can ask him.
Can I leave with your permission?
Maya was my wife.
I want to spend some moments alone. Ok?
Maya was his wife.
Just think, how many times did I try to kill my wife?
He succeeded but I failed.
I didn't have the dagger.
Bhimsen. -Sir.
I doubt many people.
Sir, you doubt everyone.
Where were you on that day?
Sir, I was standing behind you.
What? -Good.
Good. -Good.
Very good.
Look, Bhimsen..
..I think we should phone Kaushik.
Phone him. Fast.
Mr. Kaushik, this is inspector Girpade.
There is a murder in your fort..
..with a dagger.
Maybe it belongs to you.
You've to come here for interrogation.
Sahil! Sahil!
"Your heart is my abode!"
"My friend! Always be with me."
"Your heart is my abode!"
"My friend! Always be with me."
"The heart is unrestrained."
"The world looks like heaven."
"Are you an illusion?"
"Are you a dream?"
"Are you an illusion?"
"Are you a dream?"
"Are you an illusion?"
"Are you a dream?"
How dare you?
My house! My bed!
How dare you?
Get out of my house!
How dare you?
Forgive me, Mallika.
I lost a lot to reach this place.
Now nobody can snatch this from me. Got it?
Got it?
Just a minute, Mallika!
Mallika! Just a minute.
Just a minute!
You know, Mallika..
..all this isn't your fault.
Your property and wealth is at fault.
To get this, for years..
..I've been tolerating you.
Look, Mallika.
The more you hide from me, the more pain you'll suffer.
I don't have much time.
I want to send you to your new home.
What did you want?
Take this.
How did you like your new house, Mallika?
Mallika, you thought I married you because I love you.
Mallika, I was waiting for the day to own all this.
And look, it's mine.
But don't worry.
You can stay here in comfort.
Nobody will disturb you here.
Sahil! Mallika!
I don't know Mallika.
Maybe Mrs. Maya knew Mallika.
But only Maya could've told you about this.
But she..
I'm sorry.
Did you find anything about that dagger?
Look, I don't know anything about it.
I said the same to inspector. Maybe Kaushik knows.
Who is Kaushik?
Meet Chandar.
He'll tell you everything. Please.
Who is Mallika?
Two were murdered here. One was my wife.
Police think I killed her.
Come here and get me out of this trouble.
After Maya's death I can't stay here for long.
This picture..
When sir Vikram told me about Kaushik and his wife..
..I had doubts that these murders are related to him.
When I checked the old files of the fort..
..I found out that this fort was in Mallika's name.
Suddenly Kaushik got the power of.. of Mallika's property.
After some days Mallika goes missing.
And then I got this picture..
I too couldn't believe in the start.
Sanjana is Mallika.
It's possible this is her rebirth.
You mean Sanjana is reincarnation and ghost too.
This is just my theory.
One thing is for sure. This soul..
..isn't killing without any aim.
She'll want to harm all that person who are characterless.
This doesn't make sense.
If Sanjana is Mallika's rebirth..
..why did she attack her?
It's possible Mallika died miserably.
And in revenge she wants to tell us about her death.
Sanjana is the medium.
This soul is tied to this fort.
I request you..
..not to try to leave this fort.
Any solution? -There is.
But it's very dangerous.
We.. have to use black magic.
You mean black magic!
Has everyone here gone mad?
Shut up, Maddy!
If you've seen Maya's body ten feet above over the ceiling.. wouldn't have said so.
You're already crazy for this girl.
You can do what you want. You can die here, but I'm leaving.
My work here is over. Goodbye.
Maddy, I'm leaving.
You can come if you want.
I've started packing bags for you.
Of course, I'm coming.
That stupid baldy will get everyone killed.
He's after black magic.
Everyone has gone mad.
Let's leave! It's best for you.
That baldy..
..talks of characters.
He talks of black magic!
The cruelty by which Maddy and Alisha were killed..
..we're even more scared.
Police says they can't come here before sunrise.
Maya died the way I had seen in my dream.
I'm scared. I can't tell anyone what's in my heart.
Not even to Sahil.
Whatever I saw through Mallika's eyes..
..suggests that..
..she was killed by Kaushik.
What a coincidence! I'm Mallika's look alike.
So did I kill them all?
It's decided..
..that there is only one way to stop Mallika.
Black magic!
I'll be the main part of this ritual.
There are thousands of questions in my mind.
If I'm Mallika's rebirth..
..then why is her soul haunting?
Suppose this glass is a body.
The water inside is the soul.
Now these are two bodies and two souls.
But the source is one. -Source?
Sanjana, as long as this water is in this glass.. has a form.
That form can be changed.
The way you're in front of me as Mallika.
The problem arises when..
..soul becomes amorphous.
Science says that man can fight form but not formless.
It's impossible to stop the flowing water.
I had warned.
I had warned not to leave this fort.
Vikram was saved by Goddess' mercy.
And you know what happened to both of them.
If tonight we don't try to stop that soul's murderous spree..
..there will be slaughter before sunrise.
The problem is that to call Mallika's soul..
..we need something that she loved the most.
Mallika's swing!
Killing is still going on.
It means Mallika is making someone her medium.
And if I'm not that medium..
..who is it?
Why are you racking up the past?
Mallika! That dagger!
It's not possible.
A person lives once and dies once.
Everything else is rubbish!
Listen, girl!
If I had to kill one more time for this fort..
..I won't mind.
I won't mind!
Mallika's story ended.
But many questions are left unanswered.
Mallika was my look alike.
So why did she chose Sahil as a medium.. take revenge from Kaushik?
Maybe something happened..
..because of which Sahil became the target.
Even today he's trying to get out of this shock!
I too am on the path to a new start..
..with the hope that horror shouldn't become my shadow..
..but if this horror is going to be with me for a lifetime..
..I should get used to living with it.