How To Sing Harmony - Vocal Tips For Singing Harmonies

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Hi. Aaron here from and I'm here to talk to you about how to sing harmony.
Let me first just say singing harmony could actually be a career. There are some people
that just have they have a thinner, toner quality to their voice or maybe they have
not a real unique voice. It's more of a generic voice and I don't even mean that in a negative
Singing harmony could actually be a great, viable career. If you want to learn how to
sing and you want to be in a business but don't necessarily have the voice for a lead
singer or you're building your voice toward that, learning to sing and sing harmony could
actually be a great stepping stone toward that or just as a great career, so just to
throw that out.
So let me talk a little bit about what harmony is. Harmony notes are the notes in a chord
that is playing because there's always a chord playing. You have a piano chord or a guitar
chord or maybe it's on a synth or it could be any number of things but in the chord,
let me just say a chord is basically it's based on what's called the triad and I'm not
going to get in too much theory here. I just want to give you kind of an idea. A triad
is called a triad because it's three notes. Tri meaning three, three notes.
You know, do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do. You've heard that, right? So a triad is a
chord that's based on the do, mi and so. So do, re, mi, fa, so. That triad is basically
what a chord is made up of. OK?
So let's go back to what I said before. Harmony is all the notes in a chord that are not in
the melody. So you've got your melody line [sings] over the regular chord. So any note
that is in that chord as well that's not the melody, it can potentially be a harmony note.
OK. That might be a little bit confusing but for you kind of people that think more like
that, think more techy or systematically, anyway that could really help you if you play
an instrument.
The way I kind of learn harmony wasn't really with all that. I think that's great if that's
how you learn but the way I learned how to do harmony is more of an intuitive method.
It's basically just listening to harmonies, listening to songs of people doing harmonies
and first of all, just kind of singing along with the harmonies, listening to and kind
of singing along with the harmonies.
And then the more I did that, I kind of got a feel for what the harmonies were and then
I would just try and on a song that didn't have harmonies, try and throw some harmonies
in there and the more I try it, the more I kind of figured out where to put the harmonies
and how it works. So the more intuitive method and that may be more for you.
Anyway, that's it for now. I hope that's helpful to you. Like I said, I'm Aaron from
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as a singer.
I just put up a video, a free video I will give you just for stopping by; how to sing
high notes but how to sing higher notes more easily and with less strain in your voice
without the tension. Because that really is the trouble, right?
OK. That's it. Again, I hope this is helpful. Click the link below or come visit me at
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