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Welcome to Front Sight Challenge. I'm Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front
Sight Resorts. You're watching the only show that features our nation's finest law enforcment
professionals, military personnel and highly trained private citizens locked in an epic
battle of skill at arms. Today's challenge presents three exciting rounds of competition
as our shooters fight to claim their top spot with their semi-automatic handguns. Each stage
of our challenge is designed to test a different set of skills. At the conclusion of each round,
one contestant will be eliminated, eventually leaving one man standing at the end of the
day. Now let's meet our competitors. The only fear about the competition today is that I
make myself look like a total idiot. My strategy for today is just to worry about myself. If
I worry about everybody else, no matter how much I worry about them it’s still going
to come down to what I do. Anything can happen. Compared to Europe, it's a paradise for me
here. That's why I came to the United States. I like to shoot. I love to own many firearms,
and this place here is really unique. You don't find this in Europe. I believe in the
phrase, ‘an armed society is a polite society’. Just some sort of romantic notion about cowboys
and guns and something that makes America unique. Stress level is still the same, everyone
wants to do well - it's a competition – I’m excited to be here. I'm a divorced
single mom and my daughter and I live alone so there's no one else I can rely on to protect
us. I take it on myself to be trained, to be able to take care of my daughter and myself.
You know, I thought I was a pretty good shot, but I come to Front Sight and I learned how
to be a great shot... sort of a perfectionist thing. Only in America, folks. Two veteran
lawmen, a single mom and an Austrian-born senior citizen, all gunning for the ultimate
supremacy in today's competition. Whether law enforcement or private citizen, all of
our competitors have chosen to train to the highest level within their disciplines. And
they’re going to need every ounce of that training as they endeavor to prevail in the
aptly named first round: Do or Die. To win this stage, our worthy competitors must seek
a crucial balance between speed and accuracy. The scores will be calculated by dividing
the sum of the hits by the lapsed time that occurred while making those hits. The weapons
are loaded, hot lead is about to fly. Let the games begin. Good morning, ladies and
gentlemen and welcome to The Front Sight Challenge. My name is Brad Ackman, I’d also like to
introduce fellow rangemaster Wes Louiea. The goal for today is to determine one overall
winner. To do that we’re going to run you through three different events. First of course
will be right here on this range: do or die. You’ll present your weapon from the holster,
fire one shot to the center of that target, and we’ll do that under time. The way we’re
going to calculate the winner is by using the formula that we discussed earlier this
morning. Alright I’d like to turn it over to Wes. Dan, you’ll be shooting first. Dan’s
position. Everybody else go ahead and fall back fifteen meters. Alright on the timer
tone you’re going to present and fire. The range is clear. Ready. [beep][shot] And fall
back. Rudy, you’re next. Come on up [good luck]. On the timer tone, you’ll present
and fire. The range is clear. Ready. [beep] [shot] Nicely done. Once holstered, fall back.
Todd, it’s your turn, please join me up here. On the timer tone you’ll present and
fire, please relax your arms. The range is clear. Ready [beep][shot] Nicely done. Holstered,
range is clear, fall back. Kim you’re next, come on up. The range is clear. Ready [beep][shot]
Well done, range is clear, fall back. Well, you know you’ve only got one shot, and I
was first up, the pressure was really on. I was a little surprised that Dan missed that
shot, being a police officer and having some experience, but at the same time, you know,
I felt the same stress he was feeling. Because I was last and I had the benefit of knowing
that I could take just a little bit longer, I slowed my presentation down a smidge for
sight alignment and trigger press. I feel really good now, I mean I was very nervous
in the morning before I got going in this competition and now I feel a little bit more
relaxed. Boy, remember that crucial balance between speed and accuracy? Dan nailed the
speed, but he completely compromised the accuracy, missing the target altogether. Rudy delivered
a textbook performance: unflinching precision and great speed assured him a very respectable
score. Todd also snapped off a very fast and accurate shot. However, Kim played a very
intelligent game. She quickly realized that Dan’s error meant that she could take her
time and ensure a great hit, and that she did, placing a bullet right through the center
ring. Let’s go to Rangemaster Brad Ackman for the official results. OK guys, we saw
a wide spectrum of performances, some good, some lacking a little bit. So let’s go through
them. Alright, in first place, you shot 8 points on the target, in 1.85 seconds, which
is a respectable time. Total score of 4.32, Todd, brings you into first place. [good job,
well done, nicely done] In second place, you shot an 8, so just off-center a little bit,
still a nice hit, done in 1.93 seconds, total score of 4.15: Rudy. You’re in second place,
alright well done. In third place, firing 2.80: Kim. Thank you, alright nicely done.
And Dan, I’m sorry to say you bit the bullet. Alright. You fired in a reasonable amount
of time, 2.03, but it was a miss, so 0 on score, alright that brings you into 4th place.
[Alright, thanks a lot, thanks a lot, good job, thanks] Well I choked. When I get home
I shouldn’t take too much slack for it, because for me The Front Sight Challenge was
a blast.
Well with that one shot, one of your fellow competitors has already been left by the roadside.
One more of you may be left behind, we’re off to Ambush Canyon: Run and Gun, to make
that determination. I’m excited about Ambush Canyon, we don’t know what’s in there.
Shooting and moving has always been my thing, I’m not much of a a traget shooter, kind
of feel like I’m going more into my element here in Ambush Canyon. In this next round
I will go 100%. We’re going to go in there and we have to go in fast and accurate. If
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