4MEN Black Ops #01 - Tank Foam

Uploaded by Victoroloco111 on 02.06.2011

Damn, I really don't have a grip anymore on my controller. My hands are full of foam and I cant get it off.
Ah yes, are you isolating?
No, I fixed the back side of my aquarium with a PU sponge.
And if I try to pull the foam off, the skin of my hands comes loose with it goddammit.
Try white spirit?
Oh yeah, I've tried white spirit.
Use a lighter.
I already tried rubbing with a scourer: nothing…
I think the best thing to get it off is sweating.
Yeah I tought the same.
Even soaking my hands with nail polish remover for half an hour didn't work.
Gloves eh.
I'm gonna try a lucky Tomahawk shot, will I hit someone?
The only thing I can do is try, right?
I already got 3 of them.
Ah no, only 2, how is that possible?
Enter guys!
I almost got a killstreak.
Behind that car! >> No in this corner here!
I'm out of ammo, I'm using a stolen AUG now.
Aah idiot!
Next time I'm going to fish, I'll use a gun. Paw paw!
That would be cool.
They would be blasted in pieces. >> There's one!
Ah shit, I should've been a little bit faster.
I think we only will catch mashed fishes then.
Ooh, what's this?
With a load of lead in them.
A lot of iron.
Someone stole my kill!
Here! Right behind the corner!
It's too silent in here…
There's a small kid here, acting sturdy.
Through your monitors?
Yeah, through my monitors.
Heh. "I'm good, I'm gay."
Ye something like that.
He says: "You're a homo!".
Yeah, of course… >> FAAAAG!
Can he hear you or what?
I don't know.
No he can't. >> No he can't.
I don't know…
Say him that I'm going to beat him up.
Was that him?
Now he's saying 'Hello' all the time.
Hey! Can he hear me or what?
How is that possible? >> Aren't we talking in the party chat?
I have no idea…
Scold at him, if he answers, then we know he can hear you.
What is he saying? >> And? What is he saying?
He says "I love pancakes" or something.
What? He likes pancakes?
I think I will get the killcam this game.
Nah, he's talking to another kid I think. >> Shit, died.
I think he is talking to his father. 63 00:06:33.97 --> 06:36.98 Yeah sure his dad, with the same high voice as he has.
You never know.