Raw Food Cuisine for a Raw Food Diet

Uploaded by debbie1ful on 19.01.2012

Raw food cuisine is a fresh new culinary art, with a focus on healthy living.
This beautiful gourmet cuisine nourishes the body increasing energy and slowing the aging
process leaving you with a healthy, natural glow.
It is a healing, nutrient rich diet high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients
antioxidants, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.
Raw food cuisine focuses on the use of organic fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, fresh
herbs, nuts and seeds sprouts and wild superfoods.
There are no animal products, refined sugar, white flour, trans fats or cholesterol.
It is unprocessed, unrefined and untreated with heat above 118 degrees fahrenheit to
ensure that enzymes are not lost.
Enzymes are believed to be the life-force in plant foods making the raw food cuisine
a living cuisine.
Living? Let us explain.
Given proper moisture, apple seeds planted in the earth grow a tree, but if we were to
bake the apple first and then plant the seeds no matter how ideal the conditions may be
the seeds from the baked apple could never grow a tree.
This is because the enzymatic life-force has been destroyed by the heat.
There is no longer life potential in the seeds of the heated apple.
But when we eat fresh, enzyme-rich fruits and vegetables we flood the body with essential
living nutrients.
Eating a nutrien-rich diet of whole natural foods is the only way to ensurelasting radiant
When you nourish the body with a vibrant living cuisine, as nature intended, you become an
expression of radiant health.
Raw food cuisine is in fact nature's secret to youthful longevity
Raw food is a gourmet cuisine and with a little imagination and a creative touch anything
is possible.