Basic Magic Tricks : How to Become a Magician

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.09.2008

Hi, I'm magician Paul Weatherbee, and I'm going to tell you how to be a magician. The
first thing that you have to do to be a magician is to study magic. You do that by first going
to the library, and going to bookstores, and going to magic shops, and you can learn a
little bit about each part of magic. Mark Wilson has a fantastic book called the Mark
Wilson Course in Magic, where he covers a whole gambit of everything involved with magic.
Then you can become a little bit more specialized. There are books like Bobo's Coin Magic and
Hugard's Royal Road to Card Magic that are available from Dover Books. After you learn
all you can, and by going to bookstores and magic shops, and searching on the Internet,
there are clubs and organizations available. One club is the International Brotherhood
of Magician's; another one is the Society of American Magicians. In these clubs, you
can learn from other magicians, and find out certain points on tricks so you can fine-tune
them. Remember, never do the same trick twice for the same person, always practice a trick
before you do it, and never tell how the secret is done. I hope these tips have been helpful
for you. Until next time, keep the magic in your life.