EFT Tapping Points - Shortcut Method

Uploaded by rodsherwin on 05.11.2008

Hello and welcome to Tap4Health. This short video takes you through the location of the
points that we tap on for the Emotional Freedom Techniques - or 'EFT'.
Now, the first point we tap on is on the side of the hand between the base of the wrist
and the little finger there, and you use two or three fingers just to tap on the base of
your hand. This is called the 'Karate Chop' point and you can do it on either side -
it doesn't matter - some people do both. You can do it either way you like. So that's the
first point, the karate chop point. Then we use the point on the top of the head.
So put your hands on your ears, come to the top of the head, and I use two hands which
is different from the original EFT Basic Recipe, but I find that we need a lot less rounds.
So putting your hands on top of your head; just alternating left, right, left, right,
left, right. It doesn't have to be too hard; if I can hear it echoing out of your mouth
it is too hard, alright? Just gently, the same as tapping on a keyboard on a computer.
The next point, if you come down to the inside of the eyebrows. So run your fingers up your
nose until you hit just the inside of the eyebrows there. And again, two or three fingers;
left, right, left, right, left, right. Doing alternating sides helps energies cross over
from left to right; it helps the brain connect up in all sorts of great ways and helps your
coordination. Now I do it fairly quickly, but take your
time. Do it slow if you need to until you get used to doing it. It's well worth persisting.
Then come down to the side of the eyes, just on the edge of the eye socket - not poking
yourself in the eyes - just a little bit at the back. And again; left, right, left, right,
left, right. Then you want to come down under the eyes, just to the bottom of the eye socket.
So straight down from the pupils on the bottom of the eye socket. So still on the bone, but
not inside the fleshy bit. So just left, right, left, right, left, right again.
Come down to the top lip and it's about half way between the bottom of your nose and the
top lip and I use one hand here because the point we actually need is right in the middle.
If you use two hands you can often miss that point - the point we want is right in the
middle there. So just one hand on there, then come down basically to that crease in your
chin - so halfway between your chin and that point in your bottom lip.
And then the next couple of points which are kind of the trickiest to find, which are the
collar bone points here. And to find these points put that finger in the 'v' in the middle
of your throat and come out from there and you've got the inside of your collar bones
- most people have a couple of lumps there which are the inside edges of your collarbones
and if you just drop down from those you will find there is a depression just below them.
So you are right next to, but inside that dent just underneath the inside of the collarbones
there. Again - left, right, left, right, left, right.
Sometimes that happens and you're shifting
energy. The next point we use is on the side of the
body and it's on the midline of the body, so I've got a seam in the shirt here and you'll
find just on the mid side of the body and you can do it this way - looking like a monkey,
but the kids love doing this - or you can reach across and do it on either side like
this. And how high is it? For men it's about the same height as the nipples and for women
about the middle of the bra strap. So again - left, right, left, right, left, right.
You can do it whichever way you like as long as you are comfortable. That's the easiest
way to get to it. Now, one of the additional points if it's
convenient to get to to throw in is called the 'Liver Point' and it comes from the nipples
down to where a bra strap would be and this is called the 'Liver Point' but for some women,
or some men even, it's inconvenient to get to - you have to lift the breast to get to
it. So do this one if it's convenient; it is very valuable to throw in so maybe just
do it in private. The last points I use in the shortcut method
is the inside of the wrists. So about where you would take a pulse you want to tap those
points together on your wrists. Now this is kind of a shortcut method rather than using
all the different finger points which I'm not going to cover here.
Now, those are the points enough to get you started with the shortcut method of EFT, but
remember the EFT Basic Recipe is there for you to fall back on if you're finding you're
not getting result with just the shortcut method.
Now, why do we do it in this order? Is the order important? Not really, it's just an
easy way to remember it. So you go from the top of the body down. But you can just as
easily go up the body, you can jump all over the place. What's important is that whole
set of points. In EFT we don't use any one point for any particular emotion so if you're
depressed we use the whole set of points, if you're angry you use that whole set of
points, if you're stressed you use that whole set of points. The reason is that it takes
less time to tap through that whole set of points than it does to actually figure out
which one we should be tapping on and there's an equalising effect across your whole energy
system. Some of your energy system might be overstimulated, some might be under-stimulated
- we're bringing the whole lot back in balance. There you go. So remember, it's not just where
you tap, it's the approaches you take, the questions you ask and what you focus on that
really makes a difference with EFT. There's plenty more information on the Tap4Health
website about how to go about doing that.