Америка меняется (Уильям Пирс)

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America is a changing country.
With more than a million non-white immigrants,| both legal and illegal,
pouring into the United States from Asia,
Africa, Mexico and the Caribbean region every year,
the complexion of our population is rapidly becoming darker.
Our culture is changing too, reflecting both the changes in population
and trends being pushed by the entertainment and advertising media.
America is becoming less white,
less European,
less civilized
and more like the Third world.
Demographers predict that white people no longer will constitute
a majority of the US population at the middle of this century.
The country already has declined from 90% white
to 70% white during the past 50 years.
America still has a relatively prosperous economy,
white Americans are still relatively well-off.
Our economy still is being fuelled by the technological revolution
wrought by the most creative elements of our people
during the latter half of the 20th century,
with the invention of the transistor,
the development of micro-electronics and the computer,
the invention of the laser, and a thousand other technological marvels.
But we've poured much sand into the gears of our economy in recent decades
with increased welfare spending
and increased government programs of every sort,
many of which discourage thrift and individual initiative.
As the population continues to decline in quality,
and as more American industries are driven into bankruptcy
by uncontrolled imports from the non-white world,
economists have increasing concerns about the inevitable decline in American productivity
and the American standard of living.
If we measure our standard of living by things other than money,
by the quality of education,
by the quality and safety of our neighborhoods, or by the fitness of our people
- our standard of living already may be in sharp decline.
Considering everything, many white Americans
are becoming increasingly pessimistic about America's future.
Suicide rates are up.
Many young people see no prospects for themselves.
They have no vision of their own future or the future of their country.
They are very concerned about how their children and grandchildren will fare
when non-whites constitute a majority of the voters in America.
It wasn't always this way in America.
Until about 1960 America was a white country, racially, culturally, morally.
We still had a civilization and a culture which were essentially European, essentially ours.
We didn't persecute or abuse the minorities here,
but we didn't mix with them.
We understood that they were different from us,
and that if we mixed with them, our civilization, our culture, our lifestyle,
our standard of living and eventually our people, our genes
would change irreversibly.
We didn't want that, so we remained separate,
we kept our own identity,
we raised our children our way,
we controlled our borders,
we didn't cuddle criminals,
we didn't tolerate racially mixed couples,
we had laws against miscegenation.
We didn't put up with the sort of public behavior which has become common today.
And we kept our society decent and orderly and white,
with much less governmental interventions in our lives than we have today
because that's the way our people wanted it.
That's the way it was until the Second World War.
After the war things began changing.
The principle agent of change in America was television
which really became an important propaganda medium,
reaching into every American living-room only in the 1950s.
Subtly at first and then more and more blatantly,
television entertainment began ridiculing and denigrating the beliefs and attitudes and values
that had characterized pre-war America.
Television wasn't the only agent of change of course.
Hollywood films were right in step with TV.
So was radio, and so were the big city newspapers
such as The New York Times and The Washington Post,
and virtually all of the popular magazines.
The mass media had a virtually unanimous party line,
and that line was that white America was "narrow-minded",
"bigoted", "unfair", "repressive" and "old-fashioned".
We needed "to change",
we needed to become "more broad-minded",
"more tolerant" and "less repressive".
We needed to become "modern", to become "fashionable".
We needed "new ideas", "new attitudes", "new laws", "new values",
"new types of people" in the country.
We had been "unfair" and "repressive"
in the way we had dealt with the black minority in America, we were told.
The only reason most of them were poor and uneducated and prone to criminal activity
was that white people had kept them down,
we hadn't given them a fair chance.
We had been very narrow-minded and old-fashioned
in our attitude toward homosexuals, - we also were told.
It really was unfair of us to look down on them
and consider their way of life less normal or less desirable than ours.
And white men had been bigoted and unfair and repressive in their treatment of women,
- the media told us,
trying to keep them at home, keep them pregnant,
keep them from becoming US senators
or corporation executives, or fighter pilots.
By the 1960s propaganda which had been subtle and occasional
had become intense non-stop brainwashing.
Popular television series such as All in the Family and Mash
were heaping scorn on everything traditional,
everything connected with the old order in American life.
With the encouragement of this media blitz against traditional America
all of the subversive, anti-white, anti-patriotic,
anti-masculine, anti-heterosexual elements
began coming out of their closets and out from under their flat stones.
Blacks began demonstrating in the streets demanding "new rights".
Then they began rioting and burning America's cities.
City after city went up in flames during the 1960s.
Communists organized openly on America's university campuses.
Huge demonstrations were held in Washington, supporting the Communist Vietcong
at the time when young American draftees in Vietnam
were being killed at the rate of a hundred a day.
And the government seemed as unable to prevent the Communist demonstrations,
as it was unable to win its war in Vietnam.
This governmental impotence in the face of black arson, looting and insurrection in the cities,
of Jewish agitation on America's university campuses
and of massive Communist treason in Washington
greatly undermined the confidence of the average white citizen
not just in governmental authority and rectitude
but in all of America's established social institutions.
The reason for the government's impotence was the support by the media
- sometimes implied and sometimes open -
of the black insurrectionists,
the Jewish agitators and the Communist demonstrators.
The politicians and the government were fully aware of the power of the media
to sway public opinion,
and to make or break any political career.
They understood where the sympathies of the media bosses lay:
with the blacks and other non-whites, with the Jews, with the Communists,
- and they were unwilling to incur the enmity of the media
by cracking down on any of these elements.
The reason behind the peculiar sympathies of America's mass media
is to be found in a common characteristic shared by nearly all of the media bosses,
as well as by a very substantial portion of the mid-level media management
and even the media rank-and-file:
the assistant editors and the scriptwriters
and the executive directors in charge of TV news programming
and the vice presidents in charge of entertainment programming,
and the Hollywood film directors.
The media moguls then, back in the 1960s and 1970s,
were the Sulzbergers,
and the Meyer-Grahams,
and the Newhouses
and the Sarnoffs
and the Paleys
and the Goldensons.
Today they are the Sulzbergers,
and the Meyer-Grahams,
and the Newhouses
and the Eisners,
and the Levins,
and the Redstones,
and the Bronfmans,
and the Zuckermans
and many more with names having a similar ring.
They are and were nearly all
An astounding concentration of power for an ethnic minority
making up only 2.5 percent of the American population.
How they came to acquire such a stranglehold on our media
and what motivates them to use their power so maliciously and destructively
is another story in itself.
The fact is that they did acquire control of our media
and they have used that control to transform America - deliberately -
from a white America where men were men
and women were women and there was no mistaking which was which;
from a white America where neighborhoods were clean and safe;
and schools were orderly disciplined institutions
where our children and young people learned about their European roots,
about the civilization built by their own ancestors,
and also learned the techniques and skills and the work habits
and strengthened the character traits
that would make them strong and productive citizens;
from a white America without rap
and without drugs
and without wiggers
and without race mixing
- they transformed our America
to the multi-cultural degenerate mess we have today.
The media bosses transformed America and are continuing to transform it.
They are orchestrating a cultural war against everything white,
everything traditional,
everything which in the past gave us a sense of identity,
a sense of racial community,
a sense of belonging and responsibility,
a sense of pride and of solidarity.
Through their unremitting propaganda barrage they are alienating our young people,
cutting them loose from their roots,
conditioning young men to be unmanly and young women to be unfeminine,
brainwashing everyone to abandon the values and standards of our forefathers,
and to accept new and alien values,
alien customs,
alien attitudes and behavior.
They are brainwashing us to feel guilty
for believing in and wanting the things which are right and natural for us.
They are brainwashing us to tolerate everything which should be abhorrent to us.
They are brainwashing us to let the filth engulf us without resistance.
That is what has transformed America and will continue to transform America
as long as we permit it,
as long as we stand around with our hands in our pockets
and watch it happening and do nothing about it.
You know it doesn't have to be that way.
I'm William Pierce, Chairman of the National Alliance.
Our mission is to ensure that it doesn't continue going that way forever.
We are an organization of men and women of European ancestry, white men and women,
who've set ourselves the task of freeing our people
from the alien influences which are destroying us
and then providing healthy and constructive influences in their place.
Our ultimate goal is to ensure the survival and progress of our people.
But of course we must approach that ultimate goal a step at a time.
A huge amount of preparatory work is required.
Nearly all of our efforts now are directed toward simply developing
the means for communicating with our people.
Many white Americans aren't really aware of what's happening.
They see the world around them only one day at a time.
They don't see the trends,
they don't compare the situation today with what it was in the past
and then look ahead to what it is likely to be in the future.
The don't ask questions about what is happening or who is responsible for it,
or what motives are behind it.
Other white Americans have sensed that our society, our civilization
and our race are under attack,
but they haven't been able to figure it all out,
they haven't been able to put all of the pieces together and see the big picture.
We must be able to communicate with all of these people.
We must be able to provide to those who have sensed that something is wrong
the vital information they are lacking and then explain to them how it all fits together.
We must show them the big picture.
And we also must be able to catch the attention
of as many as we can of those who haven't even begun asking questions yet.
We must wake them up, we must alarm them,
we must provoke them so that they do begin to ask questions.
Unfortunately, many of these people who are still unaware of what's happening
really don't want to know the truth.
They aren't really bad people or stupid people,
but they are thoroughly under the spell of the controlled mass media
and are determined to have only the politically correct view of the world.
They are the ones we call "lemmings".
Many of them can't be reached as long as
the mass media are in the hands of our people's enemies,
because they will listen only to the loudest voice,
the voice which seems to them to have the most authority behind it.
It'll be a while before we can speak to these people with a voice louder
than that of Hollywood and the controlled television networks.
But that is one of our goals.
We're striving always to speak with a louder and louder voice,
a more and more authoritative voice.
We're building a multi-media communications capability.
We began with leaflets and pamphlets and tabloids back in the 1970s.
We sold our tabloids in news racks in Washington,
and distributed our leaflets on street corners.
Then we began publishing books and distributing books from other publishers.
We also began publishing magazines.
In the early 1990s we began our American Dissident Voices broadcasts,
first on short-wave radio stations and then on commercial AM and FM stations.
Then we began using the Internet,
and made a large amount of information available through the World Wide Web
including the texts and the audio recordings of our weekly radio broadcasts.
In 1999 we acquired a music company, Resistance Records,
so that we could use music directed primarily at young people as a medium for our message.
And in 2001 we began using video distributing our message through
several video media including VHS cassettes and digital video disks.
And to a limited extent our message now is reaching the public through television.
If our video messages still have a few rough edges, it's because we're still learning,
but it won't be long before we're able to use all of the video media as professionally as anyone.
Now that we are using all of these media, our task is
to continue to develop our ability to use them more and more effectively
and on a larger and larger scale.
That is we want to deliver our message to the public as persuasively as we can,
we want to make the best impression, the strongest impression we can.
And we want to reach more and more people.
Eventually, we want to be speaking continually to every white man and woman
in every walk of life and of every ideological persuasion,
whether he wants to hear us or not.
We know that even those whites who have been taught by the controlled media
to hate and fear us, even those who have been brainwashed into hating their own race
and feeling guilty for being white eventually can be won back for our race.
But that won't happen overnight.
Of course we also use the media controlled by the enemies of our people as much as we can,
sometimes through radio or television or newspaper interviews,
but more often through their reporting of our activities.
All of this reporting is intensely hostile and is quite distorted, however,
and although it increases the public's familiarity with our name
it can hardly take the place of our own presentation of our facts
and ideas and policies to the public through our own media.
Building our communications infrastructure is a big job
and it requires the participation and support of many people.
And so we also have an organizational task:
we must recruit men and women who can staff our infrastructure and make it functional,
we must recruit others who can provide the financial support and other necessary help.
All of this requires an ongoing recruiting effort.
Our aim is not just to inform people
but also to motivate them to participate in our effort in one way or another,
some by contributing money or other resources,
some by utilizing their skills or talents
to help us with the formulation and propagation of our message
whether as researchers or writers or editors or technicians,
and some to do the other tasks
necessary for us to continue building a strong and effective organization.
And although the main function of our organization now is the communication with the public,
in the future we need to develop other functions.
Every facet of the society around us has become corrupted.
It's not just the controlled news and entertainment media with which we need to compete effectively.
The public schools and the universities have been corrupted and turned against our people.
The same is true of virtually every mainstream Christian church,
and of course there is the government with its courts,
its legislators and virtually the whole bureaucracy
along with the police and military branches.
The professional organizations - associations of lawyers, physicians, engineers, professors, teachers,
as well as the labor and trade unions - also have been infiltrated and subverted
and are marching in ideological lockstep with the controlled media,
at least on the essential issue of race.
All of these institutions have been damaged to the point
where it's not just a matter of making new rules and replacing a few personnel
in order to make them once more constructive and progressive components of our society
- some of them will need to be rebuilt from the ground up.
Many people who are involved in these corrupt institutions,
many members of these corrupt associations are aware of the corruption
and would like to fight it, but by themselves can't do much.
We want to recruit these people, and in order to do that effectively
we must do it as insiders, not outsiders.
Lawyers to recruit lawyers, teachers to recruit teachers,
soldiers to recruit soldiers, policemen to recruit policemen,
professors to recruit professors.
This really requires a ramified organization
in which many of the capabilities and functions of the larger society
are duplicated on a smaller scale inside the organization.
This is a very important feature of the National Alliance
and one that distinguishes it sharply from any other organization
which claims to be working for the survival and progress of our people.
We're not trying to build a mass organization with a membership consisting primarily of
disgruntled or dispossessed white people who have a personal grievance.
We want the people who - despite affirmative action
and massive non-white immigration and special quotas for non-whites -
still are successful and productive people,
people who have been able to succeed despite all of the obstacles put in their way.
We need men and women with the strength of character
and the intelligence and the self-respect to get ahead
in their chosen fields of endeavor regardless of the circumstances.
We're building an organization of winners not losers.
We understand two essential things about the nature of our task.
The first thing is that the time has passed when one could make a successful revolution
by gathering a howling mob outside the city gates.
The people inside the gates have too great an advantage.
The only way to make a revolution in this technological era is from inside the gates.
If our aim is to gain control of the machinery of power,
then we must recruit people who already are part of the machinery.
We need the technicians and the engineers and the scientists;
we need the programmers and the system administrators;
we need the professors and the military officers and the police officials;
we need the writers and the editors and the newspaper reporters and the lawyers.
We need at least some of the people who already have their hands on the levers of power,
people who can throw open the gates at the right moment.
The second thing we understand -
and this is a repetition of what I said just a few minutes ago -
the second thing is that as long as the enemies of our people control the mass media,
as long as they control Hollywood and the television networks and Madison Avenue,
a majority o our people will continue to dance to whatever tune the Jews are playing.
They will believe whatever they are told they should believe
and will vote accordingly whether the economy is bad or is good.
That's why it is folly to attempt to save our people
through the present system of electoral democracy.
It makes no sense at all to attempt to build a third party
or to capture the Republican or the Democratic party
until we have TV and Hollywood in our own hands
or have in some way made it impossible for the Jews
to continue using these mass media for their own purposes.
We cannot illuminate or motivate most of our people,
we cannot win the hearts and minds of the couch potatoes, of the lemmings,
of those who are authoritarian by nature.
We can persuade only the minority of our people who are capable of thinking independently,
the minority not under the spell of television.
That's somewhere between 2 and 5 percent of the population,
not enough to win an election or to form a mob capable of overwhelming the government,
but definitely enough to throw open the city gates at the right moment.
That's why we put so much of our effort into communicating effectively with those
able to listen to us and why we aim for the most intelligent, the most capable
and the strongest people, the winners rather than the losers
who traditionally are the targets of a revolutionary movement.
Of course we need winners who also are moral and responsible,
winners who have not been corrupted and who have not sold out to those
who are trying to destroy our people,
winners who still have a sense of racial identity and racial responsibility.
One thing we always must keep in mind in this regard is that
despite the fact that a majority of our people are under the influence
of the propaganda of our enemies at the moment,
most of them are not really bad people.
Relatively few white people are consciously evil,
relatively few make a conscious decision to betray their own people for personal gain.
Most are morally neutral people, they are lemmings,
and what they need is good leadership and proper guidance.
No matter how hostile to us they may seem now
when they have been filled with racial guilt and racial self-hatred
and hatred against us by the controlled media,
they will quickly forget this guilt and hatred and they will develop healthy attitudes and opinions
after the media have been taken away from the hate-mongers.
That's why we never count our enemies, only our friends
more and more with each passing day.
and the number of the latter is growing all the time,
Let me introduce you to some of our members.
This is Marta. She does all of our data entry and processes our incoming mail.
This is Brian, he works in our video production department.
At the moment he is developing a computer video game we hope to sell
which will carry our message in the new medium.
This is Bob. He's working on the development of the Resistance Music videos and recruiting videos.
This is Billy. His principal jobs are member liaison and recruiting.
This is Suzanne. She works in my office and worries about everything from
answering correspondence to making sure that the bills are paid on time.
This is Amanda. She's a receptionist.
This is Fred. He keeps our physical infrastructure working efficiently.
This is Wayne. His job is to prepare new books and periodicals for publication.
He proofreads and formats everything.
As I said, the tasks that all of us in the National Alliance have set for ourselves are,
first, to build a communications infrastructure giving us the capability
of reaching the perceptive and responsible few of our people now,
and eventually reaching all of our people as we become able to compete effectively with
television and the other mass media under Jewish control;
and second, to recruit the best of the people we reach with our message,
to bring them into the National Alliance
and organize them into an effective force for change.
And what is it that we want to change?
How do we want to change the society around us,
the government, the laws, the lives of our people?
What is our vision of a changed America, a changed world?
We are of course still a long way from being able to implement any of the changes that we want.
We don't even know whether we will be able to change things peacefully
by winning the hearts and minds of a sufficient number of people in positions
where they're able to help us transform America's laws and institutions in healthy and constructive ways,
or whether the degenerative forces now destroying America
will plunge us all into chaos first,
and we'll have to try to build an entirely new society on the ruins of the old.
We don't know what will happen during the next few years.
We don't know what sort of conditions we'll have to cope with,
but we still can have a vision of the changes that we want to make,
a vision of the sort of world that we want our people to inherit.
There's one thing we know that we must have,
and that is a white society, a society without other races present.
We must have a racially clean area of the earth for the further development of our people.
We must have white schools,
white residential neighborhoods and recreational areas,
white workplaces,
white farms and countryside.
We must have no non-whites in our living space,
and we must have open space around us for expansion.
Among other things that means that we cut out all our dependence on non-white labor
and we learn to depend entirely on ourselves:
we pick our own cotton,
we wash our own dishes,
collect our own garbage,
drive our own taxis,
staff our restaurants with our own people.
We may have to pay whites more to do some things
that are being done by blacks or mestizos now,
and we may end up paying more for some products or services or even do without,
but this is something on which we cannot compromise.
The whites of South Africa became so dependent on cheap black labor,
on black gardeners and drivers and cooks and cleaning women and mine laborers
that they couldn't face the economic adjustments involved in changing to a white economy.
They tried to compromise, to keep the blacks happy
so that they could continue using black labor instead of
disengaging altogether from dependence on black labor
and becoming self-reliant,
and in the end they lost their whole country.
The white South Africans who didn't emigrate
are now enduring a living hell under black rule.
After our civil war a hundred and thirty-five years ago when keeping black slaves became illegal,
we should have shipped all former slaves back to Africa where they came from.
That was too much trouble for us, and so we just turned them loose in our society.
Look at the trouble they have made for us ever since!
To be sure, the importing of non-whites, slave or free,
into the American colonies and then into the American Republic
should have been banned from the time of Columbus;
racial considerations should have prevailed over economic considerations,
but we were too short-sighted.
We don't want segregation again,
we want total geographical separation.
More than 3000 years ago some of our people conquered the Indian subcontinent.
We ruled as a white elite, and for centuries strict caste laws
kept us from mixing with the non-white natives,
but over the millennia those caste laws broke down
and our people gradually were absorbed into the dark masses.
Much more recently our people conquered and settled the Western Hemisphere.
In North America we killed off the non-white natives.
In Central America our people blended with the Indians
producing the mestizos who are swarming across our southern border now.
We must have total geographical separation for our people
regardless of what we must do to achieve that.
I know that this is a sticking point with many white people.
They look at the racially mixed mess we have around us in America today
with hundreds of thousands of interracial couples and mongrel children,
they look at the results of two generations of large-scale miscegenation in America
which has produced millions of mixed-race people,
and they throw up their hands, they can't deal with it,
it seems too difficult, too messy, too cruel to try to do anything about it.
And of course, the people who have been pushing
the racial mixing programs have made it that way deliberately,
they've been rushing to mix things so badly that they think we can't un-mix them.
But I tell you: we can and we must, regardless of the difficulties and the unpleasantness.
The alternative is racial death, extinction.
We want our world to be not only genetically white,
but also culturally white, morally white, spiritually white.
For a century we have let our culture, our values, our standards and our morality
become corrupted by aliens who infiltrated and took over our mass media.
Our task is not only to regain control of our mass media
and halt the flood of Jewish filth pouring into our homes through television,
it also is to do a thorough cleansing job.
It is to give our people back the values they brought here from Europe three hundred years ago,
it is to reconnect our people with their roots,
to give them back their sense of racial identity and racial pride and personal honor.
Our task is to restore white standards of behavior and performance,
to re-establish a society in which our people respect themselves and others,
in which we learn self-discipline and personal responsibility and the meaning of work from the earliest age.
Our task is to re-establish continuity with the cultural traditions
that our people have been developing for thousands of years.
It is to undo the alienation and the spiritual and moral confusion
caused by the media-promoted and government-enforced multiculturalism
of the past 50 years,
and to instill into our people again a feeling of racial community and racial responsibility,
so that each man and each woman understands that his or her highest responsibility
is to work together with the other members of the racial community
for the welfare and progress of the race.
We want a world where white children are born into white families,
families with both a mother and a father,
where they are nurtured at home by their mothers instead of being handed over to day-care centers
and are protected and supported by their fathers;
where white children grow up in white neighborhoods
with white playmates,
go to white schools
and are trained to be strong, moral and productive citizens.
We want a society in which the education and training of children and young people
have the utmost importance;
the schools from kindergarten through the universities must have as their goal
the development of each student to his maximum potential.
The schools must aim at three things:
first, at imbuing the student with a sense of racial and cultural identity,
at giving him a sense of history and of appreciation for the traditions and culture of our people,
and a sense of responsibility to preserve and enhance the civilization he has inherited.
Second, the schools must aim at teaching the practical knowledge and skills
that each young person will need in order to take a productive and self-supporting place in society.
For some students this will be carpentry or shopwork,
for others it will be mathematics or chemistry.
The schools must recognize that students differ vastly in interests and aptitudes,
and educators must take these individual interests and aptitudes into account
and provide separate curricula to fit different students
rather than attempting to force everyone into the same mold.
In the same way the schools must recognize that men and women
are fundamentally different from each other
and that their natural roles in society are complementary rather than identical.
Thus, boys and girls need to specialize in different directions during their schooling.
The third aim of the schools must be the development of character,
the building of willpower and self-discipline and a sense of self-worth.
The schools must challenge and test and condition,
they must teach the child to endure discomfort and hardship without complaint or self-pity,
to make plans and carry them out despite the need to surmount obstacles,
to overcome fears,
to accept personal responsibility and not to make excuses for failure,
to be truthful, and generally to develop and strengthen
those character traits traditionally valued by our people.
The schools must train the bodies of our young people as well as their minds.
The schools must build boys into strong, capable and self-confident young men
worthy of becoming the fathers of the next generation;
and they must build girls into strong, capable and self-confident young women
worthy of becoming the mothers of the next generation.
We want an economic system that is designed and structured to serve the race
rather than any individuals or any social class.
That means a system that neither permits the accumulation
of all or most of the society's wealth into the hands of the few,
nor discourages individual initiative and thrift.
Creativity and hard work and efficiency should be able to earn their own reward without hindrance,
and sloth and ineptitude and failure should not be rewarded at all.
We should have neither a welfare class, nor a class of super-rich plutocrats
able to use their wealth to corrupt or control the society for their own selfish advantage.
People who will not or cannot support themselves should not be supported at public expense
and should not be permitted to reproduce.
At the other extreme, curbs should be put on the accumulation of wealth
through speculation and other non-productive activities,
so that wealth is earned and the earner has produced some benefit for society in earning it.
In general, all economic activity -
whether by individuals or businesses or private institutions or the government -
must be governed by the consideration of whether it is beneficial
or whether it is harmful to the society as a whole.
We want a free economy where people can succeed or fail without interference,
but at the same time there must be safeguards for the public.
For example, a company may not manufacture cigarettes or import and sell heroin
because the economic benefit and providing work and the income for the company's employees or owners
would be outweighed by the harm its product does to the health of the public.
Today cigarette companies are permitted to make and sell their products
despite the enormous harm they do to the public
simply because they have accumulated enough money to corrupt the system
and manipulate governmental processes.
There's another example:
even in an all-white country a manufacturer might decide that he can increase his profits
by moving his factory to a non-white area where wages are much lower.
This could have the effect of driving his competitors who use white employees out of business
and that whole industry would then be dependent on non-whites.
When imports damage a nation's autonomy, then they must not be permitted.
That of course is contrary to the economic policy of the government today,
which is intent on globalizing America's economy
and is actually hostile to the idea of national autonomy.
As for the government,
we must have a government for which the only consideration
- just like for the economy -
is what's good for our people, for our race in the long term.
We must never again have a government based on party politics
with politicians gaining the power to make laws and set public policy
by appealing for votes to the ignorance or greed or fear of the lowest elements of society,
with politicians telling whatever lies will get them a place at the public trough,
with politicians who have no loyalty or sense of responsibility for the race
but only to themselves or their party making our laws.
That must never happen again.
We must understand that in an age of mass media
when television has such a strong influence
on the opinions of the majority of the population,
the old concept of village democracy based on a consensus
determined by free discussion and debate
among responsible citizens in a forum open to all
has become meaningless.
That may have worked in the villages of two hundred years ago,
but it doesn't and can't work that way at a national level today.
We don't want government by faceless media masters,
not even by non-Jewish media masters
responsible only to themselves or their group,
shaping public opinion to promote their interests
rather than the interests of our race.
The men who make our laws and set the policies for our society
must be able to stand up before the people
and be held responsible for their actions;
but more than that -
they must be men who attain their positions
on the basis of ability, character and commitment
rather than through some backroom bargaining
or through charming the largest number of voters Bill Clinton style.
Instead of being the object of contempt, that it is today,
government should be a respected institution, almost a sacred institution
administered by the best and most able men in our society
instead of by the worst.
Again, the most fundamental principle underlying a government for our people
must be that a purpose of government
is to serve the needs of the race,
to defend the race from its enemies
and to make the race healthy and strong again,
and that's all!!!
The purpose of government is not
to protect individuals from their own foolishness or weakness,
or to support those who will not or cannot support themselves.
The government we want will provide overall protection for the race
and overall guidance for the race
by formulating and administering the policies to keep the race
moving forward and upward,
and it will do these things
with the minimum possible degree of encroachment
on the individual freedom.
Well, as I said, these things are all in the future.
We don't have the means at this time to build a new society
or even to halt the ongoing destruction of our present society.
We can't begin building a new race-based educational system
or a new race-based economy
or a new race-based government now.
But we can think about these tasks now,
plan for these tasks now and get others to think about these things too.
That's what the National Alliance is all about -
getting others to think about the future of our people,
begin assuming responsibility for it
and working with us to bring it about.
What we actually do at this time is
communicate, educate and inspire.
We catch people's attention,
give them information they wouldn't have otherwise
and inspire them to do something about it,
either to spread to others what they have gotten from us
or to join with us in helping us do our work more effectively.
And really, that's what you should do -
become a member of the National Alliance,
support us,
work with us,
help us continue to grow stronger and more effective
so that eventually the day will come
when we will be able to begin
implementing our plans for a new society,
a new world for our people.
Everything depends on that, everything.
Don't let your people down.
Don't let yourself down.
Make your life count.