Michel Fabrizio presents Kyalami - THE CIRCUIT

Uploaded by DucatiMotorHolding on 14.05.2010

We start from the straight, up to 5th,
first right-hand corner, down just one gear, it’s very fast because
you hardly touch brakes to enter this corner, just enough to get bike on the right line,
then into the second corner, a left-hander, where you really have to brake.
Then go up over a small hill, a long left corner more or less,
where you go down 2 gears ready for the real braking for the next corner,
throw the bike into the left-hander, open the gas and, those who saw my Moto.it film on Assen,
you’ll know this is the kind of corner I like because the back wheel slides.
You exit this left-hander onto a short straight, where you’re in 4th,
before going into, I’m not sure in English, "Budget” corner...
it’s a long right corner where you must be ready to give gas,
it’s great because when you decided to open gas the back wheel says goodbye!
You feel the back wheel slide but you can control it, it’s great.
Brake, down 2 gears, you do the corner in 2nd,
left, open gas, 2nd, 3rd, brake again for a quick change of direction,
left followed by right on the downhill, it’s very fast going into the right
then uphill, in 3rd, 4th, and when you watch Sunday’s race
you’ll see the bikes are not so stable here, watch out for Rea especially because he will tip the bike right over here.
Brake, 1st for corner, exit in 1st, straight into 2nd
another great corner for me where the back slides.
You go downhill, and here it’s unique...I’m scared to describe it,
down the hill in 5th, only going down one gear to 4th
and you do long curve in 4th at almost full gas
To describe it, it seems like nothing
but those of you who have the chance to try it will realize it’s amazing
and is one of those points where you’re grateful you’re a rider!
After this long corner, brake from 4th to 2nd
through the corner, 2nd, open the gas for right-hand corner,
years ago in Fogarty’s time, this was a kind of chicane or “S”,
but they’ve taken that out for us, now we have great right-hander instead...
in 2nd, brake for a second, throw bike into it,
then you arrive at the last left-hander which puts you back on the straight.