Stage 4 Breast Cancer Diet For Survival

Uploaded by drjayharness on 25.01.2012

>>> TAMI BOEHMER: Many people ask me as a stage IV breast cancer survivor what I do
with my diet to increase my odds in my favor and live a healthy life that I am living.
I have three tips for you that you can use to supercharge your wellness.
1. To eat organic whole foods and that means… usually if you shop the perimeter of the grocery
store, that’s where you will find the fresh produce, the whole grains. Lot of fruits and
vegetables is key and more and more grocery stores are buying organic produce. The cost
is coming down and it’s much better for you not to have these toxins in your body,
so your body can focus on healing from the cancer.
2. The second point I have is to eliminate cancer promoting foods that could be in your
diet. These include dairy. There are a lot of alternatives to dairy. Dairy has some cancer
promoting properties, so you want to limit that or eliminate it. I use almond milk, which
is very tasty. I would make protein shakes with it. They have some cheese, artificial
cheese that does not taste as good as the real stuff is. I found that I’ve gotten
used to it. And also another one is sugar. Sugar is a cancer-feeder. So you want to get
rid of sugar in your diet. I know everything has sugar in it. Just look at your labels,
see how many grams of sugar there is, you know, how it comes up on the list of ingredients,
you want to lower down there. Try to eliminate desserts and focus, you know, except for maybe
really really dark chocolate. That is my big treat as I get like 85% dark chocolate, which
is also a cancer fighting… they found out that dark chocolate helps promote cancer fighting
abilities. So sugar, you got sugar, dairy, and also you want to eliminate meat, red meat
especially. My diet, I am eliminating all meat except for fish, cold water fish, which
again the omega-3s. You want to make sure what you are doing is going to help promote
cancer fighting and training your body. So those things you need to eliminate are greatly
3. My third tip for you is to just drink lot of water, that’s what the body needs, and
green tea, is actually very very good for breast cancer. Cancer fighters have spent
studies about that. I have really supercharged tea that I buy. It’s called Dr. Lee’s
Tea for Health that has like five times the cancer fighting properties than a normal green
tea has, otherwise generally drinking water too.
So, those are my three tips for you. Yeah, and get rid of the soda because if you don’t,
that step melts nails and all kinds of trouble things so imagine what it does to your body.
So, those are my three tips for you that you can change your eating and help fight cancer.
Thank you.
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