UNH Homecoming 2011 Highlights

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Hi, everybody.
I'm Chris Wragge, class of '92.
Welcome to UNH Homecoming 2011.
As you can see, everyone is here.
What a weekend of activities put on by UNH, a road race, a
football game, an art exhibit, hockey tonight.
It is awesome.
And I am so happy to be here, as are these thousands of
people that are all back at UNH for Homecoming 2011.
Check out some of the action.

This is the 2011 Homecoming Parade with all-student or
We have over 30 clubs in orange participating.
It's really great that the University gives the
responsibility to us to plan such a large part of
Homecoming, which is the parade.
And it's just amazing.
It's a learning experience for everybody.

The museum has many opportunities for people to
see works of art.
Tonight we have the opening reception.
I think they do a great job here in terms of putting
together really interesting and varied shows.
Homecoming's usually about the football games, the hockey
games, the parades, stuff like that.
But this is a nice aspect of Homecoming.
It's a terrific place to gather, to become reacquainted
with what the University has to offer and to look at
wonderful works of art.

It's an amazing feeling to see so many people here.
In years past, we still have done the fireworks but didn't
have as nearly a large a group of people here to watch it.
So, having a bonfire incorporated has really made
it a nice experience for a lot of people here to
watch it with us.
The idea of having an entire event down here and being able
to have people around a fire, dancing to the music.
I'm eating something.
We've got food out here.

To be able to really pump kids up before the game tomorrow
and to be proud of your university and to you have
that excitement.
It's really awesome to see the energy, not only at the
parade, but out here.
Everybody's in high spirits, it's a great weekend.

Every year, the Campus Recreation Department puts
together a race for Homecoming.
It's a 5K distance through Durham and a
little bit of campus.
We are lucky enough to have decent weather today.
We were supposed to get snow and we didn't.
So we're very happy.
And we probably got 375 plus runners.
This is great.
To start the day off with a 5K, I couldn't think of a
better way to kick things off, Homecoming
here or coming back.
It's great seeing everybody back, some of the same winners
every year, from year to year.
A ton of students that use the recreation facility anyways, a
lot of community members.
It's just a great event.

It's good to see friends and just get back on campus.
It's been awhile for both of us.
For us, it's wonderful to see so many people come back,
young and old.
It's a good time to see everyone and just be reunited
with all my friends from college.
I went to an event last night and ran into several of my old
fraternity brothers.
And it's those kind of connections that
are just very special.
You come to an event like this, and you really can get
reconnected very nicely.
Inside of the tents there are some interactive activities.

We have almost every college represented here.
They have students, they have projects.
Several deans and faculty members here
interacting with alumni.
The Alumni Association has put on a full range of events this
weekend, from dinners and receptions to two great hockey
games, then today's football game against URI.

Yeah Cats, get at it.
Come on.
I haven't seen as many people at Cowell
Stadium in many years.

Homecoming was a wonderful weekend to come back to UNH,
catch up with old friends, root on the football team, but
now we're moving forward.
It's time to talk about Homecoming 2012.
And if you missed last year's, you need to come to this
year's Homecoming because Homecoming 2012 here at UNH is
going to be explosive.