The trial ENGLISH SUBTITLES El cor de la ciutat ep 1842

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Dont you take them?
3 hours ago I served you those
Let it be, Peris if I can't take in anything
Come one, everything will go well. It has to go well for sure
We will see it
Look boy, if I that I'm unlucky, have gone out from all the shit I had you can do it as well
You didn't finish having a trial
In a trial you never know what can happen
Nothing happens!
You will come back to be here in a few hours
And you will have took off all this thing
Come on, it's an invitation of the house
They will confuse you with questions and with the still empty stomach you will tell nonsense
Tell the judge that the entire neighbourhood is on your side
and that everybody sees you like the one you are: A normal guy
rafa is going no?
We all should to go there
The advocate told me that he has already enough with Rafa's prove
But you would feel more supported
Come on, man, come on, everything will work out fine
Cheers him because he is being a flam (caramel cream)
Come on
Finally you will go?
I accompany you, I'll take the day off
You can't go alone to the court
It's not necessary, Gonzalo
What do you say? Is it because of the stand? I pass opening
You are more important than any job
No it's not because of this; it's that...
I just have come to give you a kiss
How are you?
You look very handsome
It's my shirt
And the shoes are new as well
Im feeling very strange
You look wonderful. Aren't you being late?
Take care. I call you later
If you want, come, alright?
Hey, we should go
Yes, come on
What do I have to say?
Response to the questions like we have prepared it. Calm and with assurance
You are our main prove
Shit, what nerves
We have to show them that Iago is totally installed in the society
Jesus, Rafa, shit, dont chicken out now!
Take a tea, a suppository if necessary, Idon't know if I explain myself
yes, yes, I already have understood you
And what about the judge he has gotten?
She says It could have turned out worse; we can't complain
Come on boy! This is done
Iago, I think of describing you as the greatest employer I ever had
Thank you, Rafa
Hey, I couldn't fail you
I haven't done anything this morning except thinking of the trial
We have to enter
Yes, then we go
What are you doing?
I need to move
No, what are you doing with Iago. What do you play?
Why do you accompany him in everything if you soon wont be there anymore?
I do what I want. And what Iago wants
Oh really? And what will happen if they condemn him?
No, I will tell you
I will be here, like always. The idiot Gonzalo
They wont condemn him
No? And why do you want him to go with you? That he escapes?
That he leaves everything behind?
He hasn't escaped
He is there inside, declaring them
And if he is set free, he will come with me
We are going to Mozambique
You are a jerk
You only want to do harm
To Iago and to me
Lets hope you vanish and never come back
Forget about me and Iago, you understand? You are a nuisance
Bullshit; this is what you want
Iago doesn't love you
Look, dude
Hey, what the heck are you two doing?
What has gotten into you?
They judge over Iago inside there. Iago, shit!
What? How has it gone?
Good, good
I talked well, I even was not being nervous
And Iago? How is he doing?
Well He will not be there for a while
The judge is tightening up him
He is tightening up on him very much
Shit, they have been inside for more than 2 hours
They are about to go out
That judge is a bull
He wanted to know everything, including the brand of the underwear he wore at the robbery
No, if they ask so much, he will see that Iago is a legal guy now, right?
3 years
What?! 3 years?
But they told that... But if you now...
It's... I can't understand
The judge has been strict
But I told him how you work, that you haven't been involved in any problems
I'm sure we can do something. They can't do this
Of course
If I have to declare again you just have to tell me
The sentence is definitive
Friday I have to go to prison
Shit, what a dirty trick, dude. What a dirty trick!
Man, Im sorry
I stay. Im not going to Mozambique
I will stay until you are released
I can't leave you hanging. I dont want to do it
I will be by your side. 3 years and what else it takes