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Hi and welcome to another review!
Today we'll be having a look at Hasbro "Iron Man - The Armored Avenger" War Machine!
This figure has been released in 2012 and it's 6" scaled, it's about 6.3 inches tall!
Let's start off with the packaging!
It's a very basic blister, but still nice!
On top left a very nice artwork of Iron Man, on top right the "Avengers Assemble" logo featuring Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. The name of the series: "Iron Man - The Armored Avengers".
On the bottom, the name of the character. Legends series.
On the back, a picture of the figure...
The read up, I'll focus on it so you can read!
And the other figures in this line: Titanium Man, Hulkbuster Iron Man and Iron Man Mark VI!
And here's War Machine out of the package!
The figure is very very nice!
Very accurate to the movie!
The attention to details is really impressive!
Check out this little detail: it's War Machine's calf propulsor. It's hidden by this panel of the armor...I mean, they could have left it out, the fact that they included it, must be pointed out!
Look at the joints! They've been sculpted like they are actual mechanical components!
Very interesting!
Check out this little painting detail on War Machine's forearm.
Really nicely detailed!
Look here!
Very very nice! There are details even on the bottom of War Machine's boots!
Articulation wise, head is on a ball joint. The machine gun is articulated: it can move up and down, fully rotate and move side to side, sliding like this.
Arms can fully rotate and move in and out.
Full rotation at the upper part of the biceps. Double jointed elbows.
This part of the armor is articulated. Hands can fully rotate. Ball jointed torso articulation.
No waist articulation.
Hips are ball-hinged so the legs can move in and out thanks to the hinge, and they can also move forward and back, but only rotating (a thing I don't like at all!).
Full rotation on the upper thigh. Double jointed knees, with excellent range on motion! And finally, ball jointed ankle joints!
As for the accessories, War Machine comes with a lot, for being a figure in this scale!
He comes with this rocket launcher.
It can be put on the right shoulder of War Machine, as you can see there's a hole.
Then he comes with the ammo belt for the machine gun, which can be applied like this...
A nice touch!
Then we have an additional piece that completes the armor if you don't want to display the figure with the rocket launcher on!
And finally, two extra pairs of hands, for a total of three pairs.
A pair of fisted hands...
...a pair of semi-open hands...
...and a pair of open hands.
This figure is actually a re-issue of the 6" Walmart exclusive figure from the "Iron Man 2" movie toy line. It's the exact same figure, except for the packaging.
As for the price, unfortunately, this figure is quite rare so it's pretty priced on ebay! It costs about 25 bucks plus shipping (retail price was $18).
I paid about 25 bucks shipped and, to me, it's already a pretty high price for a 6" mass market figure!
Consider that for about 40 bucks shipped you can have the Revoltech version which has more accessories, more articulation and it's also more accurate to the movie!
If you can find it for a good price, grab it! I recommend it! It's definitely a nice action figure!
Last thing, I want to show you how War Machine and Iron Man look together!
This Iron Man mark IV is the Walmart exclusive from the "Iron Man 2" toy line. I already reviewed it!
And here's Iron Man and War Machine! Shoulder to shoulder!
Very nice! I think they're fantastic!
The metallic duo! Like I use to call'em!
With this nice shot, I say I'll see you on the next video! BYE!