Black Ops Zombies: Solo Strategy on Kino Der Toten (Part 1)

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Hey guys, Spiderbite here for some Zombies kino der toten. This is a Solo Strategy that I'm putting together for you guys.
Richtofen: [static] Entry 741021!
Perhaps the station will hold the key to the real goals of group 935.
I still do not trust my unconventional allies, but they are of great use to me, but -- I digress.
Who would have thought the MDT was capable of time travel?
How many stations does this group have?
Where did that little girl disappear to?
Only time will tell what new questions await us in this Theater of the Damned! [static]
All righty-y then, So, I just wanted to play this level. We played it a few times with multi-player.
I believe I posted my first game ever which was two player with Meatwagon22
and I really wanted to do it solo. The sort of thing we were doing on doubles is similar to what I'm going to do on solo.
It's pretty much, mostly the same.
You'll note, too, that the Quick Revive machine is available. You don't have to turn power on in order to get Quick Revive.
And Quick Revive is essential when you're playing solo
because, well, and this has obviously been updated since World at War.
If you buy Quick Revive Solo you can actually revive yourself when you go down.
At first I didn't realize how that would look, if you watched my video that I did for Five,.
Again, that was my first time playing that level, you'll know that the zombies --
I was thinking if you go down, the zombies will all be around you, so what? You can Quick Revive, you can revive yourself,
but they end up taking off, and they actually give you time to recover, which is good. It's actually pretty sweet the way it works.
So, that's going to be important to get right up front; obviously your Juggernog, but I've got a well-defined strategy that I'm going to be using here,
I actually execute it very well, except for a couple of mistakes, and these were mistakes that end up costing me,
and I only get to Level 20 whereas I could have easily, with good execution, and not making mistakes, easily reached Level 30 and beyond.
Obviously, we're just trying to build up points initially here, and you will see as the game progresses that I really have enough points to do more that what I need to,
come Round 10, or 11 or 12, or whatever.
But at the same time, you definitely have to maximize points at the beginning here as much as possible.
I don't like going for the knife kills necessarily unless they're at the window trying to get in.
simply because a lot of these zombies will do the double-swipe, and if you get swiped twice in rapid succession, then you're going down and it's going to be game over.
since we don't have Quick Revive, and even if we did have Quick Revive, I don't want to do it unless we had Juggernog,
but by the time you get Juggernog it's going to be well into Round 5 or something like that, and you're not going to be knifing them anyway unless you've got the Bowie knife.
And that's not really what we're doing here, and pretty much the Bowie knife becomes useless maybe not so much around Round 12; I believe it's a 2-hit kill with the Bowie knife,
I think around 17 or so it becomes a 3-hit kill, so it's not really worth it to buy the Bowie knife at all using the strategy that I'm going to present to you guys here.
So, we're going to stay in this room as long as possible. Obviously, it's going to get pretty hectic very quickly.
We're on Round 3. We could probably survive in this room until Round 4, and I can't actually remember what point we went in.
And obviously instant kill helps.
I could probably knife these guys, but again, see, in the end, when you knife, you actually get drawn in to the zombie,
I'm just going to dispatch them quickly.
I'm going to eventually have more than enough points to do what I need to do, but I also got lucky. I got lucky. I'm going to get lucky at the weapons box too.
You'll see that later.
So, the basic strategy, just stay in this room until Round 4 and then in Round 4 we're going to go upstairs to the right side and open that door.
And we're going to make sure that we build our points. Now, I left this entire video uncut. It's in 2 parts and it's about 55 minutes
I know you can speed it up between rounds, but I want to show everything, and what I'm going to do actually, I'm going to show a bunch of different strategy videos:
for single player, solo; quad; maybe not three player but four player and what I'll probably end up doing, again, I go to Level 20 using this strategy and I'll probably end up playing it a bunch more times,
and then I'll just add on to that, so if I make it to Level 25, then I'll add on rounds 21 through 25 as a separate video for you guys.
If I end up playing again later on, if I end up making it to 28, then I'll add 26, 27, 28 as another separate video.
and continue on with that mini-series for solo strategy, and I'll do that as well for the other strategies. That's what I did in World at War as well.
especially on Dareese ? I did that where I hosted. I think we made it first to Level 25, and then we ended up going to 30 or 32 or something.
So there's a Quick Revive, and Quick Revive when you're playing solo is only 500 points which is awesome. Normally, if you're playing multi-player it will be 1,500
but in solo it's 500 and it's much more powerful, that's the thing. It's so much more powerful - solo.
because you basically revive yourself; you're not relying on anybody else to revive you, and it's kick-ass.
We're still in this room.
I thought for some reason we were going to move at five, but really it's the instant kill that helped us a lot here, and helped us basically be able to stay in this room until Level 5,
I think there's a PM-63 on the wall the other side of that door.
whereas if you didn't have Instant Kill, you may have had to open up that door in Level 4 and go out there.
And that's what we end up getting first if I'm not mistaken.
Beyond, there's another door in the next room and there's actually an MP-40, which you can buy off the wall, so I think I actually end up buying both of those weapons.
So, I'm just going to keep rebuilding this. It's not for points, but
It looks like I am going to go through the door.
So there is the PM-63 I believe.
All right, just checking around.
No, we're just going to go in to the next door.
I couldn't remember exactly what I did there, but you can hold up in that room for a little bit, and we do that some in multi-player,
and there's the weapon box, and there's the MP-40 right there, so I'm going to buy the MP-40 and see what I can get out of the weapons box,
and I get lucky with this box, I'm telling you.
Check it out, dudes. The HK-21 which, I think, is one of the best weapons that you can get out of the box.
That thing is kick-ass upgraded as well. We're holed up in here. We need 1,250 to open up the door, so we're going to hole up in this room.
You got the two windows down here. Most of them come through the area that we came through in order to get to this room.
And there's another window at the top right of this room.
Make note there are peek holes in here.
You've got turrets in a couple of these rooms. There's a turret in the main theatre that we end up using a few times..
You do have two doors in order to get to the theatre. There's two more doors.
I don't remember how much is costs to open the next door, but at least 2,000 points to get into the next area, so I'm going to open this area.
But once we get into the theatre area, then we're golden. I mean, that's basically the only doors you have to open unless the box ends up in an area where you have to open some more doors.
I can get that but really, for carpenter, no. I mean, if it was for ammo, or for kill or the nuke, I'd go after it, or the fire sale or whatever.
So there's double points, so I'll go for double points as well, because that's important. You need to build up those points early so you can get the weapons.
Later on, its not as much of an issue, but early points are pretty important.
So, it looks like that might be the last guy, so we're going to turn the power on over here.
And it will open up the curtain, and what you have now is a sort of circular path that you can take, so from here you can go back up to the spawn area,
and then all the way back around, and that's what we end up doing. We end up basically circling around the whole area.
And I guess there is one more guy here.
We only have 8 rounds in our MP-40, but it's likely that we're going to get a dog round, so I think we're OK. There's an M-16.
No. I didn't buy it. No.
I was going to say that was my first fail, if I bought that off the wall.
So, I think I'm go and repair some windows, and just build up some points right now.
Juggernog is 2500.
It's been a while since I played zombies.
That's where the Juggernog and the Bowie knife are.
Again, we're not going to buy the Bowie knife, solo strategy? No, we're not buying the Bowie knife
unless we were going to do a knife-only thing which we'll probably end up doing at some point.
So we're just going to go back here and get some ammo.
The really nice thing about having the weapons that we have - and we're probably going to upgrade our other weapon -
Is that with the MP-40 we're basically going to be running a circuit, and you can actually deplete all your MP-40 ammo as you go around the circuit and then just buy additional ammo off the wall.
So let's finish this guy off.
And - holy crap! What I didn't realize in the new zombies, if he's the last guy - usually in World at War, if it's the last zombie they get really fast,
like right away.
but here, the zombie stays fairly slow until you shoot him, and then he gets fast all of a sudden, so he kind of surprised me right there.
- that's another thing to note when you're playing here.
So we got dogs. We don't have Juggernog unfortunately, so you're better off using your more powerful weapon, which we just switched to now.
It would definitely be better if we had Juggernog and that's what we're going to get next, probably in the next round.
All right, so let's reload. There's not too many dogs when you're playing solo, so that's a good thing.
Richtofer: Ammo to the max, ya?
So, yeah, definitely the next thing we got to get is the Juggernog, and I don't think we've wasted any points on anything at this point.
We got the MP-40. We had to buy it off the wall. We didn't even get the PM-63 which is good.
So we didn't waste points there, and our first weapon out of the box was kick-ass.
So, we're definitely in good shape, so we just need another 390 points in order to get Juggernog, and then we'll be in really good shape.
We're a little bit vulnerable right now, but what we do have going for us is that we do have Quick Revive, so if we end up getting downed, we'll be able to revive ourselves.
and it's only another 500 points to buy it again.
This is basically what we're going to be doing the whole time. What I'm doing here, we're going to be doing the whole time.
We're going to throw down - you've got four grenades, basically you’re going to use two as we go through there.
Oh shit! I'm not even going to get it. Screw it, it's not worth it, because they're going to take me down.
Besides, I'll be able to build up points as we go here.
Richtofen: I can smell my own blood!
So, that's one key stopping point, is right here, and another key stopping point is in front of that little desk or shelving unit, and you can fire at them in a straight line.
Another key area is going to be here. These are all spots that you can turn and shoot at these guys, but you just got to remember that in the later rounds,
you have to be very wary of zombies flanking you, coming from behind, because you never want to take it from behind with these zombies.
So right here is a good spot to turn around and shoot.
And then step back, and then what we're going to do in this room - we're going to circle around. We're not going to take the direct approach to the door.
We're going to always circle around.
This time we didn't but ideally you want to circle around.
And then another key area is going to be sort of on these stairs. You can do it on these stairs, or in this doorway -
and again as we get into the later rounds, you're going to see all the positions that we stop at to turn and shoot.
I wouldn't recommend doing it in any other spot than I'm going to show you here, because chances are you're going to get killed,
or they're not going to come at you in a straight line, and really that's what you want. You want a straight line so you get bullet penetration through the zombies, and you end up
damaging other zombies behind them as well.
So, we got our Juggernog. We're really in awesome shape. The next thing we're going to get is probably Speed Cola.
because I don't think we need to do anything with our weaponry other than - what we'll eventually do is upgrade our other weapon, not the MP-40, but the other weapon.
- and still maintain our circular circuit here, and we can buy ammo easily off the wall for our MP-40
Later on, the MP-40 gets pretty weak, so at some point we're going to have to replace it, but definitely in these early rounds, it's probably one of the better weapons that you can have.
There's always over-power in World of War, right?
It's over-powered on the zombies, man!
[gunfire sounds]
The other thing you've got to be careful about are the crawly guys. The start coming down from the ceilings, sort of in the middle of that left side, so you don't want to get trapped,
and you can't jump over them as much as I've tried to jump over them, I actually get boxed in by some of them. I'm not sure if it's this game, or another game.
I get boxed in on them.
There's a spot - right here - you can stop and shoot these guys.
We do have a nuke and there's not too many guys coming at me, so I'm going to get it.
And the nuke seems really under-powered compared to World at War, because it looks like it kills only the zombies that are in proximity to the bomb,
as opposed to all of them exploding, or getting blown up.
In World of War, they would all get blown up no matter where they were on the map, as long as they had already spawned, but here - .
it seems, from what I've seen, that it only blows up the zombies that are in close proximity. So, I'm going to link the teleporter.
You have to link the teleporter each time you want to use it.
So you just hit the button here. There's no timer, there was in World at War, and you just come over to the pad and you link it.
[gunfire sounds]
[gunfire sounds]
Always take this side of the stairs as well. It just routes the zombies around the far way a little bit better.
I think you have a bit less of a chance of getting boxed in by the zombies that might be coming for you.
We're actually going straight down the side, but like I said, I recommend sort of going around that room and not taking the direct approach.
So we're going to back away here.
[gunfire sounds]
Those crawly dudes - it's actually really good. It adds an entirely new element to zombies. Now you can't just line them up in a straight line with head shots.
You gotta worry about these crawly dudes, because the thing is if you're aiming down your sights for head shots, you're going to miss those crawly guys, and they're going to take you out.
Not to mention the fact that they explode into toxic gas, Nova-6 gas.
They must have been Nova-6 gas subjects - see what I mean?
These guys crawl around, especially in dark areas. They're really dangerous.
All right, so I'll take these guys out with one bullet.
Each, with Instant Kill.
So hopefully this doesn't get too boring for you guys, because we're basically going to run the same route for the entire game.
But that's what you gotta do. I mean, I don't know if I start making mistakes or just getting sloppy because the game lasts so long,
It looks like I'm going to upgrade my weapon here.
Yes sir! Let's upgrade the HK-21
What did we get? What did we get?
Oh, the H115 Oscillator. Sweet!
Look at that, look at the guy. They hang out down here, but another good tactic - and just make sure you do this - always keep a teleporter active,
because if you do run into a bind on the stage, then a good escape route could be in the teleporter.
Look at the frickin' one-eyed - look at that thing, the one-eyed bear!
When you go up into the teleporter the zombies end up all lining up at that one spot, you know, so if the zombies are all spread out, you can actually go into the teleporter,
and you can line them up. You can throw frags at them, you can just shoot the crap out of them, out that window.
Richtofen: Have no fear, the joke is present.
So, it's pretty sweet, you actually have 900 rounds in the HK.
I think there might be 1 or 2 weapons that are better than this one that I've seen anyway.
The HK-11, that thing is frickin' wild. I don't think I've ever gotten it, but I've seen other people use it. It's like way better, or at least seems better than the Waffle Gun from World at War.
Now, that is my first mistake. For some reason, I confused or something. I'm not sure. I haven't played it that much. I sort of mixed up the double-tap with the Speed Cola.
So, you do not want that door open. For this strategy that door needs to stay shut, and it's not like a whole lot of zombies start coming through there,
but they do. Some do, and it just throws a wrench into everything.
So you definitely don't want that door open.
You need to minimize the number of zombies that come in behind you.
because otherwise, there's just one window back here.
There's only one window, and the crawlies can come down from the roof.
So those are the only ways the zombies can come at you.
But now we just opened that door, because I got double-tap confused with Speed Cola. For some reason, I thought Speed Cola was the one that was outside.
Even though I've seen it in game in the other room.
It frickin' is what it frickin' is.
Oh crap! Well. Get away from me, crawly.
All right, so we pretty much have enough for Speed Cola now,
and that's the next thing, the next thing that I'm going to try and get.
I'll try and keep the MP-40 for as long as possible for as long as I can. Like I said, it's going to become pretty useless at some point.
And we're just using up the rest of the ammo on the MP-40 so we can - again - that's the beauty of this little circuit we're doing.
we're out of ammo? Just buy some more.
[maniacal laugh] Omigod.
You smell like a freak!
And you know, just pray that no one comes up behind me.
Oh, head fire, head fire. Oh, we got ammo.
All right. I probably should have tried to kill these guys - whoah! go down, man!
All right. I probably should have tried to kill these guys - whoah! go down, man!
You take their heads off and they're still going.
God damn un-dead.
All right, so we still have a couple more here. We're going to take these guys out. I don't want to take the other one out.
There might be some crawlers out this way, and the nice thing about when you're doing the double-frag as your first wave, is you get pushed back by the first wave
throw down the two frags and you end up creating some crawlers which will help you in the end, because you can take out all the other guys.
So, I failed here. I wasted points opening up that one door, and the fence only to --
omigod, this fuckin' double-tap
Oh, Spider, you retard.
At some point, you might have to come out here, because the weapons box will probably move out there, or in that other room that's sort of directly opposite the double-tap,
but you want to open the door from where you spawned originally at the beginning of the game.
There's a door on the bottom-left, and you want to open that instead to get out into that area, because it's right here, it's on the stage.
and through that door that you want to keep closed.
Because you're not going to get a lot of guys, especially when you're on the stage, you're not going to get a lot of zombies spawning to the left of your original spawn area.
They're going to come out of the windows and the ceiling closer to where you're located.
So we got Speed Cola now, we've got upgraded HK, and the only other thing that I have not gotten out of the box yet, however many games I've played,
is the Monkey Bombs. I have yet to get Monkey Bombs out of the box, so that's the only other nice thing that would be handy to have that would have really contributed to our success here.
[gunfire sounds]
So, I know I'm hip firing, but you can already tell, especially Round 12, and I think Round 12 is the defining round for being able to kill them with one knife swipe with the Bowie knife or two.
So I think it's really more of a defining round as well for how much more powerful the zombies get, because you can see it just takes so much with the MP-40
and I know I'm not hitting them every single time, because I'm hip firing, but nonetheless the MP-40 is becoming a lot weaker.
That's the hammer. I'm not going to get that.
You touched the Doctor!
I think when I was playing with Meatwagon on the dual-strategy, we were actually circling the other side.
The problem with the other side, you know we're open, the fence, and the door where the double-tap is, and that room is that there are too many narrow passageways on that side,
so you can do your sort of circuit strategy on that side, but it's not going to be nearly as effective, in my opinion simply because .
holy crap! -
it bummed, all right - simply because there are too many narrow passageways so if you do get caught, like if a zombie is flanking you for some reason,
you're going to get caught in those narrow passageways.
All right, so we're at the end of Round 12. I'm going to cut it off here for our Part 1, and we'll continue with Rounds 13 through 20 on the next video and then who knows?
I'll play again solo and hopefully provide you with additional rounds beyond 20 and just continue the mini-series. So, I hope you guys like it. Give me some feedback.
Let me know what you guys want to see for beyond Level 20, but I really think it's a solid strategy that I've got here,
and wait till you see how lucky I continue with the weapons box. I only went into it once so far, but yeah. I'm pretty damn lucky with it.
Anyways, that's it for now. For NextGenTactics dot com, I'm Spiderbite and I'm out
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