Starcraft 2: For the Swarm

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BRIAN: Just to tell you a little bit about the format of this. We have about an hour
and a half. In the first half, Alex and Taylor are going to just talk a little bit about
eSports and Starcraft 2, of course, and answer, you know, basically just informally a bunch
of Q&A from the audience. And then for the second half, we actually have a bunch of games
that they're going to cast live here that are the Finals match of the ongoing Starcraft
2 Tournament that we've been having at Google for the past month and a half or so. We started
with 50 people. We've been running, you know, five rounds of Swiss to Top 8 elims and all
the way down to, finally, last night the Finals are played between Adam, who's an intern here--I
don't know where he is--and Ryan, who's--yeah--and Ryan, who is a techs op administrator in 43.
I'm not sure if he's here. >> Thanks for organizing everything.
>> BRIAN: You're welcome. All right. So without further ado, our two guests today, Alex "HDStarcraft"
Do is--you've probably all seen his YouTube videos. He's got over 57 million views on
YouTube on a channel. He's been interviewed by NPR. He's hosted the Invitational HDH tournament
during the beta, which was a huge tournament. He's probably got a bunch of other accomplishments
he can tell you about. Taylor "Painuser" Parson is also here and he is one of the top players
in the world. Actually, I think last night you were ranked ninth in the world. And he's
a diamond-level Terran player. He's been featured in PC Gamer as well as several high profile
tournaments, including the HDH Invitational and Intel Extreme Masters qualifier. And so
help me give them a warm welcome. Welcome, guys.
>> DO: Hey, guys. I just want to thank Brian here for setting this up and inviting us out
to come out to Google's headquarters. I've never been here before and I just went--came
from the dining hall or the cafeteria and I was blown away by how much food you guys
have. That was really awesome. Anyways, yeah, I'm Alex. I'm also known as HD, and this is
my very tall friend, Taylor. >> PARSONS: Yeah. Hi, guys. I'm Taylor. And,
yeah, we're here today to talk a little bit about competitive Starcraft 2 and eSports
as a whole, which is something very near and dear to me and which only recently we've been
able to do pretty much at a professional level. Pretty much my entire life, it interfered
with school, work, anything like that. But now I'm actually able to fly around the United
States and participate in tournaments, and it's been a lot of fun. So, yeah, thanks for
having me. >> DO: So I guess we're going to go ahead
and answer a couple of questions that--there's this laptop here with a bunch of questions
that I guess we can... >> PARSONS: Talk about eSports.
>> DO: Yeah. And I guess a lot of people out here, maybe you guys aren't familiar with
Starcraft 2 or eSports, or I guess, Electronic Sports in general. It's kind of a fast-growing
thing that started first in South Korea. And the game that was primarily featured there
was Starcraft: The Brood War, which is the predecessor to Starcraft 2 here, that's on
the screen. And that game has grown over the last decade to become one of the most competitive
videogames in the entire world. With the release of Starcraft 2, it's grown outside of South
Korea and there's a lot of thousand-dollar tournaments, hundreds of thousand of dollars
that have been poured into Starcraft 2 around the world. And basically, I guess we're here
to talk about that, eSports. And we think that it's got a huge potential to grow. It's
already grown quite a bit. There's been a lot tournaments. For example, Taylor and I
just came back from Raleigh, North Carolina where I casted and he competed in the tournament
there and it was a lot of fun. So it's worldwide, it's a worldwide phenomenon.
>> PARSON: Yeah. And especially, lately in the United States, it's really been taking
off. I think one of the large problems here in the U.S. was just--it was a culture thing.
In South Korea, the pro-gamers are actually revered. They're kind of like NFL superstars;
they're on commercials, they get endorsements. And here, it's like there's a huge cultural
barrier between professional gaming and like real sports, and a lot of people really don't
consider competitive gaming to be an actual sport. And I'll argue with people until I'm
blue in the face but it doesn't really make a difference. And I think now it's really
coming into the light and a lot of companies like Intel, Dell, HP, NVIDIA, ATI, they're
all starting to put a lot of money into these tournaments and they're realizing that it's
actually a good investment. They actually get a lot of viewership out of sponsoring
these tournaments and they make products for gamers, so it makes a lot of sense for them
to do that. And it's getting bigger in the U.S. If you're on remote, please mute. Please
mute. It makes a lot of sense for us to be doing this now and it's only going to get
bigger. So I'm really excited for the future of Starcraft 2. And, yeah, I think we're going
to take some questions now from--I think they're collected in-house so they're all from--they're
all from Google employees. And also, if anybody has any questions for us feel free to just
step up and ask questions at the mic. >> DO: All right, cool. So I guess while we
wait, if anyone wants to go up and ask us any questions we'll be happy to answer it.
I guess one of--a really good question here is, "How do we think Starcraft 2 is going
to evolve differently from Starcraft? And what do you really think is new and different
about SC 2?" Well, first--am I stepping on something? Okay. I think Starcraft 2--first
of all, there's a lot of different games that can be good in eSports, but there's very few
that actually get to that competitive level. There's games like--and me and Taylor have
talked about this--okay, a little bit technical difficulties. But I think there's a lot of
different kinds of games that can be good but there's very few that can actually excel
in eSports in general. Starcraft, Counterstrike, I'm sure a lot of these names ring a bell,
Quake. Those kind of games have the potential to be competitive and, really, they require
a high-skill sealing to be good. There's other games as well that can be good but they just
don't feel that competitive scene and they're not as competitive and interesting and exciting
to watch. So that's why Starcraft 2 it's just--it's this new kind of plateau. It's this new game
that's come out that I think has a huge potential to be competitive, to be--it's very exciting
to watch even towards the casual viewer, even if you don't know what's going on. Like a
couple of my friend back home, they never watch Starcraft 2, they don't even play the
game, but when they watch it, when the--for the first time when they first watched it,
they liked it a lot and it's really easy to get into. So I think Starcraft 2 has a huge
potential to evolve and even become better than its predecessor, Brood War. And I know,
Taylor, you have some things you want to take about that, so.
>> PARSON: Well, I think if darts and women's pool can be on ESPN, I think Starcraft 2 definitely
has a spot in the future. I think there--a while back, there is an organization called
the Championship Gaming Series or the CGS which was a company that actually tried to
do a direct TV-based tournaments with Counterstrike 1.6, and Quake 3, and--those are the games
that I used to play. I used to play Quake 3 competitively. But they actually went under
because there just wasn't enough of a buzz around those games in particular. And I think
Starcraft 2 is going to be great for the scene because it's able to unify people from all
different walks of gaming. People who play FPS, real-time strategy, first-person shooters,
role-playing games, you see tons of World of Warcraft players playing Starcraft 2 now.
And people who just haven't gamed in general before are now taking up Starcraft 2, trying
to learn how to get better, approaching the game critically. And I think it's just really
good for everyone in general. It's a tough mental game. It really sharpens your skills
as a gamer. You have to be really intelligent. You have to think very quickly and actively,
and make intelligent decisions while you play. And I think it's probably one of the harder
sports out there and I really don't see a skill cap for the game. I mean, there's people
that I consider great players but they're constantly getting better, they're constantly
evolving, and I've never seen someone that I thought was at the peak of the game or that
I thought couldn't get better. And the same goes for myself. Like I'm constantly looking
at flaws in my own game, flaws in my own skill, and constantly trying to improve, and I think
that's what makes it such an awesome spectator sport if you truly understand the game. And
even if you don't, it's really fun just to watch because it's exciting and they've upped
the graphics a lot with the new game. And it's just a really fun game to play in general.
So it's my two cents on Starcraft 2 and eSports. >> DO: They actually--we have a small nickname
we use in the community. And we usually tell people. It's kind of like chess on steroids;
Starcraft 2. It's just--you have so many maneuvers just like you can move the pawn, you can use
the bishop, and all those moves. I'm not that great with chess, but basically in Starcraft
2 you don't have the time to think about your moves, everything's operated in real-time
and you have--you're always presented by millions and millions of decisions, and it really comes
down to how you play strategically as well as how you execute your army and control your
economy. It's really a great game and I think that's one of the major factors that make
it so good. Please mute. >> BRIAN: It's creating a lot of noise or
something internally. Can you please mute? Thank you.
>> DO: Thank you, Brian. So, yeah, I guess someone has a question.
>> So one interesting difference between computer game watching and sports watching is with
sports, there's something obvious to look at. With a chess board, there are--there's
a board that you can--that--where the game is pretty much focused than with sports you're
following the ball, whereas with computer games you could be jumping all around the
map. >> DO: Right.
>> So is there some barrier to whoever's narrating for--I mean, is there some skill level required
to actually narrate a game to introduce to people what's going on as opposed to just--I
mean, you can't just leave the camera in one place. You have to...
>> DO: Right. >> have to follow the action. The action
could be going on at multiple places, so. >> DO: Right.
>> Could you talk about that a bit? >> DO: Yeah. Well, just like--in football,
like you said, there is always a one ball that you watch or basketball, there's a ball
that you essentially focus on. And if you think about the casual viewer, if they don't
understand the rules of football then when they watch the game, they can kind of grasp
the idea; you get it to the end zone, you get six points and then plus the field goal,
and you start to learn as you watch along. Obviously, if you play the game, then you
understand even more. And the real beauty about this StarCraft 2 in general is it's
very easy to understand; big armies clashing against big armies. Somebody has more units
at the end and that means that they are the winner, you know, so they're going to push
forward and win the game. And obviously, it's--it does take some time to I think get used to,
but for the casual viewer, if you start to watch a little bit it's very easy to get hooked
and that's how it started with me and a lot of my friends as well.
>> PARSON: Indeed. And also to that effect, there are--I mean, I know in Korea they have
a professional third party guy who actually just operates the camera and that's all he
does and the casters just cast what they see. And then also that's pretty much what Alex
does pretty much for a living. He dictates what part of the game you're watching and
he shout-casts or broadcasts that specific aspect of the game. And he understands, and
if I were in his shoes and doing the same thing, I understand that there's a lot of
people who aren't at the super high competitive level so you try not to jump around and be
really aggressive with the camera. You try and move slow and pan around and make sure
you're very like slow-paced with it and cover things that are not so much obvious but cover
things that people might not be looking at during the game. So point out things that
people might be missing or simple strategy, stuff like that. And then, obviously, the
big battles... >> DO: Right.
>> PARSON: Anything like that. Just make sure that you have your camera on that and you
don't miss it. It's pretty important not to miss those things. So, yeah, we're going to
go through a couple of these questions. If anybody else has--go ahead.
>> And other difference between traditional sports and eSports like Starcraft is that
element of multiple people on a team. In Starcraft, it seems to be solo player. Why do you think
Starcraft hasn't embraced the multiple players with shared control on the same team sort
of play? >> PARSON: We actually do that a lot. Almost
all of the top competitive players were all on teams and we have teammates that we practice
with regularly. We have a lot of camaraderie, and we do clan wars versus other teams like
organized clan wars. And I guess the closest analogy I can draw to a real sport would be
something like wrestling where you have a team but people compete individually for points,
and then your total team score dictates who wins the match. And I know in Korea, it's
the same way. They have professional teams that are sponsored by a company and everybody
represents the same team and they practice together, they live together, eat, sleep,
and breathe Starcraft together. So, yeah, we do have teams, but you're actually right.
In the U.S., it is a little bit different. The major tournaments don't really embrace
the whole team aspect of it. All the--all of the major tournaments are just one-on-one
competition and that determines who wins the big pot. But we're trying to push for it to
become more of a team-based thing because that's the format that we all enjoy the most.
It makes--it's much more fun that way and you also have teammates with you. Like, I
know when I was competing in the MLG, it's incredibly nerve-wracking to not have a team
and just to be out there by yourself, running through all the games in your head like going
over the different match-ups, the different strategies, not having a team, not having
that support. And I would really like for it to be like that in the future. But I don't
know if it's going to go that way in the U.S. But it's like that in Korea, they do have
teams. >> Okay.
>> PARSON: Yeah, no problem. >> DO: Okay. So, yeah, I think that would
be--it would be a big step if we can get some more team orientation in here in the U.S.
That would be really the ideal--the ideal stepping stone. But for those of you guys
who don't know much about Starcraft or Starcraft 2, there are three races and that's basically
three teams that you can be. It's Zerg, Protoss, or Terran. And Zerg is the buggy race, kind
of like the insects from Starship Troopers. The Terrans are basically the Rico Roughnecks,
like you like to put it Taylor. They're the humans and they're basically just like redneck
outlaws that got sent out into space, think of space like Australia. But Protoss is--the
Protoss are the, I guess, they're kind of like the advanced telepathic race. And they're--they
are kind of like the unknown, the mysterious, the enigmatic race. And basically when you
play Starcraft 2 you pick one of those races. If you play competitively multiplayer, you
pick one of those; you master it. Taylor is a Terran player so he plays the humans and
I'm a Zerg player so I play the bugs. And, yeah, there's three races and I think this
question is asking about, "It seems like there aren't as many Zerg pros as opposed to Terran
or Protoss." And the question is asking, "Do you think--do you believe Zerg is an underpowered
race or that they're being misused?" And since I'm a Zerg player, I have to say that I actually
play at--I play at a fairly decently competitive level around like, you know, 1000 diamond.
I don't think Zerg is unbalanced right now. And, of course, since this is a video game,
the company Blizzard, can always patch and make updates and changes to the gameplay.
But as of right now, I think that the gameplay is fairly balanced. I don't really have any
problems with it. >> PARSON: As a Terran player, I feel like
it's pretty easy to squash Zergs. I don't know. I think Zerg could definitely use a
little bit of love. If you look at like the top 30 on ladder, there's like three Zergs.
If you look at like tournament results for like the last couple of months, I mean, Idra,
the foreigner pro-Zerg who lives in Korea is like the great white hope for Zerg. He's
just like the only player winning anything and he's just incredibly talented. He's remarkably
fast, he plays really smart. And I just think it's because he's better than everyone. And
he sticks with Zerg, more power to him. He actually played Terran in the original Starcraft:
Brood War. And like every time I play with him, he's just constantly complaining about
Zerg and like how underpowered they are and everything. It's like, "Give me more Zerg
tears." I just can't take it anymore because Zerg was super strong at the beginning of
the game. And then Blizzard obviously patched the game and they changed the balance, which
is something that's also really important in Starcraft 2, and it's something that Blizzard
as a game development company, does incredibly well. They balance all of their games to a
level that makes them almost perfect. Like in Starcraft: Brood War, the original, I think
in pro-Korea, which is the best example because these guys play 12 hours a day, they get paid
hundreds of thousands of dollars, so the competition is just on a whole another level. And I think
they got it to the point where with three unique races in a game, they had the win percentages
at 33.33 across the board, which is like unheard of in any game. In any other RTS that you
look at or play, I've played a bunch of RTSs from other games and stuff, and they're just
so unbalanced. I mean, Blizzard just puts all the other game development companies to
shame. They have a much better development team and they're really good at balancing
the game. So I think in the future, regardless of what happens, as far as balance is concerned,
the game will be balanced. It's just a matter of time and it's a matter of top-level players
exploiting specific strategies and then Blizzard seeing, "Oh, hey, look this guy's winning
every single tournament doing the same thing every single time," and then eventually they'll
patch it. But sometimes it takes a little longer than I'd like for them to respond but
any kind of changes they make to the game are major and they're permanent so they have
to be really careful, so. >> DO: There are some units right now that
Terran has that I do not like, like Reapers and Hellions.
>> PARSON: Marauders. >> DO: I don't--I don't like those when they're
in my Drones killing my economy. Yes. Yeah, go ahead.
>> PARSON: All right. The next question is, "From your experience with SC game dynamics,
what are some of the lessons that can be transferred from that environment into a real world incentive
structures that we have for people?" Skip. "Are you interested in establishing an Internet
StarCraft School, e.g. $1 per video lesson? If Blizzard is okay with it, is such an idea
viable?" The idea is viable and I actually work for a company called Skill Capped that
flies me to events all over the nation and they pay about $4 per minute to the content
providers who make videos. And we make instructional video on demand for any level Starcraft player,
any race, and it's all from top tier players. There's about 10 of us right now making videos
for them. So there are videos out there that, like instructional and educational videos,
that I think you pay like a $6-monthly subscription and you get access to over 600 VODs or something
like that. So it's very cheap and it's well worth it in my opinion. And there's also tons
of free stuff out there. Like, my friend and I are working on this project right now called
the Strategy Bunker or the StratBunker, it's We have a bunch of
guides, VODs, I've put up a bunch of high-profile matches of mine; important matches. We're
all just give audio analysis of what I'm thinking during the game, my thought process, how do
I approach high level play, stuff like that. And then we also give lessons to more people
than I would like. Sometimes it's hard to balance playing and giving lessons sometimes
but I can't complain about the demand. And I'm really happy that the demand exists for
people who are actually willing to pay top-level players to get better. And there's actually
this guy, he's--I think he's the Prince of Dubai. He flew out a couple of the guys from
Team Evil Geniuses and paid them, I think, like $10,000 a piece for a week's worth of
Starcraft 2 instruction. So I'm trying to get on that level. Okay.
>> DO: Yeah. Whenever I come over to his house, he's always giving a lesson. Never has time
for his friends anymore. But I like this question right here, since he was talking about
You guys don't know I have a YouTube channel, too, where the casual viewer can go and just
enjoy some Starcraft 2 matches at And the question here is, "How important was
YouTube for your success and are there features you'd like to see that could enhance the Starcraft
2 viewership on YouTube? And how about things that would make my own YouTube experience
better?" And since, of course, Google owns YouTube I guess this is a great question.
I think YouTube was huge for my success. I mean, it was a great video platform obviously
that millions of viewers watch everyday. And it seems that there's a huge gaming scent
like there's a lot of viewers on YouTube that love to watch video games. I mean, why not?
And the cool thing about Starcraft 2 is that you'd love to play the game but it's almost
like you prefer to watch better players play because it's very stressful to play. I mean,
yeah. Even for myself when I sit at home and, you know, I want to play some ladder. After
a couple, I'm like, "Man, I'm pooped. I don't want to play anymore. It's too stressful."
So a lot of viewers are like that. They love to just go on and watch other people play.
The stress is on them and they get to sit back and eat popcorn, drink soda, and watch
a good cast. So I think YouTube was huge for the success that we're at right now. And as
far as features that could go to enhance the viewer experience, I guess maybe some kind
of a live chat system or maybe some way that YouTube could do some kind of a live stream
set up because right now, we're forced to use Livestream or Ustream, and I'd like to
have--YouTube to have maybe some kind of YouTube live system. And better support just for our
gamers in general because not only is YouTube a film and animation kind of thing. Because
if you guys look on the categories, they have film animation, they have news, education,
entertainment, but gaming is often kind of overlooked, but it's huge. There's so many
viewers that watch gaming videos, in general. It's in the millions per month. I think like
20 million, 30 million. So it's really quite--it's really quite a good platform. I really like
YouTube, so,
yeah. >> PARSONS: Just stand on the camera range,
if that's all right. Where are we at right now?
>> DO: I think we can go ahead and cast the game, but.
>> PARSONS: Yeah. >> DO: Does anyone else have any other questions?
>> PARSONS: Yeah. Is there anybody have any questions before we--before we start casting
some games? Go. Go for it. >> Hi. So, you know, I'm sure lots of us here
are gamers and we all, you know, probably had some friends who we played with when we
were younger, and somebody was the best one, right? I'm like--I thought I was like pretty
hot shit in high school. And then I went to college and I met a lot more people and I
realized, "Wow, I'm not nearly as good as I thought I was." But it's like--like how
did it actually dawn on you that you like had the potential to be one of the best in
the world? >> PARSONS: It's a good question. When I was
growing up, two of my best friends, a guy named--well, it doesn't really matter--but
Ryan and Garrett. I grew up with them, they both play Starcraft as well. And we played
games throughout our entire youth. We would rush home from school everyday and just hop
on and start playing with one another and we were all really competitive and we just
kept pushing other. And we all considered ourselves pretty intelligent and we would
approach games like very critically from a very young age when we were like 14 and we
just wanted to be the best. And I think one thing that really catapulted us was when we
started playing games online and just realizing how terrible we were when we played multiplayer
and just getting stomped repeatedly. And then from that, you start to realize that losing
really isn't that bad of a thing. As long as you have that bitter taste in your mouth
and you want to get better and you don't want to lose anymore, you take every loss as like
a learning experience and then you just build on that. And eventually, you get to the point
where--I mean, we competed in all kinds of different games, but we always played RTS--real-time
strategy games like Starcraft 2 on the side and or fun, we would constantly compete with
one another. And then when Starcraft 2 came out--or before Starcraft 2 came out, we all
actually played ICCup for about six months, which is like--it's just a program that allows
you to play on LAN with Starcraft: Brood War. And a bunch of the Koreans play on ICCup and
the competition is real thick. And we started from ground zero, which is D rank, I think,
at a thousand points, and I ended up getting C plus, B minus rank with Terran and Zerg
after about six months and I was just grinding out tons of games. And that's when I knew
that I could probably do it because I was competing with some of the best players, having
come in at six months when these guys were playing for eight, nine years. And that's
when I really gained the confidence to say like, "Hey, you know, I might be able to do
this with Starcraft 2. I should probably give it a shot." And then I just played a ton of
Starcraft 2 during the beta and now I'm here. >> Thanks.
>> PARSONS: Sure. >> DO: Okay, cool. So if nobody else has any
questions, I guess we'll go ahead and get to the featured content today, the main presentation,
which is--I guess you guys here at Google had a Starcraft 2 tournament, which I think
was 60 players. So we're going to go ahead and cast the finals, which features I think
an intern and an employee. I might be wrong. So we're going to go ahead and get into the
game. >> PARSONS: How many of you actually play
Starcraft 2? Yeah, right on. How many of you are Gold League?
>> DO: You should start at Copper. >> PARSONS: How many of you are Platinum?
How many of you are Diamond? Oh, wow. Right on.
>> DO: How many of you have never played? Okay.
>> PARSONS: So only about 10% of you. This is like [MAKES NOISES].
>> DO: We've been talking like this is for the casual the whole time, but there's a lot
of Diamond players here, so. >> PARSONS: Yeah, that is pretty cool.
>> DO: Is it on? >> PARSONS: Yeah, it's on.
>> DO: All right. Cool. So, let's see. I guess I'll be doing spectating duties.
>> PARSONS: All right. This is going to be awesome.
>> DO: So, is it a... >> PARSONS: Yeah, I'll stand up here.
>> DO: Is it finals game one? >> PARSONS: I think so, yeah.
>> DO: Is that Zerg? >> PARSONS: Did anyone in here, other than
Adam, compete in the tournament? A lot of you did? Okay, awesome.
>> DO: I think the front view is kind of up high? That little, too. All right, the finals
game one or then finals game two, is that right?
>> Yeah. >> DO: Okay. Can we have the finalists to
just stand up real quick so everyone knows who they are? Do and Vitosoy? So that's Do
and his opponent--is his opponent here? His opponent has a flu.
>> PARSONS: Okay. >> DO: All right. So this is the first game.
We're going to go ahead and load it up. And I think Do is going to be playing the Protoss
race. So I'm not sure what his opponent plays. Is my mic on?
>> PARSONS: Yeah. >> DO: All right. Hopefully, you guys can
hear me. So here we go. So we have a green Terran spawning here. It looks like they're
playing on the default map, The Lost Temple. And Vitosoy here is going to be the dark green
Terran, who has spawned at the 9 o'clock position. There are four positions you can spawn at
on this map. And so, that is going to be our human race there, the dark green Terran. And
his opponent is going to be the pink Protoss. Oh, really . Both players are making shout
outs to their local text tops. All right. So, okay. Good. Okay. So, yeah. Protoss versus
Terrans. I know that, Taylor, dude, you're very well informed about this match up. You
played this several times so maybe you can give a little insight about what you think.
>> PARSONS: Indeed. I have experienced dealing the Protoss scum. So it looks like a pretty
standard opening from our Terran player here. He's opening with--what is that, a 12 Barracks?
Yes, indeed. I think he might have done it on 11, but no big deal. Getting his gas up
as well. So it looks like he's probably going to open into a factory or he might just get
one Marine out and then switch directly into some Marauders. If we go to our Protoss player's
base, he is making a gateway and getting some early gas. So I'm kind of interested to see
where he heads with this, but looking pretty standard so far from both players.
>> DO: [INDISTINCT]. This is the base of Protoss [INDISTINCT] mineral patches which [INDISTINCT].
>> PARSONS: Here. Just put it--put it up to your--put it up to your mouth. It works.
>> DO: All right, so. >> PARSONS: There you go.
>> DO: There we go. >> PARSONS: Yeah.
>> DO: Cool. >> PARSONS: All right.
>> DO: So these are the mineral patches that the players collect to receive money to build
different things. These are the--this is the Vespene Gas, which allows you tech to the
higher level units. And essentially, Starcraft 2 is a game of war and strategy. The beginning
of the game typically revolves around collecting as much money as you can and resources and
then teching up and outthinking and outplaying your opponent.
>> PARSONS: This is definitely true. And then he is opening with a factory. So it looks
like we're going to see some mech play out of our Terran user, which I am a huge fan
of. I love meching versus Protoss, which is basically using factory units like siege tanks
and slowly pushing your opponent and constricting your opponent. It's a very meticulous style
of playing. Now, it looks like we got something building in the bottom of the map.
>> DO: Here we go. >> PARSONS: We got a proxy Pylon in the bottom
of the map and look for some kind of building like a Stargate or a Dark Templar Shrine or
whatever it's called; basically, buildings that I don't like to see and it's probably
going to catch the Terran user off-guard, especially if he makes a Stargate. It's really
difficult to deal with quick Void Rays in your base. Void Rays are essentially these
flying chandeliers that shoot like a blue beam of death that kills everything.
>> DO: They are very nasty to deal with. >> PARSONS: Yeah, they're really good.
>> DO: Yeah. >> PARSONS: I don't know what to deal with
Void Rays, man. >> DO: Blizzard, if you're hearing us right
now, please fix the Void Ray. >> PARSONS: All right. So at the Terran player's
base, he has opened with a very fast Starport here. Interestingly enough, he hasn't lifted
it off and added it to any of the tech labs or any of the add-ons that he's got. So he
just got a Starport, kind of chilling there and also producing a secondary barracks. But
we have some units pushing across the map for our Protoss player and it looks like OOoOOooOorly
wants to add some pressure right now. And then let's see how effective this is going
to be. I think force field is going to be a very key here, but that force field is not
really going to allow him to add any pressure. In fact, that kind of helped the Terran player.
And I think he's going to be forced to fall back.
>> PARSONS: Yeah. He basically created a nice little wall for the Terran player to keep
his Marines behind and prevented his own Zealot from getting up there. What you want to do
in a situation like that is try and split the Terrans army in half or trap about half
of the marines on your side of the ramp, right? >> DO: Absolutely.
>> PARSONS: Let's see what the proxy building is. Let's see what's going on. We've also
got a scouting factory. Oh, no, don't you laugh. This is--this is fairly standard, actually.
>> DO: Oh. >> PARSONS: I do this all the time.
>> DO: So you do have a Void Ray coming out of the Stargate.
>> PARSONS: Oh, man, he is supply-blocked, though, so the Void Ray is going to take a
little while to get out. The scouting factory is actually a great scouting maneuver. It
has pretty much infinity hit points and you can get a full scout on the entire Protoss
base, which is really important because if you burn a scan, that's essentially like 270,
300-ish minerals and you're not necessarily going to find the buildings that you really
need to see in a Protoss player's base. So I like to fly a factory in and see what's
going on. >> DO: All right, so it looks like we have
the Protoss player, OOoOOooOorly trying for a second attempt here to add some pressure
to the Terran player. What the Terran player still doesn't realize is there are Void Rays
kind of building up towards the south side of his base and these could be very deadly
if the Protoss tries to go for that two pronged attack. He also has a Pylon warping in. And
something that Protoss players can do is actually warp-in units through the Pylon, but it looks
like we have a Banshee also trying to add some pressure to the economy of the Protoss,
but that's going to be warded away by those two Stalkers and the Banshee is going to be
forced to fall back. >> PARSONS: It's too bad he didn't have cloak
right there, huh? He would have... >> DO: If he had cloak, he could have done
some damage to the economy of the Protoss. But look at this, another force field to block
himself from entering the Terran player's base. It's like he doesn't want to go in.
>> PARSONS: I get what's going on here. This is like the whole, "I'm going to pretend to
run up your ramp and then force field so you can't get out while I pulled up my Void Rays
secretly." >> DO: And the Void Rays are coming in from
the back. >> PARSONS: There we go. The Void Rays are
already charged up. They're in Super Saiyan mode. Nothing can stop them now. And as a
Terran player, this is pretty much the worst possible situation you could be in. This is
where I'm like banging my head against the keyboard and talking about how ridiculous
this game is. >> DO: This was some pretty sneaky play by
the Protoss player. But now it's forcing the Terran to pull all of his SCVs off to try
to repair the bunker. All the forces have walked up into the Terran main right now and
they're inflicting heavy casualties on the Terran Bio, and all the SCVs are forced to
fight the Stalkers as well. Not a good position to be in. The command center also dies from
the Void Rays. I think this might just be a good game for Vitasoy.
>> PARSONS: Not in--Great game. >> DO: Good game indeed.
>> PARSONS: So as a rule of thumb now, I've pretty much just been making a single Viking
first against all Protoss players just in case something like that is going on, because
if you don't have a Viking it's pretty much impossible to stop that. Like, if you guys
saw, he--what did he have, like, maybe 10 Marines with stimpacks. And once the Void
Rays are charged to level 3, the Marines just get liquidated. It's like they're not a viable
counter to Void Rays unless you have like 20 plus or something like that.
>> DO: Yeah. That was--it was a bit of a difficult position if you're a Terran player. Even as
when I'm a Zerg. If you--if there's a Protoss player putting a Stargate somewhere near [INDISTINCT],
it's very hard to see that. And when they come, sometimes I'm just not prepared. So,
obviously, that game [INDISTINCT] was not prepared.
>> PARSONS: Indeed. Mute. Remote people, mute. Are they like tuning in as we go like hopping
in? Okay, that makes sense. >> DO: All right, so that was the first game
and this is a best of three. So if OOoOOooOorly wins the second game, then he is the Google
Starcraft 2 champion. >> PARSONS: Of the world.
>> DO: Of the world, so. Well, Google is the world, so.
>> PARSONS: Indeed. Google owns the world's information.
>> DO: Here we go. So game number two between Vitasoy and OOoOOooOorly. Vitasoy--it looks
like they've decided to play on Xel'Naga Caverns, which is an interesting map; very wide open
natural expansion, hard to hold on to. Vitasoy here are going to be spawning as the green
Terran at the top right-hand position. And his opponent who won the last game, OOoOOooOorly,
going to be, once again, Protoss, pink Protoss down in the bottom left.
>> PARSONS: I find this map very difficult to play versus Protoss on just because of
all the wide open areas at the natural. And then if you go to the middle of the map, at
the--at the Xel'Naga towers--go check it out real quick for me.
>> DO: Sure. >> PARSONS: Thanks. If you get like right
here, if you look at the wall to the central area in the middle of the map, so like from
the Xel'Naga to mid right there, Protoss can force field really well right there and just
like split your army in half and create this death trap in the middle of the map. And a
lot of Protoss players will bait you. They'll like lull into a false sense of security.
And you're like, "Okay, I've got this. I'm winning, I'm winning." You push across and
then they just force field your army in half. >> DO: Well, that's one of those tactics that
can be really brutal if they cut your army in half and then you're forced to basically
fight or retreat and lose half of your army. >> PARSONS: Yeah, that's...
>> DO: It's nasty against Protoss. >> PARSONS: It's really hard to deal with.
And, I mean, maybe if you have like Ultras or Colossus or a Thor or something to stomp
on the force fields that would be great, but I never have that. So I'm always in a situation
where my units are just stuck for like 10 seconds.
>> DO: All right, so Vitasoy, opening one Barracks, one Refinery. Relatively standard;
not walling off his frontal door. And the enemy Protoss is going to get his scouting
probe inside. Keep in mind that in Starcraft 2, you do need to have vision by sending a
unit in, otherwise, you're completely in the dark. And any good Protoss player will always
try to harass those SCVs that are constructing those buildings. It's always a nasty thing
to deal with if you're a Terran. >> PARSONS: Yeah, it's super annoying. And
the shield regeneration rate in Starcraft 2 is a lot faster than it was in Brood War.
So probes can essentially get, I don't know, about five--if they're microing perfectly,
a Protoss player can get about five SCVs to half, if not kill one of the SCVs that's building
a building. And it's just frustrating to deal with.
>> DO: Absolutely. >> PARSONS: That's kind of why I enjoy walling
because, really. walling off against Protoss I think it's pretty essential. Otherwise,
they can Chrono Boost out that first Zealot and just send it straight to your base. Like,
for instance, if you just sent this one Zealot straight to his base, it would probably show
up at around the time there are two Marines. And a single Zealot can kill two Marines very
easily. If not just run straight to the mineral line and kill a few SCVs and it's pretty much
free to wall off, so why not do it? >> DO: Now, I'm curious to see what OOoOOooOorly
is going to try to do in this game because in the last game, he tried to pretty much
cheese his opponent through a Proxy Stargate, which, you know, also known as throwing that
Stargate in a very hidden location. And what do we have here in this game? A Pylon all
the way in the bottom right hand corner of the map and he's warping in a Gateway. This
is actually nowhere really--it barely helps the distance between his Gateway all the way
to the Terran base. So I'm really interested to see why he's put this Gateway up--out here.
But of course, the Terran player doesn't see this. So this could be a surprise attack.
There's also a second Gateway coming in for OOoOOooOorly. Meanwhile back at the Terran,
he's got a Factory up, getting a Tech Lab on that Factory, and teching straight up to
that Starport once again. The last game, he made pretty good use of that Banshee but ultimately
was not able to hold off the Void Ray attack. >> PARSONS: I actually really like this play
from the Protoss player. Basically, he's building two gates in his main and then he's proxying
the other two Gateways. So like in the event that the Terran does scout his main or scans
his main, he's only going to see those two Gateways. So he's not going to think that
there's some kind of really aggressive four gate push, which is what's coming to his front
door in about two seconds. I really don't think he's anticipating this and he also opened
with the one, one, one, which is the Barracks into Factory into Starport build. So he is
not going to have many units to deal with an all-in rush like this and I hope, for his
sake, that he builds a Bunker at the front door because that would help him a lot.
>> DO: Speaking of which, he is getting a Bunker at the front door, Painuser, and I
think this will help to bolster that ramp when the four gate attack does come. These
Gateways is not--the fourth one not morphing into a Warp Gate quite yet. We should see
a Pylon going up. There we go. This is going to help the Protoss player bring in reinforcements
right away right across the entire set of the map. And nice force field there. Oh, blocking
off the rest of the Marines. This is going to be able to take out all those Marines.
These Stalkers are fairly good. Three Stalkers versus three Marines; a good trade if the
Stalkers don't die. And there we go. Now, the Terran player is in a lot of trouble.
>> PARSONS: Yeah, he's in a ton of trouble. If he had--I don't know why he pushed down
his ramp like that. That's a super risky move, especially when you know that there's a Sentry
like sitting right outside your ramp and you have a Bunker up. You might as well just load
up, wait until you get the Banshee out and then see what happens. And I think he might
be scouting these proxy Gateways... >> DO: He might just did.
>> PARSONS: ...with the Banshee right here. >> DO: Oh, it's going to be so close. I think
that... >> PARSONS: Did he not see that?
>> DO: He did not see the Stargate. >> PARSONS: Oh, my God. That--that's such
bad luck. >> DO: That is brutal.
>> PARSONS: I hate it when something like that happens.
>> DO: Yeah. He has no idea where all these forces are coming from because right now he
thinks, "Only two Gateways in the Protoss main. Is OOoOOooOorly cheating? How is he
doing this? Bring in so many forces." And he is going to get this Banshee into the Protoss
base, but is it too little too late just like the previous game? We'll have to wait and
see because this is a very menacing Protoss ball right outside the Terran front door.
They're just going to walk up. Brutal. >> PARSONS: Oh, yeah.
>> DO: There we go. >> PARSONS: Yeah, the toss is coming in with
a ton of Stalkers here. And his Banshee is just attacking the Assimilator. He hasn't
killed a single Probe. >> DO: Well, it's…
>> PARSONS: And, yeah, it has zero kills and it's getting taken out by Stalkers now. So
that's just too bad. >> DO: Yeah, GG.
>> PARSONS: He has too many Stalkers to deal with.
>> DO: GG from the Terran player. So the Protoss player, OOoOOooOorly, congratulations for
winning the Google Starcraft 2 tournament. >> PARSONS: Good work.
>> DO: Point 20. All right. So in anticipation of the Quake games, we also decided to go
ahead and cast a higher level game, no offense. We're going to go ahead and cast a special
game that Painuser has cooked up. This is one of his games against Catz, who's a very,
very good Zerg player. So this is going to be a high level Starcraft 2 match: Terran
versus Zerg, which is my favorite match-up. It's like the epitome of Starcraft. So here
we go. We're going to go watch a two-part game. Both of them are going to be pretty
good hopefully. >> PARSON: It's also my favorite match-up
in Starcraft. >> DO: Oh, I bet.
>> PARSON: I enjoy ZvT a lot. >> DO: I bet. I bet you do.
>> PARSON: ZvT is a lot of fun. I think there's a lot of different stuff you can do, a lot
of different openings. >> DO: Taylor, you are so friendly in the
beginning of every game. Wassup, dude? >> PARSON: Yup.
>> DO: Here we go. So Taylor is going to be spawning--Taylor, the tall guy right here,
as the red Terran at the 6 o'clock position, also going to be on Lost Temple. I'm assuming
this is a ladder match, is it not? >> PARSON: Yeah. We cued up twice on ladder
and then he immediately posted the replays on his clan website. So I think he beat me
in one of them. I'm not sure which game it is, but that's pretty standard. When people
beat you on the ladder, they go post all the replays everywhere and talk about it, but…
>> DO: "Oh, I beat Painuser." >> PARSON: Yeah.
>> DO: I would post that everywhere if I beat you. All right, so let's talk a little bit
about the Zerg player here. Oftentimes, Zerg, this is a race we haven't seen all day today,
the buggy race, what they like to do is really pump that economy up because a Zerg player
typically versus Terran and versus Protoss, if they're even in terms of economy--and keep
in mind that these are the harvesters, these are the guys that get you that money--if your
behind or you're even with the Terran or Protoss, you're really behind. You have to be ahead.
You have to have an extra expansion. And you guys can see that there are extra expansion
notes where you can build those bases and start to double your income. And Zerg really
needs double--they need to at least get that income a little bit higher if they want to
be even with the Terran player. Very brutal if the Terran comes in with those harassing
units and they're not ready. >> PARSONS: Yeah. For Zerg, it's really important,
like he said, to get your economy going extremely fast. And then also, Zerg is the only race
that can make multiple mining units out of the same mining unit-producing structure.
>> DO: The Hatchery. >> PARSONS: So, yeah, the Hatchery. They can--they
can produce multiple drones at once and that--the key to playing Zerg is just to pump drones
when and where you can. If you're--if there's times during the game where you feel safe
and you have a window of opportunity where you can pump multiple drones, you need to
take those opportunities and pull ahead of your opponent in economy, otherwise, you're
going to loss the game. Because Zerg units, in a one-on-one situation or even in group-on-group
situation, don't fair too well against Protoss or Terran, so you need overwhelming masses
of units that you can freely draw away and replace. That's basically the whole philosophy
behind Zerg. Their units are really expendable. >> DO: What Catz wants to do in this game
is really try to control the entire map. As Zerg, you want to be able to infest and control
as many resource locations as humanly possible or Zerg-ly possible. And what Catz is doing
here--I really like this--he's actually got a fairly early second gas and he's pumping
that metabolic boost right away. This is fairly standard nowadays in ZvT; get speed before
getting that fast expansion Hatchery down because speed for your Zerglings really helps
deal with any kind of fast small Marauder, Marine attack, or Hellions. Speedlings are
very good against just basic one, two, or three Hellions. And, Painuser, maybe you can
talk a little bit about what your strategy was at this point in the game.
>> PARSONS: Yeah, sure. If you're on remote, please mute. And also, do we have game sound?
>> DO: We should have game sound. >> PARSONS: We do?
>> DO: Yeah. >> PARSONS: Okay.
>> DO: Yeah, that's on. Yeah. >> PARSONS: At this point in the game, I pulled
all my mining units off of gas because I wanted to get up a really early expansion and I don't
know if I've dropped the command center yet. Check my front real quick. I think, yeah.
So I've got two barracks coming up right now and a single factory. And I wanted to do a
Marine Hellion timing push really early on in the game.
>> Do: Always nasty to deal with. >> PARSONS: Yeah.
>> DO: If you're Zerg. >> PARSONS: It's always generally pretty good.
Usually, you can pick off an overlord on the way, at the very least kill a couple of Zerglings,
but I saw his base and he's just on one base with a really quick layer coming, so I was
super thrown off by this. He also has no fighting units to speak of. He has a single Queen.
So I got a full scout on his base. And at this point, I was jus thinking one base me
to--that's really the only opening that I could think of him going and I was just trying
to get in there and do a little bit of harassment, but he popped out Speedlings at the perfect
time right as my first Hellion got in there. So I was unable to do any damage with that.
And now, I was just focused on getting an expansion before he got his up. And I do have
a Command Center building in my base safely behind my wall in.
>> DO: Hellion gets taken out there by the Speedlings right as it approached the safety
of the Marines on that high ground. Little bit of a loss there for Painuser. And Catz
now is going to be able to take map control with his Speedlings. And the unfortunate thing
here for Zerg against Terran is--oh, if Painuser doesn't lift up that Supply Depot, that is
a frontal door right there. Those Zerglings could get in there and do a lot nasty damage,
but it looks like Pain is now going to move out, going to try to secure that natural,
going to thrown down a Bunker, and as well as add a Reactor on this Barracks because
he is anticipating that muta-attack fairly soon. Also getting a Tech Lab here for those
upgrades and is now going to try to secure that frontal expansion. This is going to be
a key part in the game. Can he secure it or are the Zerglings going to flood in and do
too much damage. It looks like the Hellion there with that Flamethrower roasting away
one Zergling. And back inside the Zerg base, we do have a Spire coming up and I love the
placement of the Spire away from where the ComSat would technically scan it if Painuser
had scanned already. This is not going to be seen by Pain but I think he can anticipate
the Mutalisks coming. >> PARSONS: I actually scanned his base at
one point and I completely missed the Spire because of the location. What he's doing right
there is he's using the Overlord ability to drop creep on the ground and it enables you
to build Zerg buildings like in random places. I've seen people put them like on top of their
ledge at their natural, just all over the place and it makes it really hard to anticipate
what unit they're actually using. But judging from his opening, I figured that--there's
another Hellion gets picked off right there--judging from his opening, I figured--but really with
these Hellions that I'm sending out, all I'm really trying to do is figure out how many
units he has, what kind of units he has, and what tech buildings he has. And he's pretty
much denying me from doing that but I'm more than ready for the Mutalisks when they come
in. I all ready have Missile Turrets up in all the key locations and I'm starting to
get Thors out as well and mix them in with my army. So I think that a one-base Mutalisk
opening like the way he did it can be really effective, but you have to catch the Terran
off-guard. And I think it would almost be good to drop something like a Roach Warren
or some other type of tech building just to make me think that you're doing something
like that and then drop the Spire afterwards, and just completely switch it up on me.
>> DO: Great positioning of the Turrets here by Painuser, which is going to ward away those
air units and the Marines also can shoot air as well, fending away those Mutalisks once
again. The nice thing for the Zerg player right here, the blue player, is he's got complete
map control against the Terran. Terran is pretty much walled in because they're fearful
of moving out for those Mutalisks, which control the skies right now. And what Catz can do,
our Zerg player, is grab a third expansion. Looks like that's what he's planning to do.
His harvester count is significantly higher than the
Terran player's, 44 over 33, and now he's starting to secure this gold. The gold minerals
give a little bit more increased income than the blue. And we should expect to see Painuser.
He's going to have to push out soon. He just needs to bulk up that Terran Ball, move out,
and make something happen. But right now, Catz controls the sky and he's getting that
Baneling Nest which is very brutal against Terran Bio. Those things just roll in, explode,
and do so much damage. >> PARSONS: Yeah, they really do. They're
tough to deal with. And they're really underused. A lot of Zerg players don't really use Banelings
too much. I think they're one of the better units that Zerg has, especially if you use
burrow, and wait for people to walk over your Banelings, and then just blow them all up,
kill their whole army; that works out pretty well. And a lot of people don't keep mobile
detection with their army. All of these Terran, you have to get a Raven against Zerg and that's
your only form of mobile detection. So I don't often get Ravens against Zerg unless I know
that they're going for some kind of burrow play or burrowed Roaches or something like
that. It's very rare that I actually get a Raven.
>> DO: Absolutely. It's not often that Zerg players go for invisible types of units. It
looks like this is the push we've been waiting for. And here's the key part of the game;
can the Thor do enough damage to the Mutalisks? Thor did splash damage to air. Looks like
some Mutalisks taking hits right there but I don't think any fell. The one thing Catz
wants to do here is spread his Mutalisks out, fly them above the Thor, and then engage.
But he's also got to be careful about those Marines, especially with stimpacks which,
a.k.a drugs, makes them shoot about two times faster for a temporary amount of time. So
what Catz needs to do is get his Banelings. These are the Banelings, ladies and gentlemen,
and they do a lot of damage to infantry where they just roll in there and they take so much
away from the Terran forces. So if we look at the income tab, we still have Catz ahead,
1,800 to 1,400. It looks like Pain is going to try to secure that gold expansion and this
is a wise play, slowly push off the Terrans; slow push, control the map and slowly increase
your territory, but these infesters could prove to be a bit of a problem--problematic
for the Terran forces, especially that Fungal Growth and Baneling combination.
>> PARSONS: Yup. Fungal Growth and Banelings both go together really well. They're very
synergistic combination of units. The Fungal Growth roots all of your units in place so
that they can't move, and then the Banelings just roll in and blow everything up. And it
makes it--it makes Banelings that much better because you can't run away from them pretty
much, and that's really the only counter to Banelings is to run away. And right now, I'm
just trying to fortify the middle of the map and make sure that I have a secure position
there which will allow me to safely take my third expansion. So if you see, I'm dropping
a bunch of random Bunkers and I'm doing that because I know he has a bunch of Banelings.
So I'm really worried that he's just going to try and attack me during a timing window
when I'm not paying attention or try and do something sneaky, so I'm just fortifying up
the middle of the map. And I know that I have Turrets at my main and my natural so I'm not
really worried about Mutalisks harassing my main or my natural--my natural expansion,
which is the one right outside my main base. And he is actually trying to--trying to harass
me a little bit with the Mutalisks right now but largely ineffective with his harass. He
hasn't really managed to do any critical damage to me throughout this entire game. And now,
I'm going to go for a little bit of a drop. But if I remember this game correctly, I think
he shuts down my drop pretty, pretty well. >> DO: Well, let's see. If the drop ships
are going to come in right into the main and drop off these Marauders, Marauders with stim
take out buildings very fast. But those Speedlings is going to escape right on the creep, and
try to engage and fend off the Marauders. The Evolution Chamber gets taken down but
there was no upgrade being researched there at that time or perhaps there was.
>> PARSONS: There was. >> DO: Yeah, there was an upgrade. And the
Fungal Growth also stopping the drop ship. Just barely gets out of there with two health.
Meanwhile, the Mutalisks engaging at the center of the field but those Marines are going to
repel it away. Lots of action currently in the game, but it looks like we haven't seen
that massive battle... >> PARSONS: Yeah.
>> DO: ...that we've been waiting for quite yet. That's a lot of Banelings, too, as a
fourth Hatchery trying to come up. This Marine is like, "Oh, God," it gets taken out right
there. And the Zerg here trying to secure his fourth expansion and he's also getting
Corruptors; I love this. It looks like he's going to try to tech up to the nasty, nasty
Brood Lords. He has the Greater Spire out which does unlock that technology route, and
Brood Lords are so powerful against any race. Unless our Terran player here, Painuser, gets
Vikings, he could be in a lot of trouble. His speed right now, 129, and the Zerg player
is at 167. It doesn't look too good for you, Pain.
>> PARSONS: Yeah, Brood Lords are amazing and I had absolutely no idea that he was switching
to Brood Lords. He totally caught me with my pants down on that one. I probably should've
scanned his base a couple more times. >> DO: Yeah.
>> PARSONS: Because he was on three base and I saw that he was only making Banelings, Roaches,
and lings, and he only had the few Mutalisks that he made earlier. So it wasn't massing
them so I should have--I should have known that something was up. But I was more worried
about those green glowing-like explosive things that I kept seeing everywhere.
>> DO: Those things are very, very nasty. >> PARSONS: And we haven't engaged at this
point yet, so I haven't whittled down his Baneling numbers at all. So there's basically
just this giant atomic bomb waiting for me in the middle of the map and I was really
worried about pushing into it. So I was trying to play passive and the only way to break
a passive Terran is to siege them with Brood Lords and Brood Lords are essentially flying
Siege Tanks. I mean, they can shoot really far. Right here, I actually managed to do
a little drop on the top of the map and pick off his fourth expansion without losing any
units. >> DO: Nice work.
>> PARSONS: Which was really good for me. That kind of brought me back into the game.
>> DO: Oh, if you lose these two drop ships, so that could be...
>> PARSONS: I think I do. >> DO: ...a nice equalizer for the Zerg. Catz
takes out one drop ship. The Thors is trying to evacuate the helicopter before it gets
taken out. That drop ship gets taken out as well and the Thors is going to repel away
those Mutalisks. So, oh, here comes those Brood Lords. So those are so nasty. They are
just going to force these Siege Tanks to un-siege and fall back. The Marines here valiantly
trying to push forward to the front lines to take out the Brood Lords, but the Banelings
taking out a couple. But it looks like there, Catz lost all of his Brood Lords. That's pretty
huge. But he's going to push forward anyways and try to make this game his. And he's going
to throw down the Fungal Growth. Huge battle here. And it looks like the Terran Mech might
just get penetrated by the Zerg forces today. >> PARSONS: I think it comes down to like
one Thor. >> DO: One hero Thor.
>> PARSONS: I'm trying to micro my Thors away from the Roaches so that he can't get the
one that's in red. And my two Thors managed to hold off everything, thank god.
>> DO: But the thing is the Zerg player--the Zerg player can macro very quickly. Oh, my
goodness. Look at this. Do these--no, these overlords do not have load yet, so they can't
pick these Banelings and Zerglings, but Catz is going to hide them amongst the bushes here.
>> PARSONS: Do I have it--do I have it coming? >> DO: So the Terran player cannot see. The
production tab is showing Ventral Sacs on the way. So I think Catz is just waiting to
get that upgrade for his Overlords. And then very soon, he's going to try to drop the Speedlings
and Banelings. There we go. The Overlords are loading up these atomic bombs and they're
going to go straight into--possibly the main or just drop them on the Terran forces right
here. This could be very brutal. What is Painuser is going to be able to do? I think this might
just be a diversion right here as he's dropping off some Speedlings into the Barracks. He's
going to try to halt the production of the Terran player. What are you thinking right
now, Taylor? >> PARSONS: I was just reacting. He's attacking
my front right now. It goes that--okay, here we go.
>> DO: Oh, Ultralisks are out. Oh, my goodness. >> PARSONS: Yeah, he attacks me with a bunch
of Ultralisks at my front right here. I was not ready for that tech switch either. I would
have had a lot more Marauders had I known that he was going to switch to Ultra like
this. Well, right now, I literally have like three units. I have two Marines and a Medivac.
And he has like a bunch of Ultralisks running around my base and then he's also dropping
my main which I think I fended off with my Vikings. I picked off a ton of Overlords with
these Vikings. And right now, I'm just pumping units like crazy and adding production buildings
and building planetary fortresses all over the map.
>> DO: Trying desperately to survive. >> PARSONS: Yeah.
>> DO: Oncoming Zerg onslaught; more Speedlings coming in. Taylor here, can you hold it off?
It looks like you take out that final Ultralisk, but the Speedlings are coming in doing significant
damage to your reinforcements. It is looking very bad for you. You've also lost all your
harvesters at the gold expansion. I got to say, this is not a good day for the Terran
Confederacy. >> PARSONS: Yeah. We're not doing so hot right
now. He really has me on my back foot right now. He's forcing me to react to everything
that he's doing as opposed to me dictating the flow of the game and me imposing my will
on him. He's just imposing his will on me right now. But a lot of times in the late
game like this, especially against Zerg, if you can just weather the storm and deal with
everything they throw at you sometimes you can get into a situation where you can bring
the game back into a stable situation. Right now, I have a Planetary Fortress up in the
middle of the map which cuts off his avenue to my fourth and fifth expansions. So if he
wants to fight me in the middle of the map again he's going to have to fight me in a
Planetary Fortress which is good for me. >> DO: This is not good.
>> PARSONS: And now I'm trying to go on the--I'm trying to establish a little bit of a position
passed the highway mark on this map, which I haven't crossed once this entire game because
he's been attacking me the whole time and dropping me and just doing all kinds of other
really annoying stuff. But I think I caught him in transition right here. He's trying
to go into Hydra Ultra and he wasn't really ready for me to push right now.
>> DO: Oh, my goodness. This could be very bad for the Zerg player. I'm not sure what's
happening here. It looks like--Pain, you know what, you weren't as bad off as you thought.
You actually had two bases to the other side of the map and it looks like you could possibly
take out his gold expansion. What a brutal comeback. If you could take out his Hatchery
and the remaining--cut off the Zerg reinforcements. I mean, one thing I got to fault Catz for
is he's not spreading the creep as well as he should be. You guys can see the creep is
just isolated to each Hatchery. Nice Fungal Growth to help, I guess, whittle down those
forces a little bit. But these Marauders here are going to go in and engage the Ultralisks.
Ultralisks are fairly good, but Marauders can micro away from those Ultralisks. Another
Zerg attack. This is Catz's last stand here. He has to hold this off. Surprisingly, Painuser
somehow making a comeback attack. Could he take out all Zerg forces? I think that's a
lot of carcasses on the ground and I think Painuser is going to push forward and possibly
secure a victory out of hell's reach. >> PARSONS: Yeah. It was--what happened was,
basically, as he launched that really aggressive last push...
>> DO: Or possibly what happened was... >> PARSONS: And here we have some Zerg tears,
the shrill of tears coming down. >> DO: GG.
>> PARSONS: Boom, the game is called. Do we have the one on Megalopolis?
>> DO: Well played, Taylor. Well played. >> PARSONS: Thanks, thanks. Indeed. I think
he might--he definitely gets the best of me in one of these games. So I don't--I don't
remember which one of these but I think it might be the other one that we have. I'm not
sure. >> DO: All right. So here we go. We're going
to go ahead and load up the final game that we're going to be broadcasting tonight here
at Google. It's going to be another rematch between Taylor and Catz; Painuser and Catz.
And here we go, it's going to be on Megalopolis. Catz spawning as the red Zerg at the 6 o'clock
location. And he is going to be here in Megalopolis. His opponent, Painuser, is going to be the
blue Terran over at the 8 o'clock location on Megalopolis.
>> PARSONS: One thing that... >> DO: How are feeling about that last win
there? >> PARSONS: That was a huge comeback for sure.
>> Do: That was a very... >> PARSONS: I thought I was out of that game
like the whole time. >> DO: I was not expecting you to come back
out of the blue. I mean, you were down in economy, he took out several of your harvesters
and somehow you just came in there with a final last "hoorah", last push, and you took
it. >> PARSONS: Indeed. And one thing that--it's
really tough playing against Catz because he doesn't really play like a lot of other
Zergs out there. He launches these like random aggressive attacks and he doesn't--there's
no precursor. He doesn't telegraph it at all. He just like masses up a bunch of units and
then just like rolls to your base, and says, "What's up?" And it's really hard to deal
with because most Zergs drone up very aggressively throughout the entire game. They just try
and play a very macro-oriented game and I think a lot of that has to do with the way
Idra plays who--he's basically the number one Zerg in the world or the number one foreigner
Zerg in the world. And when I say foreigner, I mean like us. Like to the Koreans, we are
considered foreigners and Starcraft is their world. They're so much better than we are.
It's remarkable. But right now, actually, there is a tournament I think for $150,000
U.S. that's going on in South Korea right now. And it's one of the first tournaments
that's--it's called the GSL and it's the Global Starcraft League. And it's one of the first
tournaments that's actually been open to foreigners. Normally, you have to obtain a pro-gaming
license in Korea, which is something that's very difficult to come by. You have to win
a tournament that's held I think by-yearly that like 10 to 15 foreigners have entered
and they haven't made it out of the first round except for one person, Nony, who is--he's
from the United States. I think he made it to the semifinals of one but ended up getting
knocked out anyway. So, yeah, no foreigners have ever obtained an official pro-gaming
license by winning that tournament, so. >> DO: Yeah, it's very difficult to get that
pro-gaming license. But like you said, it's nice that they have the GSL now; wide open
for any kind of participant who wants to come in and compete. Hopefully, maybe we'll see
you there in the next--the next competition. It's just stiff. There's a lot of good players
out there, so. >> PARSONS: There really are. I mean, yeah.
I would probably have to win a few majors here first before any kind of sponsor would
be willing to commit that kind of money into me to send me to Korea.
>> DO: There's always hope, man. >> PARSONS: Yeah. I'm hopeful. I'd have to--I'd
have to pull like a TLO and like nuke crush somebody and make the finals of a tournament.
>> DO: People love--the spectators love watching interesting and creative play. And for those
of you guys who don't know, if you play Terran, you can go for nukes which, you know, nuclear
missiles, which are very hard to use but there's always a crowd pleaser. And TLO, The Little
One, uses nukes so effectively and that's one of the reasons why he's become so successful.
But he is a great player, great player as well.
>> PARSONS: Yeah, he's really good. >> Do: Yeah. So anyway, let's go ahead and
talk about this game, Taylor. Looks like you're coming off fresh of that victory, comeback
out of nowhere. Catz got to be a little bit annoyed about that. So it looks like, interestingly,
he's--well, he's opened with a pretty standard Hatchery first, Spawning Pool later, getting
a Roach Warren out. He's pumping out four Roaches. He's only got one Extractor. This
is all you need to fuel your Roach economy. And I think what he's doing here is just getting
Roaches to possibly deal with Hellions that might come out because you do love those Hellions
and there's one right there. The Flamethrower on the--on the turret does a lot of damage
to drones and, you know, Roaches hold that off quite well.
>> PARSONS: Yeah, Roaches do very well against Hellions. And in this game, I really wasn't
anticipating his kind of early aggression. He played like a very all-in style this game
and really aggressive. Usually, players who early expand and switch into Roach, they don't
pressure you this early and he came straight to my base. Oh, I think I lose this--yeah,
lose the hand. >> Do: Ouch.
>> PARSONS: Which kind of hurts because I really have no units to speak of to deal with
this rush that he has coming. And he has a bunch of Speedlings and Roaches cued up. He's
getting Zergling speed. So he really just had me on my back foot and I'm trying to take
a really early natural expansion right now. I think I have a Command Center about to go
up. But I do manage to get up a Bunker and hold this initial Roach push of his with Marines
and Hellions. But that definitely wasn't the right unit composition to deal with the units
he's making. And he's going Speedling-Roach and I went pretty much predominantly Marine-Hellion.
And Marines and Hellions do not do very well against Roaches and nor do they do very well
against Speedlings. Hellions with Pre-Igniter, which is like the damage upgrade for Hellions,
it makes them much more effective against Zerglings. But without that, they're only
good in large numbers against Zerglings, really. >> DO: Oh, absolutely. Marauders, especially,
unless they're in large numbers, they fail to Zerglings quite easily especially if Catz
can get that surround off. It looks like a unit there getting taken out. And Painuser
is going to try to secure that natural front door, going to get his economy running right
now. One thing that, Painuser, I like what you're doing here is adding those Barracks.
This is going to help secure that front door. You're going to need forces and Bunkers, of
course, because the Zerg right now is playing so aggressively. He's got speed just kicking
in right there. That really increases the speed of those Speedlings as they traverse
across this one-lane highway across the map. And we also have Roaches coming from the southern
road as well. So this could be some kind of a dual-pronged attack. The Speedlings is going
to run into these Hellions, got to surround them, but Painuser not controlling those Hellions,
allows them to die. Could have ran them away possibly. And this is the first person view
of Painuser we're watching right now. Not a good sight to see for support. His harvesters
are off the line to fight. That's never a position you want to be in, those harvesters
need to be mining and not fighting. And if we take at look at Catz's first person view,
you guys can see he's struggling to make what he can. He just built a Spire right there
on the creep. And he's forced to pull back his Roaches as well from the Terran advance.
So, really, as you guys can see in that first person view, both players really controlling
the--their units and balancing around the map as much as possible. Very difficult to
play Starcraft 2 at this high, high level of play.
>> PARSONS: And also, he really wasn't droning up nearly as hard as I thought he was. He
was making a ton of military units when I thought that he was making a bunch of economical
units. And he kind of catches me off-guard right here with a ton of Speedlings and Roaches
that I just did not anticipate coming. >> DO: Not good right there. Getting surrounded,
Painuser, by all those Roaches and Lings. That can't have felt good.
>> PARSONS: No, not at all. And I think that's one thing that can put a Zerg player ahead
is if he just like crushes one of your initial pushes just kills everything you have and
makes it really difficult to recover from there because as a Terran, you never really
want your army to wipe. I mean, if you're a Zerg player and you lose a majority of your
army, it's okay. You can rebuild all those units. Right here, he's going through a run
by. >> DO: Oh, this is brutal.
>> PARSONS: And he's also trying to take out my Bunkers. He's playing super aggressive.
I'm forced to pull off and repair my Bunkers with a bunch of SCVs. I think he still manages
to get one of them. And I think I barely--I don't even hold this off, I don't think. He
kills a ton of SCVs right here. >> DO: The SCVs, by the way, are those harvesters.
They're pulling off the mineral line to fight the Roaches once again. If we look at the
harvester count, though, Painuser is still ahead at 42 harvesters. So he's really been
pumping out the economy whereas Catz has been pumping out fighting units. Still has three
Roaches here trying to force off the Terran defense. And it looks like--I think Painuser's
going to be able to hold on, throwing out two new Bunkers to fortify that front wall
where--oh, my goodness. >> PAROSONS: Yeah.
>> DO: We have Mutalisks flying in right now for Catz and this is going to be bad for you.
>> PARSONS: Yeah, he's just like not making harvesters. He's just like switching from
unit to unit and just being really aggressive and I found it very hard to deal with. And
it comes back to my front door again and I don't manage to get anything into these Bunkers,
I don't think. >> DO: Well, you have nothing to shoot the
air. >> PARSONS: Yeah.
>> DO: Which these Mutalisks are flying, so. >> PARSONS: I have absolutely no anti-air
right now. >> DO: They're doing tons of damage to you
right now. >> PARSONS: I'm in a really bad situation.
I think I'm forced to lift. I have a couple of Missile Turrets in my main, I think, that
I can fall back to, but. >> DO: Yes, you do have one.
>> PARSONS: Yeah, I have one Missile Turret. I don't think that's going to stop his six
Mutalisks. >> DO: Oh, this is so brutal. You're losing
all of your harvesters. Those blue SCVs are all getting taken out. The Mutalisks and the
Zerglings still rampaging at the Terran natural. >> PARSONS: Run!
>> DO: The Bunker burning down and the Command Center lifts off. That's one thing that Terran
players can do is their buildings somehow, someway defy the laws of physics and just
fly up in the air and float. Catz here, now going to secure his third. This is where I
think the Zerg player he has a feeling of confidence and control. He can start to pump
out a lot of Drones and catch up or actually, he's way ahead economically; 45 to 33.
>> PARSONS: He actually in a great situation right now. I'm in possibly bad of a situation
as you can get to. I've been forced to lift off my natural expansion, pull back into my
main base. I'm trying to recuperate here. But I really just don't have enough units
to deal with what he's throwing at me. And as soon as he takes that gold expansion, he's
just going to skyrocket ahead of me in income. >> DO: Absolutely.
>> PARSONS: There's really no way for me to deal with it.
>> DO: Well, right now, you're only on one base whereas he is about to get three. I mean,
yeah, the third is just about to get saturated by the drones. And there's another attack
coming. This is constant pressure from the Zerg player.
>> PARSONS: Yeah. It's a style of play that I'm really not used to. And I think it makes
him a pretty unpredictable and good player. Like a lot of Zergs, the way they play is
so much more predictable. They just have like standard evolution of tech, they have standard
attack timings, and... >> DO: Yeah, they're not aggressive.
>> PARSONS: Yeah, they're not aggressive. And he just goes like, you know, all in Speedling
to Roach and then straight in to Mutalisk, which is very difficult to deal with because
I'm forced to build units that shoot air. I'm forced to put up Missile Turrets around
my base to defend it. >> DO: Right.
>> PARSONS: I'm forced to switch tech as well. And if I don't anticipate what he's doing
and stay one step ahead, a situation like this can present itself.
>> DO: Well right now, you're playing extremely defensively. You have no options to be aggressive
save this drop ship. This might be your saving grace, Taylor. If you can get these four Marauders
into the Zerg base and inflict some damage to the Zerg then perhaps you're back in this
game, because right now, things are looking very, very bleak; 40 harvesters under 55.
Tell me about these Marauders, Painuser, are you going to be able to do any damage with
these? >> PARSONS: I don't know. I'm trying to just
pick up any kind of tech buildings that I can.
>> DO: Baneling's Nest. >> PARSONS: I manage to enforce a cancel on
the Baneling Nest and I think I also force to cancel on this upgrade. He transfuses it
to the Evolution Chamber but I think it goes down anyway. He's actually really quick with
those transfuses. Whenever I start attacking one of his buildings, it's up. He always transfuses
it. >> DO: Great control for the Marauders, but
the Mutalisk is coming in overhead to pick off that drop ship and that four Marauder
paratrooper party dies and perishes in the Zerg main. Not a good sight to see for our
Terran. Painuser, you're trying everything you can to get back in this game. I think
you really need a third expansion here. You need to secure this resource node to get back
in this game, whereas Catz has got the gold up and running. He's looking very strong economically.
He's a got a fourth base up as well. And you've got some Hellions running across the outside
perimeter outskirts of Metalopolis. Perhaps you can do some damage with this.
>> PARSONS: Yeah. When I get there, I realize that he really doesn't have any drones at
his--at his third base. He has like three drones. I was not happy about that.
>> DO: Beggars can't be choosers. >> PARSONS: Yeah. I was--I was hoping for
a bit of a gold mine here. >> DO: A drone barbeque.
>> PARSONS: Yeah, didn't get it. >> DO: It's like a picnic. You take what you
can and then, of course, the Queen there punching away at those Hellions. And it looks like
the Mutalisks and the Roaches is going to fend off that Hellion attack.
>> DO: Boom. >> PARSONS: Boom. Gets off another Drone right
there. And this last Hellion's trying to run away, it gets taken out.
>> PARSONS: And he's also getting Baneling Speed now. And I think that--that's pretty
much what does me in. Once he gets a ton of Banelings, I was--after I killed his Baneling
Nest, I was hoping that I would have a window of time to push with a bunch of Marines.
>> DO: This could be that window of opportunity though. Here it comes. The Banelings is trying
to get on the Marines. Half of the Marines getting taken out. His overlords are just
kind of floating in. I'm not sure what they're there for. I guess just to distract and it
looks like Catz here--now he's going to push back the Terran advance. Ouch.
>> PARSONS: He's picked off two Roaches. >> DO: Take what you can, Painuser.
>> PARSONS: If I'm going to die, I'm going to die fighting.
>> DO: The Roach there also getting taken out in retreat. The Overlords here actually
are spewing creep which does help the Zerg player get a little bit more of a speed bonus.
The Banelings are--I love that control from Painuser; getting the fragile Marines, those
small guys, away from those green little rolly-pollies which do so much damage. And here the Overlords
are exposed. All of them getting taken out by the Marines but the Zerglings get a surround
and take out--oh, nice control. Painuser loading up in the drop ships and runs away. And these
forces cannot attack the air. Nice control right there from Taylor. Doing whatever you
can to get back in this game because, of course, things aren't looking to good.
>> PARSONS: Yeah. I needed to take a third at some point, if at all possible. And I was
unable to do that because of all the pressure that he had been applying this entire game.
>> DO: Absolutely. >> PARSONS: Just made it really difficult
for me to get back in this or make anything happen. But he does throw away a lot of units
towards the end of the game here. Out of two points, I thought--I thought there were a
couple of points at which I could climb back into this, but I just was unable to inflict
any critical damage to his economy. He's pretty much just shut down all my drops. All my Hellion
run-bys haven't really done anything substantial and, yeah, the income's out. He's also got
Ultralisks on the way which... >> DO: And Brood Lords.
>> PARSONS: Ultralisks and Brood Lords. >> DO: That's very nasty.
>> PARSONS: I mean, he's got all of the Zerg top tier units which--I mean, it's very difficult
to deal with with Marines and Marauders. >> DO: These are the final evolution of the
Zerg forces. This is the epitome of Zerg. These Brood Lords are so powerful flying artillery.
The Marines desperately trying to get away from the Zerg, they do not want to allow them
to surround the Marines. This is going to be so close. Great control from Painuser.
He might even be forced to load up into the Dropships. But as he retreats, he has lost
so many of his forces. This is what remains of those valiant Marines and Marauders. Now
only three remain; three are running away from the constant Zerg pressure.
>> PARSONS: So brutal. >> DO: And this is so brutal. The Terran force
is diminished to these three Marines. They're going to run home and tell their buddies how
brutal the war is out there. >> PARSONS: "Did you guys see what happened
to Jim? Baneling rolled right in his face. We're not leaving the base again." So these
Brood Lords coming in, taking out all my production here. I finally did get my third up and running,
and I'm really, really trying to climb back in this economically. But he hits my third
right now with Speedlings and he's also hitting my main with his Brood Lords, just hitting
me from all angles making it very difficult to deal with. And I just don't have enough
forces to deal with this. >> DO: One of the great aspects of a high
level Starcraft 2 player is being able to attack from multiple angles. As you guys can
see here, the Zerg attacking with Brood Lords into the main killing off the production facilities
and he's also attacking this third expansion, force all the harvesters to run away. Once
again, the Command Center lifting off and that is going to keep it alive for now, but
there's just too much Zerg. If you guys look at the mini-map, it's all dominated by reds.
Zerg has infested this entire city area on Megalopolis and Painuser is just trying to
recuperate and re-gather whatever possible. >> PARSONS: Just scrambling at this point
trying to make units. >> DO: Oh, my goodness.
>> PARSONS: And now the Ultras are out. When I saw these, I was like, "Oh, God," face palm,
"This is not fun." You never want to see Ultralisks and their tiny little heads. Zoom in on one
of those tiny little heads. >> DO: They are so small. I mean, they have
the brain of like a dinosaur. They have a--have a pea brain.
>> PARSONS: It's all good. They have the giant plate to just head-butt things in the face
with when your 80 damage to buildings and whatnot. But anyway, he's pushing right now
to try to end this game. I actually have my forces out of position right now. I'm waiting
at the middle of the map. I was hoping I could catch him on his way across, but he's already
across. >> DO: Yeah. He's already way up there. I
don't think you noticed this and you're like... >> PARSONS: He's staying just outside of the
range of my sensor tower. >> DO: Oh, that is true. And here he comes.
He's going to barrel up this ramp and this is not looking to good for team Terran.
>> PARSONS: Not at all, not at all. You never want to let your SCVs get caught off-guard
like that. >> DO: Oh, goodness.
>> PARSONS: This is destroying my economy right now.
>> DO: Brutalized. Oh, my goodness. Oh, Fungal Growth also stopping the retreat of the SCVs.
Marauders here coming from the south to try to save this expansion but the damage has
been done as can be seen by the littered debris on the ground and all those harvesters dying.
Painuser, one last attempt; Fungal Growth holding those units from retreating.
>> PARSONS: Yeah, those Fungal Growths are killer.
>> DO: This is going to be close, but I think that Catz is going to assure victory here.
Painuser is still in this game though hasn't tapped out quite yet. So got to give you some
credit there for hanging on when, you know, all is lost.
>> PARSONS: All is definitely lost. I mean, I just played that last game, right? So I
thought there was a slight chance I could be able to crawl back into this but there's
no way. >> DO: GG well-played.
>> PARSONS: GG well-played is called. It's a good game.
>> DO: All right. >> PARSONS: So, yeah. Thanks everybody for coming out.
I hope you guys enjoyed the talk. It was a pleasure coming here and seeing everybody.
And, hopefully, we can come back sometime in the future.
>> DO: Thank you.