Scrapbooking Tutorial #21: Doodle Much? 15 Patterns for Handmade Borders!

Uploaded by Pages4theAges on 28.06.2011

Hello, everyone.
Jennifer Neumann here from Pages for the Ages Scrapbooking LLC.
Today I have out all my
scrapbooking pens and markers.
The favorites of mine are the acid free ZIG Memory Markers.
You've seen me use those before.
I really like em' because they have a thicker point and then
a thinner point on the other end.
Today I have these out because I'm going to show you some little doodles
that I enjoy making on my scrapbooking pages.
I started scrapbooking back in the 3rd grade
and back then I didn't have any money
so I had to work with whatever I had in front of me
and what I always had was at least one scrapbooking pen.
So, what I did and what I continue to do is
to come up with some sort of simple pattern
that I can mark around the edge of the photo or sometimes I
do it around the whole scrapbook page itself,
but just making that little pattern somtimes
is a great accent and I think visually
it looks really appealing on the scrapbook page.
So, here are 15 different patterns and
some examples of how I have used them on my personal scrapbook pages.
Hope you enjoy!