Gönülçelen )) Episode 47 - Part 1/6 [English Subtitles]

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did you like it?
I like it very much
it's very good.. But
but what?
I don't know this tune
It will be hard for me to sing
it won’t be hard for you if you train yourself
You can accomplish anything and everything you want
Shall we start with a song you already know?
what do you think?
Ok.. which one?
We are like two Halves of an apple
One half is you and the other half is me
We are like two Halves of an apple
One half is you and the other half is me
two baby gazelles
one is you and the other is me
two baby gazelles
one is you and the other is me
Come and let's build a new world together, just the two of us
Come and let's build a new world together, just the two of us
let two children one girl and a boy play there
let two children one girl and a boy play there
one of every beautiful blossoming rose is you the other is me
two nightingales in a cage one is you the other is me
two nightingales in a cage one is you the other is me
Come and let's build a new world together, just the two of us
Come and let's build a new world together, just the two of us
let two children one girl and a boy play there
let two children one girl and a boy play there
see that brunette girl didn't come back yet
yes.. me too, I started getting worried about her
should we call her?
I don't know.. I don't want to look like we're keeping an eye on her
you're right. If she was in the lesson she'll get mad
Hope everything is alright.. God willing
God willing
I'm only scared from that witch Nesrin
if she keeps her mouth shut nothing wrong will happen
never mind.. let's go in
let's go
Hasret has gone right?
yes she has and she says Hi to you
where is Murat?
he is dropping her off
Of course she should not go on her own
why does he show her so much care I don’t understand
He treats her like a princess.
He picks her up and drops her back off
This issue is getting more and more on my nerves
Nesrin, honestly I'm tired of trying to calm you down
Can’t you be a little more understanding?
you're stuck in traffic because of me
I'm not complaining..
our lesson went so well today
And you sang the song perfectly
I thank you again for accepting my offer
no need to thank me
you are still mad at me aren’t you?
where to?
one minute..
why did you stop mam? is there any problem?
No.. He went..
where did he go?
I don't know
he blocked the road.. can't you drive the car at least
I don't know how to drive
what happened?
the driver ran away
how did he run?
I don't know.. he left the girl and went
Oh my God! what is this?
we're late now..
what hapened man? why is all this rush?
I got a big job and I need to get organized immediatly
never mind these jobs
look.. I got my first salary as a mayor
what do you want me to cook for you at dinner
this is your money Gülnaz, I need nothing from you
there's no such a thing as my money and your money.. it's our money
in fact it's my money
Hello Salma.. this is Cobra
what are you doing girl? How are you?
I'm fine.. what are you doing?
listen I'm organizing a new job
I need to organize a new work team immediatly
and that's why I thought of you first and of your soft voice
what do you say can we go on stage together like the old days
never mind Balçeçik
you're thinking of Balçeçik, but your place is different
are we going on stage?
no way.. girl when did you move to Cyprus?
I understad you.. I undestand you
so you got married?
Ok go on with you life and i'll try fo find someone else, God willing
No what will I do there.. see you
Cobra.. are you looking for a new singer?
don't ask Gülnaz
all the girls are gone..each one has moved to a different place
Balçeçik doesn't want to go on stage anymore
but I've to find someone
at the end.. there's a lot of money involved
come on brother we've work to do
is this why you stopped?
I wanted to properly thank you for accepting my offer
I don't understand.. where this stage work come from
girl you're jealous right?
of course I'm jealous
he used to stay with me
now he'll leave at night and I won't find him
and I'll be worrying about him
this is his work Gülnaz.. what will he do?
he wants to make money.. is this bad?
Mrs. Saime there is a lot of bad things
I won't know what will Cobra be doing?
so you don't trust him?
No I trust Cobra but I don't trust not those around him
thank you for the flowers
I will pick you up tomorrow morning
I'll come by myself
ok as you wish
have a good day
have a good day
look Mrs. Saime, I think they made up
come on let's talk to her
ouff.. there is Ebry but she's expensive
we got flowers
Murat bought it
it's because I accpeted his offer
to express his gratitude
the flowers are beautiful..
Mr. Murat has picked the most beatiful ones
Mr. Murat appreciate beauty..
How was your day Hasret?
girl don't talk in brief give us the details
did Mrs. Nesrin say anything to hurt you?
No I didn't see Mrs. Nesrin
she was resting in her room
ok.. what happened next?
next.. at first I was very tense
I mean working together after all this period
I don't know.. my heart was beating at a fast rate
and I felt scared at first
then I wasn't scared anymore
after I sang I didn't feel any fear
god bless you.. when did he give you the flowers?
when we were coming back, he stopped in the middle of the road
he got out of the car
then after couple minutes he came back with the flowers
then we can say you had a very nice day
of course Mr. Saime
didn't you see the flowers bloomed in the brunette's face?
he said I sang beautifully.. that's why.. nothing else
yeah of course.. that's why..
I'll go put the flowers in water
Hello Jeren
where are you Murat? we're worried about you
I took Hasret back and now I'm on my way back
you know what I mean.. did anything happen between you?
something special?
something happened for sure since you're not talking
look, did you go somewhere and ate something together?
of course.. I guessed right??
That's why you're that late
there was a lot of traffic Jeren
so you mean nothing happened?
I'll explain everything to you.. are you gonna be ready?
ready for what?
you wanted to eat kebabs ever since you came here
I think tonight is the time
Great! I'll be ready in 2 minutes.. hurry up
God! we got worried for nothing Mrs. Saime
yes.. Everything seems to be going well
thanks God
we must celebrate
let's have some fireworks
What fireworks man?? I want something nice..
let's go to the hilltop..
Ok.. but how can I go and I am carrying two babies
I can't walk up to the hilltop
I don't want to.. let's do something at home
let's cook a special meal.. But what??
are you going out?
Murat called he is taking me out to dinner
so he dropped Hasret off?
yes he dropped her off
well at least I don’t have to worry about him being with her for tonight
maybe you'll be angry at me for saying this but
I think you're not being fair about Hasret
Murat loves Hasret so much
And they get along so well
I don’t understand why you are not happy about this.
that’s cause you don't know who Hasret really is
But Hasret is a very nice girl
nothing is what it looks like
I know all of the disaster she is capable of causing
But I won't allow her to break our peace
Nesrin, No one is trying to disturb our peace at home
why would you say such a thing?
Oh! stop it Ethem.. as if you don't know
None of you should accept her
Whoever she touches she curses them
Look at Levent's situation
so many things happened in that relationship..
it would be wrong to say it was all Hasret’s fault
so you think it is Levent’s fault..
He did so many things for Hasret
And gave everything he owns without boredom
But he learned Hasret was never in love with him
So he proudly finished his relationship with Hasret
I don't understand where Hasret fits inside this story
Exactly.. that's what I was trying to say
She has nothing to do with what has happened to Levent
if it wasn't Hasret but any other girl
the same end would have been reached
Yes Murat?
Ok I'm coming out now
good bye
first he played "Two halves of an apple"
I didn't want that moment to end mom..
are you still mad at him?
I am and I am not
sister, the flowers are 10 out of 10..
Murat Hoca bought them right?
of course the man knows how much you like flowers
don’t you have anything else to do?
If I didn't force you to talk to him on my mobile
you would not get those flowers.
you're itching for trouble
Don’t go anywhere Kadir we're having barbecue tonight