Strawberry daiquiri recipe, easy and delicious!

Uploaded by FLAStrawberrySue on 25.06.2012

Hi. I’m Glenda and I’m here today with Strawberry Sue and she’s going to teach
me how to make a Florida strawberry daiquiri.
Well I am, Glenda and it’s hot in Florida. We’re going to make a cool and refreshing
I’m ready.
And we’re going to make a Florida strawberry daiquiri. What I have in the blender is six
cups of ice and then I’m going to add some agave syrup. It’s delicious. This is found
in your sugar department of the grocery store where the sugar is and it’s sweet. It’s
what they make tequila out of but we’re not making – that’s a whole another drink.
But the syrup sweetens it and it’s a lot different from using simple syrup. It has
just got a better flavor.
So we used a quarter cup of this. Then we’re going to use a quarter cup of 7 Up. That gives
it a little bit of bubble.
We’re going to use three-quarter cups of rum.
Looks good to me.
OK. And then of course …
… strawberries. And I’m going to blend this for a little bit and if you can get the
lemon and lime, we’re going to use one lemon and one lime. I’m going to turn this on
high real quick while you’re doing that. Make sure you put the lid on your daiquiri
– I mean on your blender, so you don’t have daiquiris all over the kitchen. I love
the smell of lemons and limes. OK? We’re going to blend this again. Be sure to put
the lid on. Just for a minute or two.
I think we’re ready. We’re going to pretend we’re at the beach today. They’re beautiful.
Garnish with a piece of lime and we can’t forget the Florida strawberries. What do you
I think we should try it.
I think we should. Cheers!
Very good.
I think we should try it again.
Delicious. So there you have it, a fresh, Florida strawberry daiquiri.
I love it. Thank you.
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