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Episode 4 Part 2
Ah! It’s cold.
What is this?
You said that your eyes were tired.
Put this on for a bit.
Never mind, I am alright.
Ha! You made such a huge incident. What is alright?
We said that you collapsed and went to the hospital.
Then, should I say that I went home completely normal? It’s embarrassing.
Do you even know that it is embarrassing?
For someone who knows, how is it that you forgot your lyrics during a lip sync?
Who is the one that forgot the lyrics?
My condition was really low, okay?
Fatigue and stress because of an excessive schedule! And a sudden black out because of that.
You were like that?
When you are fine like this?
Ah, I don't know. Everyone says that.
I can put up an IV verification photo later.
"Won Kang Hwi, the best in the universe,
moves the fans’ heart through his IV fighting spirit.”
That will be the title of the article.
You must be so happy to be so at ease.
Because of whom am I being called to the company?
The Director must be really angry?
Of course. Knowing his personality,
do you think he would let it slide?
It’s Music World’s highest viewer ratings ever.
We recorded the peak moment of viewer ratings.
Oh, is what you are saying real?
Wait a moment.
The highest point is when Sir Me was on camera, right?
The response on the internet is good too.
‘Drenched in Music, Won Kang Hwi’s Tears Melt the Fans' Hearts!’
Melts fans hearts?
Who do you think, but Sir Me!
Sir Me’s intuition is really good.
Go and get rested.
Kang Hwi, you must go to the hospital tomorrow. Don’t forget to take a photo and post it.
Ah, what should I wear tomorrow?
Tae Ik, do well on tomorrow’s shoot. You know the contract ends here, right?
If you want it extended, you have to do a good job this time.
Hey, why?
I’m going to bed early.
I need to sleep early if I want to look good on film.
Only then… can I extend the contract.
Yes, go!
Go rest!
Yes, it’s done.
Aside from your eyesight shaking and becoming blurred,
do you have any other symptoms?
Ah, yes.
Other than that, not really.
I have used lens for a long time.
Is it because of that?
Yes, that could be it.
Have you ever heard that you hurt your eye when you were a kid?
But it was okay afterwards.
I keep getting uncomfortable because of my lenses.
Should I just get surgery?
Is Lasik better or is Lasek better?
First, you need to get a few more things examined.
An examination?
Sit here, please.
Put your chin in here.
Do you see the red light?
Okay, we’re taking it now.
Don’t blink your eyes.
It should come out well. Right?
Excuse me.
What is it?
Your skin looks dry.
Spray some of this.
I'll spray it on for you.
Don’t you know that I don’t use anything randomly?
This is what you use. I took some out and brought it.
Wow! How could you not trust people so?
Give it!
Here, this too.
What is this? Get rid of it!
Don’t you know that I get allergies if I touch anything randomly?
This is an organic pure cotton neck pillow.
Here! 100% organic pure cotton certified.
I was trying to be nice because you found the watch for me.
Seriously, you’re too much.
I’m sleeping. Be quiet!
Excuse me…
What again?
Can I look at this?
Wow! She looks great!
This dress, is it chiffon?
It’s perfect for the red carpet.
Movie star Jin Se Ryeong.
Ah! I’m a complete fan.
She joined the American drama. Have you ever seen that drama?
It is really the best!
She won Best Supporting Actress this time.
Whether it is her looks, body or acting,
there isn’t a thing that’s lacking.
Ah! And she is good at English, too.
Did she save the country in her past life?
I’m jeal...
Oh! Why?
You said that I could look.
I can't sleep because you're being so loud.
Baek Go Dong, you are the noisiest!
I am Take One's Lee Tae Ik.
Nature is always…
Cut! N.G.!
What's the matter, Tae Ik?
Is your condition not good today?
I'm sorry. Let's do it again.
One more time.
Hello! I am Lee Tae Ik of Take One.
Nature is al...
... always ...
Tae Ik, let's take a short break.
10 minutes break.
We will resume in 10 minutes.
What is it?
Are you not feeling well somewhere?
Tell them to get rid of them immediately!
They are also on the shoot today.
With whom?
With me?
Yes, they’re pretty, aren’t they?
Are you an idiot? Or are you doing it on purpose?
How many times do I have to tell you that I have fur allergies?
Wasn’t that only for clothes…?
What could be worse than clothes?
Those things that wriggle around alive.
I hate dogs, cats and rabbits, the most!
Ah! Why are you shouting?
I didn’t even bring them here.
Where is Go Dong?
Tell Go Dong to get rid of them completely!
If not, I won’t do the shoot today.
No, I can't!
Excuse me.
I'm very sorry, but...
Tae Ik has serious fur allergies.
If you could take them far away . . .
What is this?
You should have checked things like that beforehand.
We've already decided on the concept.
What are we to do now?
I'm sorry.
Can’t he bear it a bit?
It will only take 30 minutes.
If it gets severe, his face also begins to break out into red spots.
Hey! Assistant Director, get rid of these.
Did you get rid of them?
Hurry and come out. The shoot resumes in 5 minutes.
Did you get rid of them completely?
Yes! The dog, the cat, we got rid of them completely.
What is with your expression?
What? Are you picking a fight over my expression now?
Whatever, he has a weird personality.
You're working hard.
Cut! N. G!
Who is that during a shoot?
Aigoo. Department Head, what brings you here?
I wanted to ask you to do a good job on the shoot.
Ah, yes! It’s really coming out well.
Tae Ik is such a good model.
Tae Ik! Tae Ik!
What is it? The Director is calling.
Hey, Lee Tae Ik!
It’s been such a long time.
Glad to see you.
It's been a long time.
Introduce yourself to my fiancee.
I told you, right?
We've been close friends since we were little.
Why can’t you believe what I say?
You look so much better in person.
I am a huge fan.
Oh, I see.
Let’s have a drink after the shoot.
You’re coming to the party?
I request.
Let me record no. 1 in sales thanks to a friend.
Stylist, give me a moment.
It will be really difficult for you to control Tae Ik hyung alone.
I’m really sorry.
That’s alright.
We have to go straight back to the resort once the shoot is finished?
Yes, but…
can you drive?
This is slightly big…
So what? It’s not like I’m going to drag it with my strength.
Don’t worry, go ahead and take care of business.
Uh… to the company…
I will keep it a secret.
I’m good at keeping secrets.
Please take care of me.
You said that it’s urgent, go ahead.
Then… Did he really become a beggar now?
He became one. That is why he is living like this.
At one point, he was one of the richest chaebol sons in Korea.
Ah! What’s with doing that just to make a living? Like a loser.
He’s completely hilarious.
He mooches on you. Right?
They are made for each other.
What are you? Are you saying that to us?
Then who would I say it to?
Would I be saying that to the neighborhood dog?
Anyway, a dog would be better than people like you.
Oh my! Who is this girl? I’m completely dumbfounded!
Who’s dumbfounded?
Wow! How could a friend be like that?
Excuse me, do you even know what loser means when you use it?
If a Hallyu star is a loser, what does that make you? Would it be a pathetic fool?
Pathetic fool?
Hey, who are you? A staff?
You needn’t know! Don’t live like that!
It all comes back to you like a boomerang. Do you know?
Oh my! Look at her!
Do you know who my oppa is?
He is the department director at this company.
When did Korea become full of departments?
Everyone claims to be a department director.
What? Ah, seriously!
Oh my! Ouch!
This thing!
Ah, seriously! How could you when you are just a stylist?
Hey! What will you do if he can’t use his back anymore?
How will you take responsibility?
Oh my! Look at her clenching her fist again.
Why? Are you going to hit gain?
Fine, hit! Hit me if you can!
You did that first.
We did what first?
What are you doing, apologize!
Forget it!
The hell with apologies. First, get that woman out of here!
Get that crazy woman away from my eyes!
Hey! Lee Tae Ik!
How could you work with a person of such low standards?
Tae Ik, ask her to apologize immediately.
What is this at a shoot?
When do we resume the shoot?
That is...
Call me when we resume,
I will be resting briefly.
What are you doing? I said get rid of that crazy woman.
Don’t come close.
People are all looking.
You are really pathetic.
Rude bastard!
Still, how could he not even look at me?
Oh! Hey! Chaton! Chaton!
Baek Go Dong, where are you?
Ah, hyung!
It’s been ages since the shoot was finished.
What are you doing there?
Didn’t you hear from Stylist Jang?
Stylist Jang?
What’s up with this woman?
Educate your staff properly!
You even got lessons to become the heir.
So, how could you choose a person like that?
Hey, Lee Tae Ik!
Your standards have really dropped during the time I haven't seen you.
You also...
have become a lot weaker during the time I haven't seen you.
If you can’t win when fighting against a girl,
isn’t there a problem with you?
And, you are even getting married soon.
Take care of yourself.
Hey! Lee Tae Ik! Stay put!
How could you, when you’re just a show guy!
Just because I am nice to you.
Are you forgetting who you are?
You and I are of completely different standards.
I’m the advertiser. You are just a model.
You should know now that you shouldn't act smart to me anymore.
Oh! Oppa!
At least you are better than that bully stylist.
It wasn't even her business, but she got all mad
because we insulted you a bit.
See. That is why a person's environment is important.
Oh! Oppa! Oppa, are you alright?
Oh! What's going on?
You did that first.
We did what first? What?
Why were you fighting?
Hey! Lee Tae Ik?
How could you work with a person of such low standards?
Excuse me... Stylist Jang?
Where are you?
Jang Man Ok.
Jang Man Ok.
Jang Man Ok!
Stylist Jang!
AIsh! If I catch you...
Jang Man Ok!
Uh? Here! Over here!
Here! Here! Down below!
What are you doing?
Why are you in there?
And what is that?
Earlier, I think it escape from the shoot.
I came after it as it was escaping.
Someone had dug a hole.
It fell in and I came to save it…
Then come on out quickly. Why are you staying there like that?
That is…
When I saw it from above, I thought I could climb back out of it with this.
But after coming in, I realized it is deeper than I had thought.
Deeper than you thought? It looks deep.
Hey! Can’t you even make this estimation? Are you an idiot?
What? What is it?
I really thought I would die.
So… what audacity made you go down there, when you can’t even come back up?
You are an idiot.
Then what should I do?
It fell in and couldn’t get out,
should I have left it alone?
Then, to save a cat, you go into a hole voluntarily in the woods where there are no people?
Are you going to just keep nagging like that?
Why are you so mean?
You should save the person first when she is in difficulty.
I get it... So leave the cat there
and grab my hand.
Leave it and just me?
Then what to do?
I am itchy as it is… Should I get both of you out while sneezing?
How could you be so mean?
Then do as you please.
Whether you live or die in the hole hugging the cat,
I don’t know!
Oh! Wait! Wait a moment!
How could you just go like that?
Don’t make me repeat it twice.
I will pull you out after I say “1, 2, 3,”.
So put down the cat and grab my hand.
1, 2, 3.
Huh? Lee Tae Ik?
Look here!
Look here!!
Look here, Lee Tae Ik!
Are you al… alright?
You, seriously!
Did you hurt your back?
Oh! What to do?
Let me take a look. I can tell by looking.
Are you crazy? Where do you think you’re looking?
A cat... and a hole...
Now what are we going to do?
Don’t worry.
If you support me from below, I think I can go up.
Me? You?
Are you crazy?
Ah! Stylist Jang!
Let's see when we get up there!
Oh! A little bit more.., little bit more.
Stylist Jang, now get me out.
Say, “Please get me out.”
You crazy…
Please, get me out.
Grab on.
How can you not come out at one go. You’re a man!
1, 2 ,3!
It is because I fell.
What is this? We are back here.
Stylist Jang, start the engine.
The car key!
What to do?
I think I lost it.
It's not here.
You crazy!
Open it!
How can I?
Hold onto it for just a moment.
Are you crazy?
Then? You want to go in holding onto it?
Put it in.
Stay for just a moment. Sorry.
Will that do? Now hurry and open it.
I really can’t. You try it.
I think you will slide right in because you are slim.
If a man can slide in there easily,
won’t you be embarrassed?
Wait a minute. I'll give it a try again.
Come here and hold this briefly. Huh?
This . . .
Push hard!
Use your strength. How can a man have no power?
Seriously, you’re too much.
I almost got hurt.
The door opened, so it suffices.
You're not think of entering while holding onto that, right?
Then should I stay outside with this?
How could you? I opened the door.
I’m really dumbfounded.
Are you asking me to sleep outside?
Then? If we sleep together and get into a scandal, will you take responsibility?
That… Oh! But still...
That’s enough. Good night!
Right! Wipe your bloody nose.
Oh! Bloody nose!
Ah! That rude bastard!
Stylist Jang!
Stylist Jang, are you sleeping?
Can you fall asleep in this situation?
Really… extremely…
She is pretty.
What's this?
Stylist Jang? Are you sleeping, Stylist Jang?
Are you sleeping?
Ah! It's cold.
Tae Ik hyung’s cell is turned off...
And Stylist Jang won’t pick up.
Ah, seriously!
There are no traces of them having returned to the resort.
They exchanged fists with the advertiser and disappeared!
Then where on earth did they go?
I’m sorry, hyung… I should have told you and then left.
Great job as a manager!
Gather all the staff...
and tell them to search the shoot site and near the resort completely.
Got it, hyung.
- Lee Tae Ik! - Stylist Jang!
Tae Ik!
Let's look in there also.
- Tae Ik! - Tae Ik!
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Hyung wants to get this place back completely.
But I don't think he will return it back easily.
You are just a singer and a commercial model.
Man Ok, can you come to me now?
If you poke me, I will really not leave you alone.
What is all this?

- Let's go, Man Ok - Where?
If you want to catch the enemy general,
you have to enter the enemy's headquarters.

What is this?
What on earth is your intention?
You don't know what he will do knowing his personality!
Find him quickly before there is trouble!