Downsized - Season 2 Episode 5 Debt Ceiling

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Yeah, Mr. Richmond, you're not a member of this gym anymore.\
Of course I'm a member. I just have been here in, you know, ever.\
Well, that's a shame because all that time you spent not using your membership you could've
this gym but now not so much.\ I didn't realize there was a penalty for poor
attendance. Look, can we not make an issue about this? I'm meeting my lawyer here.\
Well, here's the thing-- your credit card has been giving us-- how shall I put this?--
an attitude problem and consequently so has your wife when we called to get a new one.\
Oh not now.\ If you have a new credit card, we can just
reinstate your membership right away.\ OK. No. no. no. Try this. No no no not that
one. Look can't we just take the fee from one of the months I didn't use your gym to
this month?\ No, because you don't get credit for being
lazy sir. Thank you.\ Look, there is really no reason for you to
be so judgmental.\ Ok.\
I used to be somebody. Two years ago, I was buying crap all over this city I didn't use,
not just here. \ Ok. Well, I like your beard.\
Thank you.\ Dude I'm slipping into a massive depression
listening to this.\ I'm more of a contact sports guy, you know
like wii?\ Alright, let's quit before I slit my wrists.\
Oh, thank god.\ Jesus, are you alright?\
No.\ Why don't you sit down?\
Oooh my legs.\ Here we go. You got it?\
Yeah.\ Ok bend the knees.\
What?\ Bend the knees. Give it a bend.\
Yeah I heard you the first time. It's just a question of whether or not I can do it.\
You alright?\ Yeah, I'm good. I'm good from here on in.
Whatever happened to good old fashioned business dinners?\
Listen you relax. I'm gonna do a little arm here, ok?\
Go for it.\ You alright? Alright, here's a stat for you.
Did you know that King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines?\
What an idiot.\ Right. I mean, when did the process of evolution
get reversed like that? Today we can barely handle one.\
Because now when you get one, she's trying to be 700 different things.\
Exactly.\ Where did you get yours?\
I think a client shipped her to me. The note said, "thank you for helping me build a monopoly
legally. Enclosed please find a 5'6" blonde."\ That must've been fun to unwrap.\
And the ribbons came in handy.\ I bet they did.\
We're separated.\ Oh man, sorry to hear that.\
That's alright. We've actually been spending some time together.\
Congrats.\ But I think I want to divorce her.\
Bummer.\ But it would make absolutely no financial
now though. None.\ Do you actually run a law firm with a decision
making process like this? No wonder I'm getting sued all over the place.\
Wait. Hey man, it's a different world. I don't even know myself anymore.\
Look, I'm having a small heart attack here so pardon my lack of bullsh-t but do you love
your wife or not?\ Incidentally, my friend, you are broke, and
there is no legal magic that I can do to help it. Sorry. Hey, what house were you in?\
What?\ You're a Yalie?\
No. It's just a shirt.\ Listen, I'm gonna hit the showers. Chin up.\
Yeah, chin's up. Ohhhh.... F-ck me.\ \
\ \
\ }