Use Green Body Care Products & Cleaning Supplies For Better Health Says Dr. Angela Agrios, ND

Uploaded by LarryCook333 on 02.12.2010

Back in the day, Rachel Carson wrote her book Silent Spring, and I think that was like,
the first one that really just shocked everybody in terms of the number of legal chemicals
that are very carcinogenic in our society weÕre all exposed to. And itÕs a little
bit harder sometimes to have control of things like that that are agricultural or societal,
but just to kind of be mindful that everything that goes into our body, whether itÕs topically,
internally, we breathe it in, itÕs all cumulative. And so the things we do have control over,
whether this is cosmetics, body care products, our household cleaning products, I mean, these
are the things that we do have control over, and it can really help keep cancer risks down
to be mindful of the types of chemicals weÕre putting into our body. Use resources like
Pharmaca. There are a lot of other great eco-minded stores in the community in Santa Monica as
well. But like, for example, the aestheticians that are on staff here are very knowledgeable
in terms of what the bad list of chemicals are for your skin in terms of body products.
And you can come talk to them and they can counsel you on which of the things, like is
it parabens. Which are the things that we should really be avoiding in our day to day
regime? There are plenty of new companies; the green movementÕs really big now. ItÕs
actually become quite trendy, which is nice, so itÕs actually really easy to start to
get more affordable green, so to speak, types of products that are not going to cause us
health problems.