Alejandro & Diego - 029 [2/2] (English Subs)

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And your parents? -They went to the Keys for the weekend.
Thanks for bringing me. -Sure.
I think you need to sleep. You drank too much.
Well, bye.
Are you sure you're going to be okay? -Yeah.
I'm dead beat. All these trips to and fro are horrible.
Leo sent me home yesterday so I don't know what happened.
The house is cleaner than how I left it yesterday- -Shut up already.
Where is my son? Why are you here?
Teresa. -Ricardo, I came as soon as I got your message. How is she?
What is this woman doing here? -Well it's the least I could do after-
My daughter, MY daughter is like this because of the drugs being passed around in the Cervantes hallways. Because of YOUR fault.
Olga, please. Don't mistake one thing for a- -RIcardo, please. You're wrong Olga.
The school only takes care of half of the time students education. The other half is your responsibility.
The ones that decided to have children. Therefore don't make the teachers responsible for the education you don't give her at home.
I hope your daughter gets better. Excuse me.
Mom, when did you guys arrive? -Son where are you? What happened at home?
I'm going to explain. Thing is- -Not to me. You're explain it to your father. Because...
He was just arrested. -Arrested?
Son, I'm really afraid of what will happen when he get's out. He's furious with you.
But how could you think of doing a party when we were on a trip? They're saying a girl drowned in our pool.
You're dead! It's my head. It's my head. It brings you when I'm high. Get the hell out of here, fuckin' Rodrigo!
If Elizabeth wakes up and says you gave her the same pill you gave me, then nothing and no one will save you from going to jail.
When Elizabeth wakes up, I will be in Mexico. -My dad is going to look for you to the ends of the earth...
There won't be a place where you can hide.
Hello. -Hello.
How is she? -In a coma. We're hoping she reacts soon.
You don't know how embarrassed I am. We were on a trip. We had no clue about the party.
Even though they are minors, our children are responsible for many of their actions.
After what happened, I doubt my son will be able to take responsibility of anything.
Doctor BarĂ³n told us that Leonardo saved Elizabeth's life, Clementina.
Well if she survives from the pills she took.
Pills? -Elizabeth overdosed.
Excuse me. We need to take another blood sample. Go to the waiting room please.
Like in the fairytale. The prince's kiss revives the princes. -What happened to me? I'm very-
Listen closely, Elizabeth. You have to promise me something. Okay? You can't say at any costs that I have you that pill.
And the... -And the what?
And the ecstasy you gave me? -Yes, yes, yes. okay?
You're going to say that... That you don't remember anything. Okay?
I have to go. -No, wait, Gonzalo. Please don't go.
I love you. -Elizabeth. This is the last time we see each other.
I'm leaving to Mexico. I wasn't cut out for this county.
If you really love me. Promise that that secret is going to stay between you and me.
No, Gonzalo. Hear me out please. Look, I promise you I won't say anything, but don't abandon me. Please don't go.
Daughter, are you awake? Thank God.
What happened? Elizabeth, for God's sake, you almost scared me to death.
Thank you doctor. Thank you so much. You saved her life. -I already told you this young man saver her life.
If he hadn't done CPR in time, she wouldn't be with us.
You saved me. -It was crazy. I learned to give CPR in football.
Thank you.
Hey, uhm. It was, I don't know if it was a dream. But I think I saw Gonzalo here a bit ago.
Ganzalo? No, it's impossible. he left a while ago. You surely enough imagined him.
You know that you're going to have to testify against him, right?
Hello. Orlando, how are you? I'm glad to hear Elizabeth is recovering. Can you please let me speak with her alone for a minute?
Go ahead. Please. -Thank you.
Yes, of course. Excuse me.
Son, let's go.