Cooking Tips : How to make chicken roulade

Uploaded by cookingguide on 27.10.2008

To make a chicken roulade, first start off with a burtterflyed chicken. Lie your chicken
on your cutting board horizontally. Next, take your stuffing of choice and line the
inside of your chicken breast with it. Make sure it's nice and evenly spread out. Next,
we're going to roll our chicken. Take your chicken and tuck it under. As you're doing
so, make sure that you tuck the stuffing into the chicken. Now, we're going to take some cooking twine
and we're going to tie it up so that it doesn't come undone whenever we cook it. Start on
one end here, and we're going to make a knot to get our little tie started. Now that it's firmly in place, take your cooking
twine and bring it down towards to the center of the chicken and we're going to run it around,
underneath the chicken. Now let's go ahead and make another knot.
Make sure that you pull it nice and taut. We're going to do this once again. This will
be the end of our tie so if there's a little leftover piece like this sticking out, go
ahead and tuck it in and that will kind of keep it, and that will kind of keep all the
stuffing together.
From here, go ahead and run your cooking twine all the way towards the back to the front.
Again, this is going to keep your chicken nice and held together as it cooks. Tie your
back end to your front end. Cut off any extra string. Now you have a perfect chicken roulade.