Playful Kiss - Playful Kiss: Full Episode 15 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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Episode 15
Everybody listen!
Yes ?
I also have something to say.
Everyone stop to do anything on next Wednesday.
I'm going to play golf with Mr. Yoon on that day, but...
Ah. Me too. I'm going somewhere with the shop workers that day.
I can't either. I got invited to a birthday party.
Me too.
Ah okay. Cancel it all.
Why? Why?
What's happening that day?
Your wedding.
Wedding ?
Ah, please stop controlling us any which way you please.
Omo! Who's deciding?
haha- You said you wanted to get married. - I said after graduating.
When will that be? You have to become an intern, then a resident and you have to do your military service, too.
What's the point of delaying? It's better to do it quickly, when you are pretty.
- The birthday party .... - Stop!
don't say anything else right now!
Do you know how hard it was to reserve the wedding hall?
On that day, clear out all your schedules and you need to help each other out, alright?
You are still awake ?
Ah... Yes.. .Yes.
What ?
Did I go overboard by doing what I please?
That... that's not it.
We're living together anyway.
I thought they might as well be married, and it would look better in the eyes of others too.
Oh I see. Honestly that was bothering me a bit too.
Thank you for everything.
But... Why are you like this? Your expression doesn't look good.
No, I'm doing good. It's just that I don't know what to start preparing first.
What is there to prepare?We already live together so there is nothing to buy, and the wedding hall has been booked.
We just need a dress and a ring, then everything will be fine.
Next Wednesday?!
Seung Jo's mother has some serious drive.
That's right.
Hey, did you guys cause some sort of accident?
Hey! That's not it.
Ah yes.
Bong Joon Gu knows?
Yes, my father has told him.
So that's why he looks so weak. He didn't even notice us when we came.
Hey, did you pick out your dress?
You have to buy your ring too.
We have to start now. I'm busy.
Hey hurry and talk to me.
Hey, let's eat!
Eat well!
Sir, sir! A foreigner came! She is right over there, a foreigner!
Quickly, quickly, quickly!
Thank you.
Ha Ni, hurry up and take her order.
I can't speak English.
But, you're a college student. Hurry up!
How are you?
I . . . want to eat noodles! Please give me chopped noodles.
She speaks korean very well.
What is it?
It's mushroom. Pine mushrooms.
Ah, pine mushrooms.
The scent . . . The scent is very nice!
She said pine mushrooms.
Her accent is so cute!
It's good for your health too.
This is called oyster.
Ah yes, oyster. I usually don't eat this.
This tastes good.
How do you speak Korean so well?
My mom is Korean, but my dad is English.
I came to Korea to see my mother's hometown.
I have to go home in 10 days.
Ah... yeah.
It's delicious. Very, very delicious.
That's stuffed cucumber kimchi.
That guy over there made it!
This tastes good! It's killer!
He is from Busan, so he's a little curt.
Ah... Yes...
How was the one we saw before?
It's too showy.
Really ?
Then what about this one? This one is pretty.
I don't like it. It's too shiny.
Then, you choose it.
Hey! Do we have to get rings?
What are you talking about? It's a symbol of love.
A symbol of love?
Hey! How can something so materialistic be a symbol of love?
I'm not doing this!
No! You have to do it!
There needs to be a sign that you're a married man.
So it's not really a symbol of love but more like shackles.
Forget it! What's there to buy when you only wear it that one day?
I have a suit already.
Still! Let's go in! I'm going to look for a dress.
Then go buy it and come back. I'll go somewhere and wait for you.
OK! Then, let's go to the studio.
Studio? Why?
Why? It's for the photo album shoot.
Photo album shoot?
Hey! I'm not doing that.
Husband look over here, bride smile a bit more...
You want me to do that silly thing?
This isn't fair. You don't want to match rings. You don't want to do the album photo shoot as well.
Why did you come out with me if you were going to be like this?
Do you think I came because I wanted to?
I came out just because they wanted me to.
Anyways, you came out. Can't you just put up with it and help?
You've only been irritated and saying you don't like this and that!
Hey. Why are you speaking like this in the street?
It's embarrassing.
Embarrassing? I'm embarrassed too!
What do you think the people at the rings store thought about us?
Why should I have to continually match your wants and needs?
Don't then.
If I don't... .What if I don't hold it in either?!
Now I see why couples break up before even getting married.
I'm telling you now. Even after marrying you, I won't be able to just look to you.
I can't adjust myself for you.
When did you ever?
What's all this? It's because of my mom.
It's not because of Mother (in-law).
If so, why did you say you were going to marry me?
Yeah. I'm regretting why I said that.
I think we should think about it again.
So you weren't able to get your dress yet?
He doesn't even talk to me at home.
When we run into one another he avoids me.
What? There's not many days left...
He said he regrets asking me to marry him,
and that we should think it over.
No, you know how Baek Seung Jo is normally cold like that.
Even if he says that, he doesn't mean it.
The business hours are over.
Oh, Seung Jo!
Come on in!
Have a seat.
You were reading a book?
From a dad to his daughter...
I wanted to talk to her about it.
What brought you here at this time?
I have something to tell you.
Doesn't it look beautiful?
It would be nice drinking coffee with those cups.
Yes, it looks beautiful.
Why does a bride-to-be's face look so upset?
Is Seung Jo being a pain?
Wow, how beautiful.
Hey Dad.
Ha Ni, what are you doing?
Oh, is that so?
Then come here for a moment.
Why, did something happen?
I understand. I'm coming now.
Oh! Ha Ni.
Where are we going?
Where are we going, exactly?
You will find out once we get there.
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Seung Jo wanted to greet your grandmother and mother.
I was busy so I forgot about it.
Nice to meet you, Mother.
Your grandson-in-law is here.
Do you like it?
I'm worried because Oh Ha Ni isn't listening to me already,
but you don't have to worry.
I will take care of her.
I hate you.
Hate ?
I like it.
Thank you.
I'm getting married.
Kyung Soo sunbae is going to be the host.
Officiator. Let's not have an officiator.
What about our honeymoon?
Where are we going for our honeymoon?
Do we have to go? We don't have much time.
There you go again!
Fine, fine.
Where? Is there a place you would like to go?
Yes! Italy? Perhaps Rome!
Rome? In your dreams.
I was just joking. Even if it's not far away, I hope we go to an island.
Island. Okay then
Alright then.
How about Yeo Eui Do?
Yeo Eui Do?
Yeo Eui Do was once an island as well
Or...Bam Island?
Right!...Ddook I sland!
Ddook Island?!
How annoying.
Let's determine with this.
If 3 of the same pictures appear after a shake...
we'll go to the place you wish.
But isn't there only a small possibility?
Jeju island, jeju island, jeju island.
Yeo Eui Do...
Jeju Island! Jeju Island!
It's Jeju Island. Wow!! Hooray!
Yes! Jeju Island!
How does it feel? It's tomorrow.
I don't know. It still hasn't hit me yet.
Have you packed your bag?
Yeah, just the basics.
What ,is it?
Open it.
Oh my.
Just rip it open, like this.
What do you mean "Hey"?
We searched on the Internet.
They said that the most important thing on the honeymoon is underwear and nightwear.
And fragrance.
See. You take a shower first.
Seung Jo oppa!
Then you wear this underwear all sexy, like this.
And you spray some of the fragrance.
Put on make up lightly as well.
When you take a shower, there is an important point.
What is it?
Never, ever, hum to yourself.
Why is that?
Men get scared when you are too powerful.
I see.
Hey, does Baek Seung Jo kiss well?
- Tell me. - Does he kiss well?
Was he good?! Was he good?!
How did he do it?!
What is that?
It's just silverware and a china set.
Hey! Why did you buy this?
I hear even if you do nothing, this is something you have to do.
I also bought a set of blankets.
It's in the room, but I don't know if you'll like it.
Oh my!
In law, please look to us kindly!
Please look to me kindly too, in law!
What to do.
Are you asleep?
So you're eventually getting married to Oh Ha Ni.
It seems so.
Why, you don't like it?
Of course.
Oh Ha Ni isn't smart and she's clumsy.
More than anything, she's stupid.
Doesn't even know how to swim but tried to save me.
Even though you're mean to her, she smiles about liking you.
I'm going to marry a girl much smarter and prettier than Oh Ha Ni.
But, I'm all for Hyung and Oh Ha Ni getting married.
I like you very much,
but to be honest, it is quite true that your personality has a few issues.
And so, I think that you should marry a person like Oh Ha Ni.
You're doing the right thing. Congrats.
Ha Ni,
I'm really happy right now,
because you're probably really happy right now.
When you're happy,
I'm happy as well.
Congratulations, Oh Ha Ni.
Have beautiful dreams
and I'll see you tomorrow.
They're the ones that wanted to stay up all night and talk.
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Why aren't you sleeping?
I can't sleep.
How about you?
Me too.
Thank you
for raising me this well.
Don't cry.
If your eyes get swollen,
other people tomorrow will say that the bride's not pretty.
Oh ?
I said not to cry.
Why do you cry when it's such a happy day?
I will smile too.
You too, have to smile tomorrow, ok?
The only daughter of a widowed father.
If she cries on her wedding day her life will be rainy.
I will smile.
Do you want to practice?
Ready, start.
Hello. Hello.
You must be very happy to get a new daughter-in-law.
This is my son.
I hear you're working on a new business.
- Oh sir you're here! -Congratulations.
- I need to come even if I'm busy! - Oh thank yoU!
One, two, three!
Me too!
-Min Ah, Min Ah come here! - Stand next to Ju Ri.
I'll be compared to Min Ah then.
I'm going to take it!
Congratulations, Ha Ni!
You are pregnant?
What happened to you!??
It's embarrassing!
Ha Ni, congratulations!
Marrying with Seung Jo, you're epic!!
You've succeeded!
You've done it!
Ha Ni, see you later.
Thank you for coming.
You look pretty!
Ha Ni, congratulations!
You look really beautiful!
Teachers getting married is pretty epic too.
Did you see that? You will one day get pregnant, too Won't you?
You look pretty.
You too.
I feel good that it's you.
I feel good that Baek Seung Jo chose you, not me.
Yeah. This is why I like him.
I'm thinking like that.
It's hard.
What's hard?
Baek Seung Jo has good taste in girls.
That's what I mean.
Hae Ra.
Be happy,
so I become jealous and marry quickly.
Okay, I'll try hard.
Don't try hard.
I feel scared when you say that you're going to try hard.
Oh Ha Ni's patience and perseverance...
To top that off if Oh Ha Ni tries hard too...
Everyone's dead...
All right.
Thank you.
See you later.
You came?
Ya, you look happy. You're smiling very wide.
Your mouth looks like it's going to rip.
You look good.
Of course.
Be careful, Ha Ni might change her mind after seeing me.
I could run away with her.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Soon, bridegroom Baek Seung Jo and the bride Oh Ha Ni's wedding will start.
What do I do, Eun Jo?
It's going to start.
Are you nervous?
Don't make mistakes again,
whether you drop the ring or you step on your own dress and slip.
Don't say things like that.
Do you want
me to give you a wedding present?
Yeah. What is it?
Give me your ears.
Ah, as you see, there's no officiator in this wedding,
so we'll have the two of them doing their own officiating.
I, Baek Seung Jo,
will respect and love my bride, Oh Ha Ni, whatever it takes,
will respect the elders,
will be a good husband to her,
I promise.
I, Oh Ha Ni,
with groom Baek Seung Jo,
will love and respect forever whatever it takes.
I promise I will respect the elders, and be a good wife to him.
This bride's dad is a very old friend of mine.
Until junior high, it was as if I lived at his house.
He's done a lot for me.
It was like that back then, and it was like that once we met again too.
I always thought that there couldn't be a warmer and nicer person than him.
This amazing friend of mine has now become my in law.
My friend,
thank you for letting your well raised daughter marry my son.
After thinking about what I should say,
I remembered my short married life.
On our wedding day, it snowed a lot.
And on Christmas eve, while we were eating the leftover noodles,
we said "Merry Christmas"
to each other.
After that, Ha Ni came and my wife passed.
I was holding Ha Ni and crying.
I remembered all that.
It doesn't seem like such a big deal, but I was very happy.
It was probably because of the hardships we endured together.
Like how my mother-in-law would call her Noah's snail all the time.
She knew what road to take, and she is a child who took that road smiling.
I was always sad and sorry about her being alone.
From today, since a caring and cool groom is going with her,
my heart is put at ease and I'm reassured.
Thank you, Seung Jo.
Go with Ha Ni to the end.
It is time for the ring exchange.
Groom and bride, please exchange rings.
What to do?
Here it is!
Thank you.
Don't tease me, Baek Seung Jo,
when you actually like me a lot,
starting from a long time ago too.
What are you talking about?
The second kiss. Instead of in the rain, it was at the pension wasn't it?
I was sleeping, how childish.
After doing that, being so coy.

What is this?
Everyone, the bride is really bold!
Look at you now.
Everyone let's give the bride and groom a round of applause!
Wow! It's so cool!
Can we get out and see the ocean for a little while and then go?
Let's see it and go, huh? Let's see the ocean and go!
It's so pretty!
Look at the color of the ocean.
It's really pretty, isn't it?
I feel like I've come to the South Pacific.
How can the ocean be that blue?
Are you still mad?
If you're done looking, let's go.
The growing of our two lovebirds, the bride and groom,
has been prepared through a video.
Please continue eating the food in front of you, and let's appreciate this together.
Since she was a baby, her beauty was different from others
This child, grew up to be a man over there.
Is that hyung?!
That's hyung.
I feel so much better. From now on, I don't think I can live holding a secret.
Seung Jo, you live lightly too from now on.
Mother-in-law, really. She went overboard.
Even though she was well aware of your temper.
Hey! Where are you going?!
Hey! Stop there! Hey, Baek Seung Jo!!
How long are you going to keep on following me?
Ah, about that...
Hae Ra!
Are you not hungry?
I noticed earlier that you hadn't eaten anything.
Do you want me to buy you food?
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It's different from the hotel that I thought of. It's really pretty.
We're over there.
Oh, how frustrating!
What kind of man has so little strength?
I'm sorry.
Oh, what's up with this? Are you staying here?
Do you not remember?
We sat next to each other on the plane.
Ah, yes.
Ah, check-in. Check-in!
Oh okay.
Couldn't even find the hotel gate. Making me come in through the back.
Ah, I'm really going to go crazy.
I didn't notice while I was sitting next to you earlier, but you're really handsome.
You could be an actor!
Ah, then we'll be leaving first.
Let's go.
Oh, excuse me!
You must really like hot dogs.
Do you not like hot dogs that much?
Should we go eat something else?
No, it's okay.
Please eat.
Do you want me to tell you something fun?
Eye booger.
What is this?
What is this? Hot Dog Eating Competition.
If you can eat 30 in ten minutes, you qualify for the competition in New York.
They can go to New York.
Between the ages of 20 and 40.
I can do it, I'm 21. Right, right?
Hey this...
Hae Ra, Hae Ra!
If it's 30 hotdogs in 10 minutes, then it's 1 hotdog per 20 seconds.
It can't be done? I think it's possible.
You're going to do it?
I should go for things like that.
I get to eat a lot of hot dogs, I get to go to New York, and I win, the prize which will probably be really big.
If I win and get a prize, I'll buy you yummy stuff.
Let's practice.
I'll eat this.
Count from 1 to 20 okay.
1... 2...
You laughed.
Did you not get sick that day?
You practiced tennis real hard for a long time.
I don't get sick over something like that.
What do you mean something like that? You practiced for four hours.
You were there for four hours, sunbae?
Let's eat... hotdog.
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It's so nice here.
And the ocean is right in front of our noses.
It is really beautiful!
Excuse me...
I'll try hard.
I know I'm not that great with a lot of things,
but I'll try!
I'll be a good wife.
Oh, what do I do!
The environment seems so good.
Ah, you're in that room.
Our room is over there.
It is really fate!
What is this candle light event?
It's our hotel's most popular program for newlyweds on their honeymoon.
You should be pretty pleased with just the meal alone.
The feedback is really good.
Grilled pork, eel, and lobster marinade.
Caesar salad as well as live music and picture service.
Should we try this?
On a weekday like today we have a wonderful wine service that's on the house.
A candle light dinner and free wine too?!
It is good.
What do you think?
Alright, we'll take this for our dinner tonight.
Yes, I got it.
We'll contact your room as soon as it's ready.
All you have to do is come to the restaurant next to the pond.
There's only 1 other couple that requested this aside from you. Seeing there's only 2 couples it should be quite cozy.
There's another honeymoon couple?
Oh my goodness!
I heard there was an event the hotel prepared for honeymooning couples.
I thought it was going to be real lame.
Isn't it really romantic?!
Our fates are really entwined, don't you think?
We should have just come together from the airport.
We had a really hard time finding it.
I'm not too good with roads.
Is that all?!
But both of you look young.
Yes, we're 21.
Oh we're the same age!
It is really our fate!
But you got married real early.
Yes well...
Shotgun wedding?
We're 11 years apart, but it looks more doesn't it?
- Please have some. - Yes.
You're even good at pouring wine.
Since we're the same age shall we talk informally?
Do as you wish.
Are you taking a shot?!
I don't know too much about drinking wine.
Ah, slowly! Slowly!
I think I'm going to throw up.
Why did you drink so much?
Are you alright?

Here you go pork chopped noodles.
Give me a fork please!
A fork?
Do you think this is spaghetti?!
There's a way to eat all foods. Noodles like this
you use chopsticks and go whoosh whoosh.
You need to eat it like that to get the full taste!
I don't know how to use chopsticks.
Didn't you say your mother is Korean?
Haven't you learned how to use chopsticks?
You need to know the fundamentals. Fundamentals, okay?
Do you know what fundamentals are?
You place the chopstick like this and you only add pressure to here and here.
And the other one you hang it off of here.
And you just move this one like this.
Where in the world are you looking when I'm here explaining it to you?
Here. Not like that, over here.
-Here, here! -Here!
That's right.
Wow the building looks unique.
They made it after the Great Mosque of Djenné.
It's an Islamic mosque in western Africa.
It's the biggest adobe building in the world.
Oh adobe.
How could they build such a big building with adobe?
Once a year they paint the adobe.
You see that thing sticking out?
They step on that to climb up--
Oh I see.
How do you know so much, Seung Jo?
Is it because you are a medical student? It'll be fun if we go around together.
I'm going to follow you around like crazy.
Ah! Are you alright?
Do you know you downed two bottles of wine all on your own last night?
Ah! Really?
That's really interesting, right?
Look at this! It's so pretty.
I am sorry!
Over there, over there!
This place is so fun!
Over there! Should we go over there?
Look here!
If you're the husband, take care of your wife!
Why am I stuck in this situation because of your wife?!
I am sorry , Miss Ha Ni!
Truthfully, I am worried too.
Seung Jo is after my wife.
Seung Jo?
Seung Jo isn't into women like that! Especially ones that force themselves like that.
Women like that?!
Force herself?! My Hyun Ah is friendly and very affectionate.
She's misunderstood like that a lot, but she's a genuinely nice girl.
She's too good for me!
Those two match really well.
Once we're done here do you want to head to the other museum?
I hear it's totally fun there.
Let's go to see!
Let's go!
-Oh, I am sorry! -What is this?
Wow! It is really cute!
Should we buy this for Eun Jo?
I don't think we need to buy it for him. Put it down.
Did you see me looking at you?!
Oh, really!
I'm here now!
Then you should have dressed better! What in the world is this?!
We went to so many places today.
I don't know how many museums we went to.
Aren't you tired?
You had to drive too.
Want to wash up first?
Shall I?
What do I do!
The time has finally come.
What to do?
Who is it?
It is me. Open the door, please.
What is it?
Let's have some champagne. This is really good stuff.
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You're a bit late. Would you like a glass of wine?
That's okay.
Have a nice time
Today's the last day.
What is this?
We haven't even been able to take a single picture yet.
You probably don't have to worry about that.
I didn't have time to be with you, only us two.
So, let's hang around with only us two for today, okay?
I look pretty!
This is why he married me I guess
Seung Jo. Seung Jo.
What is it? Who is it?
I wonder.
Seung Jo. Please help.
It hurts. It hurts.
Where does it hurt?
I don't know. It hurts all over.
Hyun Ah...
Just hold on.
Is it here?
No, I don't think it's over there.
Then, here?
No, don't touch her.
How about here?
Here, this is where it hurts.
Stop It!
Don't touch a woman like that!
Oh Ha Ni. What are you doing now?
I don't like it
when you touch some other woman's body.
I don't like that.
Oh Ha Ni! You married a person that's going to be become a doctor.
What are you going to do if you're jealous of a sick person?
Because I've touched them?!
Aren't you even embarrassed?
If you don't like it, then you cannot live with me.
Do you understand?
Miss Ha Ni!
Hurry up and go follow her.
What the!
Gospodična Ha Ni!
Finally, its only us two.
Seung Jo, you don't like Ha Ni right?
You don't want to touch her either, do you?
How unfortunate. You should have met me before Ha Ni.
If that's the case,
I wouldn't have even glanced at you probably.
I have no choice but to deal with you because of where we are right now.
Don't you dare compare something like you to Ha Ni.
I couldn't catch her.
I thought you wanted it to be just the two of us? So why are you leaving on your own?
Are you still angry?
Put yourself in my shoes.
It would be weird not to get angry.
But you're pretty when you smile.
When you smile I start to feel good.
It tickles!
Hey, stop it!
I'm sorry
I'm sorry.
That I acted stupid.
Getting jealous at those things...
You're cute.
Every now and then.
There are also times when you're beautiful.
From time to time.
But ...
Why do I like you?
You're not that pretty and you're only cute now and then.
Why would I always miss you?
What did you do to me?
Wait a minute...
I have something to prepare...
Prepare what?
A girl has things to prepare--
It's fine.
I can't wait any longer.
Good morning!
Why? You should have slept more.
You must be tired.
I'm sorry.
What happened? The alarm went off at 5am.
I was looking forward to what you would make for breakfast.
Hyung you can rethink all this.
Ha Ni, you sit down too.
Do you want to wash up before you eat?
I'm sorry.
Absolutely no need for that!
You're going to the library, right? I'll be quick so lets go together.
Going to study to get into the nursing program?
The son will be a doctor and the daughter-in-law a nurse. That's so great!
Well I can't take the certification until I get into the program.
If I don't then I may not be able to take it at all.
Oh really?!
Just because she takes it doesn't mean she's going to pass.
She's better off not being able to take it.
Baek Eun Jo fix that mouth of yours!
She's your sister-in-law now.
Oh that's right! We have to register your marriage!
What kind of reply is that?
I know you're busy, but there are priorities you know!
Hey Ha Ni later go with Seung Jo and--
I'll think about it first.
What?! Think about what?!
About putting her on our family register.
I want to wait and see.
Is that something to say for someone that just came back from their honeymoon?!
That was something that you forced on us, Mother.
Baek Seung Jo does any of this make any sense?!
Thank God Ha Ni's father isn't here!
What is it that you want to think over?
I don't know but something isn't right at all.
It just feels like we're rushing through it all.
You don't want that either right?
Is that so...
Then what do we do?
Changing your major to nursing.
Let's register once you pass the test to change majors.
What does that have to do with your marriage registration?!
No way!
What? Are you not confident?
You jumped into it and this is it?
No that's not it. There's a chance I may not be able to take it at all!
I'm sure it'll happen, some day.
Thanks to the amazing PKer team for all their hard work today. Thank you to all the viewers who waited until the channel went green for GO to watch this episode.
You won't put me on your family register until I pass?!
We can just do it!
Family register.
I like you Mr. Bong!
It was love at first sight!
But Mr. Bong says he likes someone.
Is it true?
You must love it. The old lady gets a scandal and everything.
By chance are you jealous? You're jealous right?!
- I said I'm not! - Whatever it totally is!
Ever since that day Chris isn't around much.
What the hell Bong Joon Gu? Why are you here?!
Are you crazy?!
I applied to change majors!
If I pass this time then go on a date with me on Christmas.
Hey what are you doing?
- Come here. - Hyung!
Yeah! Yeah, Eun Jo!
Man, I'm going crazy because I want to go on a date with Oh Ha Ni!
I'm late!