Salute To Our Troops

Uploaded by FreedomProjectDotCom on 12.11.2010

It all started in 1775 - with a face off against the greatest empire in the world. A dedicated
group of American colonists, led by their commander and future first President - George
Washington - bravely fought against the British and after seven bloody years, they won their
The revolutionary war The War of 1812
The Mexican-American War The Civil War
The Spanish American War
More than 2.8 million brave americans answered their governments call - of which more than
380,000 gave their lives.
Throughout the 20th Century - American soldiers would find their enemy in distant lands.
During World War I, 4.7 million american troops were sent to battle Germany and her allies
when war was declared in support of England.
116,000 fathers and sons paid the ultimate price for an allied victory.
23 years later - Americans jumped back into action on the side of European Aliies - 16
million troops fought against Japan and the Nazi powers of Europe after the deadly attack
on Pearl Harbor sparked another declaration. The price for this victory was staggering...
more than 400,000 Americans made the ultimate sacrifice.
Though no declaration of war has followed, still Millions of troops have continued to
serve in our armed forces under the Stars and Stripes.
Many thousands never returned home to enjoy the American dream...
The Korean War. The Vietnam War.
Desert Storm. Enduring Freedom.
Iraqi Freedom.
Since 1954 - America has honored, and remembered our military and those brave soldiers who
fought under our flag every year on November 11th - Veterans Day.
To this day - the United States of America, has lost more than a million fathers, mothers,
sons, and daughters... who have given their lives - in answer to the call of the American
To those American troops who serve, have served, or have died in the line of duty, with a thankful
We salute you!