Why Does Nick Give FREE Advice to Investors?

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welcome once again to real estate investors online he viet w_w_w_
now is one st slash without anybody tell you that i realized slash
Why Does Nick Give FREE Advice to Investors?
dot com unless you consider a
happy thursday
if you're having a happy birthday we'd be happy to scientists
once our mother's womb difference overshot
real estate investing coach try to teach something to try to do something that you can use it
right here is some problem resolved in nuggets of education say i want to talk
a little bit about the site itself
and what's going on over the next few weeks what you expect to see
as you know rhetoric relaunch
and we have some surprises up our sleeves collapse alone
well that sort of reversals
right here ended so many emails messages
kamuzu questions i get i've got several times while i do it
net why do you do it you know
i'm not making any money from his freedom people get a lot too
so while it
well this is a good is
ensures before but
i have an actor in the chicago area
done mold fifteen planes are so icing on a college choir here or is that he had
won by hand
until the end of the cameras out advancing commercials
one that's a great honor
some of that's wrong
but i'll send you a price but
in any case album
style of living for camera and and and and i can help people
i have a group of people that work for me and my business
that are like ground partners of mine who look at my house is a calm and
to open houses and put my signs up on it
also goes for them so they can learn from that
uh... i have a pride website that we use work lots of training information i was
just for my eyes
i'd just like to help
and i think i'm doing a good thing
in the future after a grand opening we may have another level of membership
that may cost a few hours we want to become a member of its participate in
but if we do know that it's going to be worth every nickel of it and the reason
i i might have to charge a little bit is because i would be sucked i spent a lot
of money to get the show at this point
and because when we send things out in the mail descended free stuff in the
mail free cds videos things like that so also frequent charge if you've got some
other things that the role of the grand opening
is the result citing an outsider one thing again see this
everything you're getting from istanbul never pay for
you'll never pay for these daily shows are high say they'll make america great
writing for five days a week
there always be free
so what we've got now on the site
he repeatedly get for free if you want some of the actual things that we had
and later you're willing to pay for it
that's fine
it's the cover my cost without the worry about it now
where i come from
like i said i've done something i think the chicago area and i don't love it i i
enjoy it
and i'm hoping that all protections when of the stroller invites you to come on
all process the real reason that i do sulfur out
here i am outraged over land on anytime you want
getting back to the open house
we're going to have a lot surprises guests
snow showers i do like this
more emails ago from other trainers and from other real estate coaches and
mentors who'll want to help they're willing to come on the show and and do
some education you know
charlie is not about me it's about the industry it's about the real estate
industries are hoping it was not giving tips is not the only things that you can
to help your business take off with your new investor
we're going to do business with a level of your establish investor i remembered
like yesterday
when i was in an investor
i had questions and over and over the questions
and saw a car for the answers
and so many little things that really want to help me hand-eye alum hensil did
ask him
knows what is your offer the future
is where a lot of segment of the show we'll sit down at your computer it'll
seem like you see me now and they said they will be lies and you'll be able to
find when they ask me questions and i'll sit there
invitation three-four hours also appear to have every questions answered and
make sure that i could help you guys anyway that he has that story offered in
Nick is giving FREE real estate investing advice to investors
but i think it's like there's a there's a lot about me
it's about you know it's about your business is about the industry and
hoping to use at your disposal
worldwide yahoo as electives and some comments about what you like to see how
the show at white citizens of commerce tell me
real estate investor training
while i'm gone already i dot com daria i slash tv dot balancing out on a daily or
weekly basis
let me know how i can help you
what did you watch
but i know i want somebody help me with the struggle i thought you know
but a lot a lot but is out there
and i always use this information i should tell you that should work
but any case
is someone steel bars off of four five miles or the next few days kleck at
about six for cell right now i know i'm looking for
but in any case i got this one
i can't i can't go to open so i must say the combination like wonders whether one
that way
so very well he hasn't read colin powell i'm sure a lot
but being also so perfect
in any case eleven hours once the initial and i was like this one about
there's another thing that we talk about if i get you know if you go to my time
and space you can you comment on what we've never sold so i mean i i'd like to
learn about us
i'll make you nervous always around and i'll give you the answer to the
paranormal find some of us you know
there's a lot better investors in the end of their own blockaded thirteen
fourteen deals with first year as well since then
a council houses on ebay ietf
and i have a good idea to pass the measure again thank you very much
haven't done
so i know i've learned a lot of people that not a lot more homeless people live
on a thousand meals are in the house deals
whenever and some of those people on there so if you've got a special guests
that you want to see
let me know like i said this is showing the shows your show i really wanted to
become more interactive and let me know what it is you want and i'll do
everything i can be giving those answers so
no place accounts if you can go to face book you can go to my spaces i'm
mix of policy i have fallen and i need
org o_ r_ incidentally border if you're at w_w_w_ dot are you guys slash tv dot
you can go to a little league rhetoric with that sweater friday times what
hurts right now who shall i send it out
to everybody
let me know hey here's will show is about today
legislative unfavorably
analyzed a friendly and look at me and that type of thing and i i'm sweaters so
select but you know what's going on self
i started talking about the grand always come up soon keep your eyes all over for
any reference to the site
because there's a real exciting things come up
i got you know yesterday
with people asking me
how what could i do
to find him a mentor
and you know
i have got a hundred emails from you guys asked me to be your mentor might
work with so many other and see what's going on
that i can use for a for members of the show for viewers of the show
trying to mentor band for mentors
store determines worries or whatever you might call itself
this is something that is what you want to see in the show what's going to hear
let me know if that's something you your favorite let me know if
if i came up with the way for you to get on the list
i'll give him a mentor
or the mansuri list
rockets aboard
but if you'd like to find people who work for you and help them to restrain
from helping you with your bills
all if you've got deals that you don't know how it worked and you would be
willing to sacrifice some of them conditions on the profit in those deals
info experience investors steps forward and helps you close the deal
let me know susser mcmillan openssl you'd like me who include that as a
benefit marvelously
the show itself again
assemblies to show itself where the free watch now having fun i hope you're
having fun weird were up to
hundreds of viewers for every episode and i appreciate it
again what you're seeing now is always going to be free and just has a lot of
things that i might add charges the bucks a month for
just to cover my costs and make it worth my while they're going to be big things
and uh... you know my goal
one reason is that this is a hot new investors like i said before
when i was little
i would love to hate those dollars teach me that there's a senate was one of
plan almost you don't have a thousand dollars in for a while so i'm trying to
figure out later and give you everything you need to get your business roland
for a few bucks a month
or for you to get what you see in our low is going to be free examples are
always going to be free you can always get as much as you get now plus more
Nick is giving real estate investing advice to investors for free
keep checking back with us he tried to open this
real estate investor mentor
they could offer