Flexitime Working

Uploaded by SoftworksWorkforce on 17.02.2010

With clear benefits for both employers and employees, flexible working and its enabling
technologies can help you to increase efficiency and improve employee quality of life.
As flexitime evolves in parallel with investment in mobile working and the speed of information-exchange
that result, companies need to ask themselves – are we agile enough to respond to the
ever changing demands?
Without the proper systems in place these liberating policies for employees can quickly
become massive management overheads, swallowing the business benefits and leading to poor
productivity and bad decisions.
The Softworks solution is a straightforward system that focuses on the performance management
required to support your flexible policies.
With Softworks you can set your flexitime rules and policies, monitor the results and
significantly improve your operations. Essentially Softworks can help you turn flexibility in
the working day into dynamism and ultimately tangible business value.
Utilising a variety of time collection methods to suit you and your environment, the Softworks
solution not only gives staff and management flexibility over their working day, it also
provides real time data showing availability and automatic calculation of hours, infringements,
flexi balances and more based on the employees associated contract. With Softworks, your
employees working hours are captured to the minute!
An intuitive dashboard approach gives mangers the visibility and control they need to enforce
policy and reduce costs while ensuring compliance with labour laws and contracts. Your managers
can see the information that influences every part of your organisation in a single informative
As part of the Soft works Flexitime Solution, employees have access to their own self service
attendance information. By putting the information in their hands your staff are always aware
of when they are close to reaching their target banked debit or credit hours and can take
time off or work more hours accordingly.
Requests are routed using our workflow engine to the appropriate person for approval, significantly
reducing the number of queries to HR and payroll enabling these departments to get on with
more strategic initiatives. With the focus now on controlling and minimising
workforce costs the benefits of flexible working can be huge. You can provide greater flexibility
to the business without increased overtime bills, absenteeism is reduced as employees
can deal with family situations without calling in sick, incidents of lateness are greatly
decreased as workers choose start times that are more suitable to their situations.
At Softworks we make Flexitime work! With hundreds of installations across all
industries and in organisations of every size we can demonstrate that flexible working really
can work for you and your team…
From flexible time and attendance capabilities to comprehensive analysis and reporting tools,
Softworks enables you to reduce costs, increase agility and improve the profitability of all
your labour-driven activities.
Follow the link to learn more about how Softworks can accurately tracks hours worked, apply
pay rules consistently and lower the risk of none compliance!