[Eng Sub] 120822 BAP - Weekly Idol Part 2

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HD: It says Zelo's specialty is doing laundry, right? Therefore i prepared some laundry
DJ: Zelo, Is doing laundry really your hobby?
Zelo: Rather than my hobby, it's that i'm in charge of doing the laundry in our team
DJ: Ah, really? HD: Yes, because he's in charge of the landry in the dorm
YG: This is for real, it's real laundry
Zelo: Truthfully at home i'm used to using a washing machine
DJ: No, no DH: You can do this HD: While you do the laundry we'll move on
HD: Now, it's Himchan's turn It's says your speciality is rolled-back eyes
HD: Your rolled-back-eyes expression became a hot topic DJ: During Warrior
DJ: Who is that?
DJ: Dear lord, is that you Himchan? HC: Yes DJ: Really?
HD: What kind of scene/setting was this?
HC: It's during my part, I wanted to express the lyrics, everyone stops breathing
HD: Let's listen to: everyone stops breathing DJ: Please show us, encore, encore! 5-6-7-8
HD: eh..It's different, it's different
DJ: Are music programs national-wide, while we're cable? *meaning they don't get to see his expression*
DJ: Are you ignoring us, right now?
They show Yoo Jae suk, because he MC's for national-wide programs
HC: You have to zoom in on me, please
HC: I'll do it now HD: 5-6-7-8
HD: I'm also good at stuff like this DJ: try doing it
DJ: As expected, he's the original of rolled-back eyes
HD: I'm sorry for asking, but who's laundry is this? Who has such dirty laundry, seriously?
HD: How can you ask a child to do the laundry for real?
DJ: Zelo's a cute one HD: Zelo is working hard
HD: You studied at the National School for Traditional Music If you get stressed you play janggo by yourself?
HC: Truthfully i don't know how this came about I do play korean drums, but i don't play when i get stressed
DJ: Then when do you play? HC: When i'm showing someone HD: Then show us
HD: He doesn't play janggo when he's stressed DJ: That's right, since stress has to be realeased by arguing
HD: We'll listen do a three-timed rhythm *a basic beat for the korean drum*
HC: A three-timed beat? DJ: Yes, let's start with that
HD: I'm sorry, but can you play that beside Zelo The image really fits~ the pictures looks good
DJ: You've worked hard
HD: If you do this well, it could succeed as a musical
HD: Now it's Daehyun's turn You have a habit of warming up your throat in the car?
DH: Well, that's because we- HD: 5-6-7-8
HD: You're able to sing the highest part too? *treble/soprano?*
DH: Actually not long ago on a radio show i was asked to sing IU's Good day high picthed part
DJ: the "I'm in my dream" part
DH: So i did that, and all of a sudden i found myself being the number 1 search word
HD: It's just something that is shown on national-wide radio and not here 'cause this is cable
DH: I can do it here too~ i can do it here
HD: Don't worry, if it's burdensome you don't have too DH: not at all, it's okay
HD/DJ: It's 8-parted
HD: We have to see you draw some characters as well If it's okay with you, it's okay to draw us as cartoons
HD: Shall we move on to the next one DJ: It's YoungJae~
HD: Personally i feel like he looks like Seung Ho YJ: who? HD: Yoo Seung Ho
HD: Have you not heard that before?
YJ: When i was younger, i shot a program, ah no, a movie with him
YJ: Back then we looked alot alike each other and i'm also very close to him age-wise
HD: You think you're quite handsome, yourself right? YJ: No~ Daehyun and Himchan are the good-looking ones
DJ: the way i see it Youngjae is the best looking one HD: for me too~
DJ: Honestly you think so yourself right?
YJ: No, not at all~ HD: Who's the best looking one?
YJ: Daehyun or Himchan HD: Between Daehyun and Himchan, who?
YJ: Himchan? DJ: Because he's close? JD: Really?
HD: Then who? Himchan, then Daehyun what about third place?
YJ: Zelo~ HD: 4th place? YJ: Me
HD: 5th place? YJ: 5th place? DJ: 5th is JongUp, right?
Then that leaves Youngguk as 6th
DJ: What to do HD: Do you agree? YG: I agree
HD: According to Yongguk then? Who's the best looking one?
YG: Daehyun~ HD: Then? YG: Himchan
YG: Then Jongup~ ah no, YoungJae Then Zelo~ then myself
HD: The two of you come out~
HD: Personally i like people who look like Youngjae DJ: I agree
HD: Then the last one is JongUp
HD: Luxury abs?
HD: Luxury abs?
DJ: While dancing show them~
DJ: throw krumping punches and then just lift the shirt up~ Jong up?
HD: Do we have music prepared? Cue music!
HD: He has the feeling, the rhythm
DJ: As expected, it's different As expected he dances well~
DJ: Jongup's good!
DJ: Come with me to a club! YG: He's underaged DJ: ah, underaged?
HD: As JongUp is number 1 at dancing i've created a matching name, JongUp One~
DJ/HD: JongUp one~ We can't skip Zelo's dancing either
YJ: Zelo is a really good dancer too~ HD: please play the music!
HD/DJ: Yongguk!
HD: What's wrong with you?
HD: Why are you asking to be killed?
DJ: You got into this team due to your dancing, right? JU: No~ DJ: Were you a B-boy?
JU: In the beginning i started off with B-boying DJ: That's why the feeling is different with him
HD: Can you by any chance do, that...freeze? YJ: Yes, he can~
HD: He can? Thank you? *the two sound simlair*
DJ: Just look at that, it's different He's a B-boy! That's right~ so cool!
HD/DJ: B-boy! Nice! You really are JongUp-One!
DJ: They all have something they're in charge of, right? HD: They do DJ: They chose the members well
HD/DJ: Zelo and JongUp = Dance YoungJae and Himchan = Looks
HD: But what about you? What are you?
YG: I'm in charge of age HD: Age and gums(in your mouth)
HD: As the last thing let's see how Daehyun has drawn us as cartoon characters
DJ: Let's see Daehyun's cartoon drawing of Hyundon and Daejon
HD: You can't see who's hyungdon and who's daejon but because of the facial hair DJ: 'cause of hair and glasses
HD: Daehyun you drew well~
DJ: We can't take this with us, but rather let's have Daehyun sign it and give it to BAP's fans
HD: Win against the idols!
HD: It's simple~ pick two idol representatives who will fight against us and let's see which team wins
A carboard box?
HC: Are we going inside these and move? HD: Correct!
HD: Now representatives please step forward! *BAP = YoungJae & JongUp*
DJ: It's been awhile~
HD: I do apologize but in this game your face won't be seen on the screen
HD: Ready, Set, Go!
DH: Turn! Turn! Turn!
HD: You have to push away the other one!
HD: Faster! Faster!
HD: Defcon is already 37 yrs old
Turn! Turn!
HC: JongUp run away!
DJ: Roll over! Fall over!
DJ: Hyungdon stop! you have to go this way
HD: Idols, BAP~ WINS!
HD: This was BAP's first variety appereance here together with Weekly Idol
HD: Yongguk-shi, please say a few words How was it for BAP?
YG: Today BAP had lots of things we lacked, but because you senior helped us out we-
DJ: One more time! HD: How was it?
YG: First of all it's the first variety show for BAP
*Showing him what tone he should talk in* BAP CUE!
YG: This is the first variety-show that BAP has been on But because of the seniors care, it was a really fun time~
HD: Until now it's been BAP�