HITMAN 101 - Episode 6: Enemies Close

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I've decided
to keep my enemies close.
I don't care if they are watching this place
it just makes it easier whenever I want to lose them.
Except when I do the jobs
Ah well
I got to get back on track. No more distractions.
That guy sure collected a lot of stuff.
The goal of today is to sharpen my skills
Maybe "test drive" a car or two.
And to think I suggested I wouldn't need to talk to you much this week.
I should'a known better.
And why do you think I called you two into my office today?
Status reports?
I had patrol doing door to doors at the condo where Singer lived.
There were bags of groceries dropped in his hallway and
I think that whoever killed him may have been inside the building.
I don't recall anybody in the building suggesting somebody was
running through the hallways screaming bloody murder
because someone was trying to kill them.
Maybe he knew what he was dealing with, didn't want others hurt.
Maybe he tried to sneak off.
Either way I have door to doors happening.
[Madsen] She actually came up with this theory but I agree with it.
[Madsen] We think it's wrong about Annalisa Diaz's killer feeling shame,
[Madsen] we're thinking more along the lines of a good samaritan.
Like whoever killed her didn't know there was a child in the house,
what if
they found the kid after the fact,
covered her up, called 911 because of the kid,
not because
they felt ashamed of what they did.
So baseless theories and door to doors.
Great work gang, try not to let the door hit you on the way out.
Oh one last thing.
For some reason Campbell was staking out some cocksucker
at some dive in the east end.
He was pulled off that because there was some actual police work
that needed attention.
Captain, that was our only lead.
Who went directly there from leaving here
and who must have started incalls because he didn't leave
as long as Campbell was on watch.
Then again I guess your retort to that would be
he ducked out using the fire escape.
Yes, that would be my retort.
Ok, now I must have hit my head because I'm pretty certain
I said no to surveillance on him.
What, you want our badges?
[Captain Hollis] Whats the point.
You keep playing with your dicks and coming up with cold cases,
people a lot higher than me are going to be calling for your heads.
And I'm just gonna sit back and smile.
Maybe have a Mai-Tai.
And it's your badge Madsen,
your badge I want.
Them's the breaks.
Haven't you heard of
conserving ammo.
( mumbles in foreign language )
I don't speak Japanese.
I said big man with gun shoot a unarmed man,
like a fuck-head coward.
But you had a gun,
it just ran out of bullets.
Want me to turn around,
make it easier for you to shoot an unarmed man in the back, Patty Garrett?
I don't get that reference.
Pat Garrett shot an unarmed Billy the Kid in the back,
like a fuck-head coward.
I wasn't planning on shooting you in the back.
This is bullshit.
You were just trying to kill me,
you shot at me while I was unarmed!
That was different.
We hadn't made eye contact yet.
You're making this up as you go.
And we did, I looked right at you.
Come on,
fight me like a man.
Honour the creed.
Show me you're not a fuck-head.
I'm not a fuck-head.
I hope your kung-fu is good.
not just a fuck-head,
but a racist.
I'm not a
you know what,
fuck you, just, lets just fight.
This part of the creed?
[Woman's Voice] You should have just shot him.
[Woman's Voice] Haven't you ever heard of conserving energy.