2011 Salomon X-Wing Tornado TI Skis Review from skis.com

Uploaded by skisdotcom on 26.10.2010

Hi I'm David and this is Salomon Tornado TI
a great all mountain carving ski two layers of tetenal stiffenes it up
gives it a lot of pop very very torgnially rigid it's going to hold an edge
turns really quick it likes to shoot you across the hill too there is a lot of kick to this ski
I give it five out of five stars I found it to be absolutely
amazing in a high-performance skied just like a race ski but it's got the wdith to be able to
handle more versatility and all a little bit of crud maybe even a little bit of powder
this is definitely for a high-end expert skier who's looking for
a ski that's going to turn the fastest and hold the best edge