Master of Science in Biology

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Charles Tseng: All faculty members
involved in the program have to be active researchers.
So involving cutting edge research so that information can
be passed and we are able to train greater students
so that they can get good jobs and work enormous opportunities in the future
for them. Choose a thesis option, they will do...they spend more
time on research and they take less courses. If you choose
non-thesis option they take more course work but spend less time on research.
I want to mention one of our specialized training which is to analyze
human chromosome. There are only about five or six
universities in the whole nation that offer this program.
So I train students how to analyze human chromosome
and the that becomes a very important technique. So today,
almost all the clinical and genetic labartories in the Chicago area, they are all my students
because those openings, they couldn't find a candidate to apply, so they called me up,
I send students, and they are very happy.
So we provide them a specialized program.
We have a very...a group of very highley trained active researcher
as our graduate faculty and we're involded in cutting edge research.
So we can provide hands on experience to our greatest students
and the other thing is our faculty is very active in research.
We have a very updated equipment and facilities for our training and our
schedules are flexible. We do provide assitance-ship.
The teaching of research assitance-ship for qualified graduate students.
According to one study, 20% of the job actually obligated to health science.
So our graduates had plenty of delegate to enter any one of these fields.