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It's the
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So what's on the show today
We have Magic drawing - News about a meet up next week, in London, for shooraynerdrawing
channel fans I've got a terrific book review - What's in the mail? and the Wall of fame
then How to keep it clean and some advice about self esteem!
I saw some Picasso prints recently and he used an etching technique that he used that
I thought I could use in an almost magic drawing technique. I got this great burin from Derwent,
that has a tiny, shiny steel ball on the end. if you draw into the cartridge or bristol
paper with the point it leaves a dent in the paper. You can then draw over the top with
graphite - like they do in spy movies to get the phone number of the evil bad guy! I was
in Ely Cathedral last week looking at some brass rubbings of knights in shining armour
and I realised yo could do something similar with this technique. I love it.
have you got any tips for the show? let me know and I'll give you a shout out.
Well, talking about shootouts, I was visiting Northgate High School in Ipswich last week.
We did some great drawing there and Dexter of UnitedGamersUK asked me to give his channel
a shout out! well here it is UnitedGamersUK! Shame I somehow lost the video of their great
Wolf drawings - maybe they'll send me some of the best drawings for the wall of fame!
I've not done a book review before, but I've just been re-reading, yet again, it's such
a good book this - Understanding Comics, the invisible art, by Scott McCloud.
It is the most extraordinary thing. I first came across this book in a Library when I
was supposed too be telling stories to children. I was so engrossed in reading this book,I
didn't notice them coming in and they had to come and drag me away.
As soon as I got home , I got straight on and ordered a copy for myself. And it's a
comic book… it's a comic book about comic books. It explains how comic books are put
together and it explains about sequential art and how the ancient aztecs started it
and the ancient egyptians and how even the bayeux tapestry is really a kind of comic
strip. It goes on to explain some really deep concepts and if you can understand and get
your head around a lot of this it will really open your mind and expand your ideas of what
you can you can do with comics. There is so much in here that I can't begin to explain
how good it is, so I would make sure that this is going to be in your Christmas Stocking
and just to help you, I'm going to put Amazon links down below. This is a fantastic book
and I cannot recommend it more highly.
I'd like to say Thanks to Scott McCloud for writing such a fantastic well- thought out
and considered book.
What's in the mail? What's in the mail?
What's in the mail? What's in the mail?
Yes, we have mail! woah!
This is from Amanda Lockley in Plymouth in the UK and she's a big fan, I know, she watches
everything and comments frequently. She's sent a picture. This is from her daughter,
Isobel, who is 6 1/4 that's the Ginger Ninja and this is a picture odf a Jaguar/Mercedes
by Jacob who is aged 7. You don't have to be so young to send drawings in. It doesn't
matter if you are 72 year's young or whatever. there are so many people of so many different
ages that each this show just send your drawings in and I'll put them on the Wall of Fame - which
is where I'm going to put these right now.
and next, all the way from East Kilbride in Scotland, this is from Julia, aged 100, whose
originally from Poland, but she's lived 61/2 years in Britain. First of all she's sent
me a Christmas card, which you may recognise from from one of my drawings - and these beautiful
flower drawings from my videos - here's a gorgeous Christmas reindeer
- and this fabulous drawing here with the Shoe - shoo - do you get it? shoo! Thank you
very much Julia, these are going up on the wall of Fame!
I want to get this wall covered in your drawings! finally from Emilio Stoppenlenburgh, from
Holland - it says, "ooh! mysterious package!" inside we have - there's a pencil - total
shock productions - cartoons , caricatures, strips from Antwerp. Hi Shoo, I'm 13 and I'm
from Holland. I made this Cartoon for you to say thanks for all you've done and all
you've learned me. You might recognise me as HarryPotterBest on Youtube, yeah, Harrypotterbest
comments a lot on my videos. I know you very well. We talked a lot on the comments. Ad
if you want to leave comments, leave them in the box below!
Emilio says I sent the pencil I used for the cation too, I thought you might like it - it
has magical powers! OOOOOH! That's where the Harry Potter bit comes in - it's a magical
pencil wand.
Emilio has sent this great cartoon. Hey everyone, today were going to draw the moon, but lets
not talk about it, lets… Ha! knock knock knock open the door - open up! - You wanna
be an astronaut? - sure! - that's me saying I want to be an astronaut - that evening - shoo
tube on the moon! great! That is going up on the Wall of Fame! Thank you very much.
I need another pin - oh there we are!
All sorts of people from all around the world, male, female, young and old, all watch my
videos in equal numbers, so if you want your drawing on here, I don't mind how old you
are, just send it in!
I love getting stuff in the mail!
Yay! I've decided I'm going to have a meet up for fans of my Youtube channels. Next Thursday,
the 13th December at 2.00pm, at the British Museum, I will be by the Lion, the great big
lion in the Great court, so meet me there . If anyone comes along, then I intend to
go to the Ancient Greek department and look at Pots and the amazing designs and and learn
stuff from them.. So come and draw with me. those kind people at Rotring pens are sending
me 40 Tikky Graphic Pens to give away, so the first 40 people, if there are that amount
of people turn up will get a free rotting tikky graphic pen. And the First three who
turn up and say "I love the shooraynerdawing Channel" will get an exclusive Shoo Rayner
It's going to be so exciting meeting up with some of you in real life. If you want to keep
up top date with what's happening make sure you are following me on twitter, that's @shoorayner
on twitter, where I'll keep everything up to date.
So I hope you're going to be there if you're not you're going to be square or something
like that.
I've often been asked, on this channel, how to keep pencil drawings clean. You know what
it's like, you're working on your masterpiece and then you put your great sticky mits on
the drawing and - ooh! no! the pencil gets all smudged. Well, the answer is simple really.
Get a clean sheet of paper and mask the drawing with it so you can rest your hand on the drawing
without smudging it's obvious when you know - but someone either has to tell you or you
have to work it out yourself. Have you got any other great drawing tips you'd like to
share - let me know in the comments box below.
Now I often do advice videos, because I know how lonely it is being an artist and you need
to be [pushed along a bit. Just recently I did a video about being dyslexic, because
I'm dyslexic and I understand what it's like.
NowI had comment from VickiDynamite on that video and she says she's offended that I put
everyone who's not dyslexic down by saying they are boring and average and not gifted
and she asked me to make a video response to her complaint - I'd be pleased to.
Vicki says "now i feel like my self- esteem has gone down due to the fact of your saying
dyslexic people will be better than me at what i want to do"
Vicki - really! for one thing - I cannot lower your self esteem. Only You can do that. The
level of your self esteem is entirely your choice. If you start saying that someone else
has lowered your self-esteem, then that is your choice to lower your self-esteem because
you are starting to blame other people. As soon as you blame other people for your problems,
that's when it all goes wrong, that's when your self-esteem starts going down, because
you hand over the power to other people. And you know, Vicki, in choosing a name like VickiDynamite
I don't think you have any self esteem issues at all.
To dyslexics life is like a brick wall and they have to find ways to power it down or
to go around the side and to be able to do that they have to work twice as hard and they
have to think differently. If you think differently and work twice as hard as anyone else, you
are going to be a success. That is how the world works.
In my video I didn't say that Dyslexics are gifted - I said that Dyslexia is a gift - that
is because it forces Dyslexics to work really hard - to power through problems - to go around
the side, to think differently. An average person with average abilities is going to
live an average life because they can't be bothered to put that extra work in.
Vicki, you say you want to be an architect, you want to help people by building new schools
and hoses and everything. You will be and you will help people and your going to have
an iterating and successful life, I can tell that by the way you wrote to me and the initiative
that you've shown in your questions and the very feeling that you've had where you've
been incensed by what I've said m- you've obviously got passion and all those things
will come together as they do with Dyslexics. Hard work, initiative and passion, that will
bring anybody forward in their career. Good luck to you.
Well that's all for this week. Thanks for watching and I really hope I'm going to meet
some of you At the british museum next week and I show the video the week after.
Well I hope you enjoyed that and if you did, make sure you are subscribed for more Wednesday
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practice, practice and, if I don't see you at the British Museum, I'll see you next time,
you take care now. bye bye!