Bled In Your Pocket - Bled, Slovenia Highlights

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Welcome to paradise! This is the most visited site in Slovenia, Bled Lake.
The turquoise waters are a great place for rowing.
And the church you can see is on the only island in Slovenia.
A really popular place to get married on one condition, that you carry your bride up the 99 steps to the top.
Also superstitious around here is the attraction to ring the bell in the church
which thousands of people do every year.
The closest view of the island and the church can be had from café Belvedere, formerly Tito's tearoom.
Built in 1955 it's been kept in its original state
There are a lot of events in Bled including the 2011 World Rowing Championships
And to practice for that you can rent a rowing boat.
Bled Castle is perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the island, the church and
the thousand year-old town.
This is the breathtaking view from Bled castle and it's the best view of the lake and the island and the town.
It’s a medieval castle and it’s got every facility that a modern tourist needs. It’s got a souvenir shop
a restaurant, museum and even a traditional printing press where you can get personalized certificates.
Over on the other side of the lake you can see an adrenaline park. In the summer it’s got a
pretty steep slide for frills and in the winter a lot of ski resorts are nearby so it’s good for sports all around.
This is a replica of Gutenberg's printing press. Like this they started to print about 550 years ago.
So with that kind of machine and that kind of letters.
First we put these together. I will hold it like this so that you can see.
This is correct? In Your Pocket, perfect.
Of course you also put ink.
And, of course, the colour of the paper. Which one do you like?
What is the traditional? What looks most traditional? Maybe this one is more authentic.
And now we put this here. And this goes inside.
I think it will look really difficult like this. It will be more and more difficult. I see.
Ok, and back. It's nice the little bell.
Voilà! This is the most authentic souvenir in Slovenia!