Mac-style for Windows

Uploaded by Artifex101 on 05.08.2010

Hello this is Nick
a.k.a Artifex,
and in this tutorial I'm going to demonstrate
how you can transform your Microsoft Windows desktop environment,
which is what you're looking at right now,
a Mac-like desktop environment.
The first step in making uour PC Mac-like
is changing your wallpaper with an Apple-like background.
This is a fairly simple thing to do.
Use Google Images to find a wallpaper that you like.
Use a key word like, "Mac Wallpaper" to define your search.
Once you have found a wallpaper you like
open its full-size image,
right-click and save the image to your computer.
Now that you've have your desired wallpaper saved,
go to where you saved your picture,
right-click it,
and select, "Set as desktop background".
Your wallaper should then change.
The next step is getting a Mac-like dock for your desktop.
For this tutorial I'll be using the Nexus from Winstep.
This program hasn't gotten as much attention as products like
the ObjectDock or the RocketDock, but
I have found that this program offers many features for free
that other products require you to pay for.
So go to their web site, as seem below,
at "".
And once they're there,
download and install the free version of their software by clicking the
"Download from Cnet" button.
Now go to your desktop in right-click on your taskbar.
Select properties the menu, and
change the taskbar location from the bottom of the screen or whereever you have it
to the top.
Also, check the auto-hide option in the window
then, press OK.
This may seem odd but I assure you that will make sense later in this video.
If you have installed in Nexus, run it.
Then, right-click on the corner of the dock
and select preferences.
Go to the themes tab and choose, "Leopard" from the list.
Next, go to the Tasks tab,
and check the option to show currently running apps in the dock.
Finally, press OK.
You should now have a Mac-like dock.
The next step is getting a Mac-like menu bar for the top your desktop.
The program I'm going to be using is called the iBar.
This program was created by me, as there was no freeware program of simularity that I could find.
Or, at least a free simular program that I liked.
Open up your web browser, once again, and navigate to the following address as seen on your screen.
Now, go to the download tab and click download
to download and install the program.
Now go back to your web browser and search Google Images,
or whatever search engine you prefer,
using keywords such as "Apple Logo".
Once you have found a good looking Apple-logo to use,
save it to your computer.
Open the image with your favorite image editor,
and scale the image down to a size of
22x22 pixels.
Then, save the image.
Now, run the iBar,
and go to preferences in the menu bar.
In the preferences window
change the start button
logo from the default in the drop-down menu list
to a custom image.
Press the "Set custom" button.
A window should come up allowing you to set a custom image.
Choose the Apple logo that you saved, and then press OK.
Then, press OK once more.
You should now have a Mac-like menu bar and dock,
along with a Mac-like desktop wallpaper.
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