Kids' food, nutrition & diet book - "this=that child size"

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Introducing this equals that child size:
a life-size photo guide to kids' food serves
by Australian dietitian and nutritionist Trudy Williams
This clip gives you a sneak preview inside the book and shows how easy it is to use.

Is my child getting enough of the right stuff when it comes to food and drinks?
How do I know?
Exactly what do children need?
These are questions that most parents and grandparents ask and are worried about.
Now you can find out easily with the help of my book.
You can actually see in real life-size, whether your child is having enough from every food group

and if not
where the imbalances might be.
this=that child size is a massive book of more than 340 life-size
photos of food and drink
that show you exactly how much and what every child needs.
Kids food, nutrition and energy needs change as they age.
At the front of each section is a table that shows how many serves a child needs at
different ages from 4 through to 13 years.
Find the age to suit your child and the table shows you how many serves to offer.
How big is a serve?
The photos show you.
Simply place the food on top of the photo to discover whether the serve matches or not.
Remember there are more than three hundred and forty (340) life-size photos of food and drink to choose from.

Sometimes the portions don't match up with the photo.
You may need to cut them down to size, or as in the case of this big banana, recognize
that your child will get 2 serves of fruit if they eat the entire thing.
That's great because all kids need at least 2 serves of fruit each and every day.
But for other foods, you need to take a lot more care.
A red alert button warns you.
A kid's serve is just half (1/2) a sausage, so if you offer a whole sausage then this counts as 2 serves.
Far better than 1/2 a sausage is this egg serve
or chickn leg.
Each has the same energy - that's kilojoules or calories - but the eggs and chicken leg are nutritionally far better.
You'll find some astounding surprises inside the red extra section.
Take a donut from any donut shop.
Just one third (1/3) of a donut is a kid's serve.
That's right, a mere bite for an adult is a kid's serve.
One third of a donut equals 1 small tub of yoghurt when it comes to kilojoules and calories.
And that equals two (2) small potatoes.
Potatoes and yoghurt are far healthier and much more satisfying than just part of a donut!
You can mix and match with this=that to choose foods that your child will eat across the entire day.
It's flexible and fun.
Change and choose foods to match the family's food.
Each of the following meals is equal.
Replace the corn with potato.
Change the cherries for canned peaches.
Pop in a chicken leg instead of the rissoles. And then finally swap the chicken for a mini-sausage
and the milk for yoghurt.
See how easy it is?
this=that child size takes the worry and stress out of nutrition for kids.
A child is born with a natural appetite regulator,
but that regulator is so easily corrupted and it knows nothing about quality.
Quality is up to you.
this=that child size will help you get the kids' food right.